Transformational Council Case Study: Improving Productivity, Saving £3.5M Per Annum

With over 2,500 IT users and services spread across more than 90 separate buildings, many of which were outdated and inefficient to run, Bath & North East Somerset Council (BANES) operating costs were too high and staff were far too scattered for effective communication and collaboration.

A recent property rationalisation programme has seen the closure of a number of offices with services centralised in a new civic centre. This building is part of a £34 million regeneration project, achieving the top-level Display Energy Certificate (DEC) rating of A for energy efficiency (held by less than 1 per cent of public buildings in the UK).

The plan also included a large increase in flexible working with hot desks in the new building and a much greater degree of working from home.

BANES’ virtual desktop has been very successful. All main council offices have a ratio of two desks to three people. Staff members can sit wherever they choose to support their day’s work, encouraging cross-functional collaboration and ad hoc teaming.

As a result, the council has closed seven major offices and reduced total floor space by 40 per cent, enabling revenue savings of £3.5m per year.

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