UK Public Sector Service Challenges in 2021

There is little doubt that 2020 will live long in our memories and will be recorded as a defining moment in all our lives. Whether we like it or not, we are living through a key moment in history. Historically significant events are always a huge catalyst for change, and we are witnessing this now, as the impact of the pandemic rewrites the DNA of business, the public sector, and how we live our lives.

A recent report from the Office for National Statistics shows that redundancies in the UK have risen at their sharpest rate since 2009, with 726,000 people less on payrolls compared with February 2020. This pushes the unemployment rate up to 5.1 per cent, and economists project it to increase significantly in the coming months.

The best possible outcome for economic recovery is a V-shaped return to pre-COVID GDP output. To facilitate such a recovery, the UK government will need to extend measures to invest in the public sector, support business activity and boost consumer spending. Just as it did in the aftermath of WWII, the government must prioritise investment in infrastructure, public services, and job protection to stimulate growth and fuel a sustainable economic recovery. Make no mistake, public sector investment is fundamental to kickstart the UK economy. It will be funded by debt and efficiency. This is the new reality.

This latest Briefing Paper details how the Public Sector is set to drive the UK out of 2020’s maelstrom. Support, Automation and ease of Transformation will define the new normal.

Download your copy of this latest insightful paper now:

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