The Workforce Regenerated

White Paper
The Workforce Management Renaissance

In a time of severe financial challenges, Government need to work more efficiently across the board, as well as focusing on achieving cultural change, improving business processes and overcoming technological barriers.

The most recent Spending Review documented a timeframe for a substantial downsizing, with all departments required to make significant and sustainable savings to eliminate the deficit.

As staff are Government’s biggest cost, greater priority must be given to staff engagement which will, in turn, strengthen the workforce and the economy.

This whitepaper sets out how, in order to succeed, organisations face the need to:

  • Improve outcomes by employing effective leaders and a skilled workforce
  • Reduce administrative overheads by streamlining labour and management processes
  • Deliver more agile operational effectiveness in order to increase productivity

The paper goes on to discuss how the ability to make substantial savings without undermining staff engagement is a huge responsibility on leaders throughout Government, but one that must be addressed.

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