White Paper: Building Networked Communities Across Government

New Cabinet Office guidance surrounding Non-Corporate Communication Channels (NCCCs) such as Whatsapp, Gmail, or SMS, has been issued in a bid to protect UK Government information from falling into the hands of non-Sovereign entities.

In response, a new, approved alternative to NCCCs created by the public sector, for the public sector, Digital Place for Communities offers Government a powerful digital hub for public servants to securely share information, collaborate, and connect, without risk to National Security.

Government communications belong to the Crown and must be handled lawfully. If you hold such communications in NCCCs, you do so on behalf of your department. It would require exceptional circumstances to justify communicating significant government information via NCCCs.

A new approved alternative to NCCCs (created by the public sector, for the public sector) now offers a powerful digital hub for all public servants to share information, collaborate, and connect, without risk to National Security.

More than 40,000 users across Government Departments have found Digital Place for Communities to be a valuable tool that enables people to securely communicate with departments and teams all over the UK to drive efficiencies and tackle important issues. Users can connect, ask questions, share best practice and ideas, and receive alerts helping them keep in touch with the latest developments in their specific work areas.

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