The right response: delivering effective emergency out of hours customer support

“The out of hours customer service support for emergency planning and homelessness in Rossendale has allowed the council to continue to provide reliable, accurate and high standards of service to the public during times of budget constraints. This is a very difficult service and Capita continues to perform brilliantly.”
Andrew Buckle, Head of ICT and Customer Service at Rossendale Borough Council

When an emergency situation occurs, the public need to be able to call on dependable customer support.

You can’t predict when an emergency will occur. Recent times have made this unfortunate truth all too apparent. But at these key moments, the job of making sure your customers are supported is a crucial one.

This is a challenge for public sector bodies like local authorities or housing associations. How do you deal with unexpected events or spikes in call volumes and make sure those most in need get to the front of the queue – and get the help they need fast even when your offices are closed?

One option is to call on an emergency out of hours service – like the one the team at Capita provides. We support numerous councils and housing associations to handle and triage urgent calls accurately and sympathetically. Our clients trust us because we have both the skilled call handlers and the experience of what it takes to give emergency customer service.

Who needs your help? 
Social services support. Dangerous structures. Emergency homelessness. Urgent enquiries come in many forms. So, it’s important to check your out of hours service provider has an understanding of the spread of services they might be supporting. And that they have the right people with the right training and empathy to respond to people in need.

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