White Paper: Organisational Agility Across the UK Public Sector

It is often assumed that the public sector trails the private sector in such agile practices necessary to unlock true innovation and agility, but this stereotype overlooks much of the good work being done by public sector organisations both across the globe and in the UK.

Workday’s recent global survey of 998 executives found that a commercial orientation is no assurance of organisational agility. Of the nine sectors that were ranked, the public sector came fourth for the proportion of organisations that were ranked as “leaders”: those able to innovate continuously, at scale and pace.

This positive outlook is nevertheless not a reflection of the public sector as a whole, and in today’s economic, social and diplomatic climate, improvement is needed.

More than half of the public sector organisations surveyed were classified as “laggards”: those that fail to demonstrate the range of different attributes seen in their more agile counterparts. Worryingly, the survey also found that the leaders are 10 times more likely than laggards to react to shifts in the market with agility and speed.

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