You can't effectively manage, what you can't effectively see or control

Awareness of the risks & costs associated with Cyber Security are higher than ever before with ALL Public-Sector Senior Management and heads of security needing to produce a plan to address the gaps in IT security and compliance. However, many are having to do so without clear guidance or capabilities to fully evidence the key risks and define priorities.

In today’s digital landscape, shared services, collaboration and the cloud means public sector data is being accessed from a growing number of devices and locations. Consequently, enhancing current levels of visibility & control is now recognised as being vital in establishing and maintaining standards in Cyber Hygiene.

Communication-STEM have committed to assist UK Public Sector in their quest for healthy Cyber Hygiene with the introduction of a Vulnerability Assessment of Device Security (VADS).

  • 46% of ALL UK businesses identified a data breach in the last 12 months
  • 24% of devices connected at any given time, go undetected

By Enhancing Visibility & Control

  • 50% reduction in LOST Productivity time due to network related breaches
  • 392% ROI and £35 per user per year benefit

This easy to deploy, hassle free mechanism for the rapid production of a strategic report, supports Senior Management & IT Leaders in the creation of a more effective plan.

The strategic report provides:

Immediate and full visibility of ALL devices connected to networks
Real time Business Intelligence that identifies and evidences key risks & vulnerabilities
Defined priorities and guidance for addressing IT security gaps relating to compliance and next generation threat protection
Expert insight of how to achieve sustainable effectiveness in cyber hygiene and compliance

C-STEM are globally recognised as a trusted source of IT security expertise and the ONLY approved supplier chosen to deliver ForeScout security technology via G-Cloud 9.

For a limited period, we are offering selected Government & Public-Sector organisations the opportunity to receive a 75% discount on the cost of an assessment, which will illustrate how to weaponize your existing security platforms.

Further information on the importance of a Vulnerability Assessment of Device Security (VADS) can be viewed and downloaded in the resources panel of this page.

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