White Paper –How to Excel at Security Assessments Without EXCEL Spreadsheets

The importance of streamlining your vendor and internal risk audits in the cloud    

Are your vendors and other business partners putting your organisation at risk? How compliant with information security standards, government regulations and internal policies are the third parties your organisation does business with?

In this age of supply chain interconnectedness, today’s public sector organisation has hundreds of third parties with access to its physical premises, IT networks and data.

Your own organisation may have a secure IT infrastructure, but third parties can make it vulnerable to breaches, which often result in corporate data theft, brand damage and hefty government fines.

Consequently, you must conduct risk assessment audits of these suppliers, consultants, contractors, service providers and partners.

However, the traditional way of conducting these risk assessment surveys -- emailing questionnaires and tracking responses on a spreadsheet -- no longer cuts it.

This latest white paper details how government organisation can quickly and precisely identify security and compliance gaps among third parties, as well as internally among its employees.

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