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What is CSSC Sports & Leisure?

CSSC Sports & Leisure promotes fulfilling lifestyles by providing sport and leisure opportunities to over 140,000 members.

A little something about us

CSSC positively promotes individual health and well being and helps make that goal a reality for our many members. Have fun, get active, try out new hobbies or activities and experience the great diversity of CSSC. We organise hundreds of events, activities and benefits for you every year! Click here for CSSC's top benefits.

Things to do

We organise a huge range of events for all abilities at local, regional, national and even international level. Activities range from football, netball, tennis, rounders and angling to surf camps, tenpin bowling, sailing, hillwalking, shopping days, theatre trips and cooking schools to name a few. Click here for all our activities.

Not just about sport! 

Take part in a huge range of activities from hill walking and shopping days to theatre trips, cinema discounts and cookery schools to name but a few. Click here for more information.

Fabulous savings for members

Shop with CSSC through our My Savings+ discount scheme and CSSC's Online shop. Gain access to hundreds of local and national offers, family days out, dining, gym membership - the discounts are endless. Click here to visit our shopping section.

My Active

My Active provides the support, rewards and flexibility you need to get active in your own time. Download the free My Active Rewards app and start collecting points from your daily steps and gym visits, as well as with CSSC activities.  Benefit from our free tools and resources to help all standards from beginners to those wishing to compete or lead others in running, cycling, swimming or walking. Let CSSC help you achieve your sporting goals with one of our subsidy schemes, see below.

National subsidies

We want you to get active and keep fit so we're happy to subsidise you in certain non-CSSC events and for coach, umpire or referee training costs towards accredited sport training. To take advantage of these subsidies or to find out more about our sponsorship scheme, click here.

English Heritage Corporate Membership 

Simply present your CSSC card at EH sites included in the programme to gain free entry for yourself, one other adult and accompanying children (max 6).

Cadw Corporate Membership 

Simply present your CSSC card at Cadw sites* on arrival to gain free entry for yourself, one other adult and accompanying children under 16 (max 3).

Historic Royal Palaces

Download your voucher from CSSC’s website in exchange for tickets and present together with your CSSC membership card and photo ID to gain free entry into these amazing palaces

Keeping in touch

Get updates on news, events and members' offers through our member communications. Register to receive communications on your My CSSC page.

Make a difference

Become a CSSC volunteer. Feel proud to be a part of our army of volunteers who through their commitment and talent deliver the majority of CSSC’s member benefits. Click here to visit our Volunteer section.

Featured Campaign from CSSC Sports & Leisure

Civil Service Active Wellbeing Week July 2-6 2018

It’s time to make your move

Active Wellbeing Week

Monday 2 July – Friday 6 July 2018

A well-rounded health and wellbeing policy should aim to encourage active lifestyles; assist employees to strike a healthy work‑life balance; support people to achieve their personal goals; provide networking and teambuilding opportunities; and improve workplace morale and performance.

According to the Work Foundation, each year British workers have 15 million days off* due to stress, depression and anxiety, costing an estimated £70 billion each year. However, musculoskeletal health is also one of the major conditions affecting British workers with 23% of all lost days caused by back, neck and muscle pain.

Regular physical activity has been proven to reduce the risk of contracting some illnesses, like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. We now know that taking part in physical activity also helps to improve our general wellbeing. The NHS guidelines recommend that adults between 19 and 64 years of age should do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise every week, like brisk walking or cycling.

To improve the health and encourage more active lifestyle choices for employees in the public sector, CSSC Sports & Leisure has collaborated with CS Employee Policy (CSEP) to launch a nationwide Active Wellbeing Week which will take place between Monday 2 July and Friday 6 July 2018.

Active Wellbeing Week includes a series of initiatives designed specifically to help the thousands of public sector employees across the UK to be more active and affect positive changes in their physical and mental wellbeing.

We’re encouraging all public sector employees to take part in a nationwide make a pledge campaign, where individuals can make personal pledges on how they intend to be more active.  There are loads of fantastic prizes to win including spa days, pamper packs and a £2,500 holiday voucher.

For fun and inspiring ways to get your colleagues involved, there are plenty of ideas online at activewellbeing.me.uk where you’ll find suggestions for competitive tasks like step count or rowing challenges, or simple ideas to incorporate movement in your day like lunchtime walks or no-chair policies for meetings.

Get involved

There are a few ways that individuals, team leaders and management can get involved and inspire others during Active Wellbeing Week.

  • Make a pledge about how you intend to get more active
  • Download posters and other support material to help drum up support
  • Share your involvement in Active Wellbeing Week on social media, using the hashtag #ActiveWellbeingWeek
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Civil Service Active Wellbeing Week July 2-6 2018

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