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At Arvato our ambitions go far beyond making your customers happy. We aim to turn them into ambassadors. People whose actions and recommendations will boost your balance sheet, reputation or growth; helping your organisation to be successful however you measure it.

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We believe in creating sleek business processes built on smart technology, that are efficient, save our clients money and – most importantly – exceed their customers’ expectations. We take the administrative and logistical pressure off organisations so they can get on with what they do best.

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Arvato is…70,000 people around the world and countless services for customers from all over the world.


Our top management works with our employees to engineer solutions for our clients – with focus and great passion.


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White Paper: Five Key Steps to Make Shared Services a Success

To govern is to serve. This is the strapline of a recent policy paper on the UK government’s transformation strategy, which aims to revolutionise how the government provides services. Yet, delivering on the promise of high quality public services has never been more challenging.

The 2017 Efficiency Review has called for central government departments to make further reductions of between 3-6% from their budgets by 2020, at the same time, demand for public services is continuing to grow, driven by an ageing population and economic uncertainty.

As a result, there has been a growing push to find new efficiencies and solutions. Sharing services has long been championed as one such solution. By standardising processes, underpinned by technology, across back office services like HR, payroll and procurement, shared services can deliver genuine business transformation and efficiencies for a range of government departments.

This White Paper, based on Arvato’s experience gained from numerous large-scale implementations, details the five key steps to ensuring that a shared service programme is successful. The paper also includes a Department for Transport (DfT) case study outlining the successful transitioning of its family of executive agencies into a shared service centre.

“We have an open, honest and collaborative partnership with Arvato with the clear goal of using shared services to not just deliver cost savings, but to help our employees focus on delivering excellent services to the public. Arvato’s structured, process driven framework and clear direction has played a key role in the programme’s success and we look forward to delivering greater value to our customers in the years ahead.”  Spokesperson from DfT

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