About Internet Watch Foundation

Our vision

Our vision is to eliminate child sexual abuse imagery online.

Our remit is to remove:

  • Child sexual abuse content* hosted anywhere in the world.
  • Non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted in the UK.

Our aims

We work to:

  • Eliminate child sexual abuse images online.
  • Help victims by removing images of child sexual abuse from the internet.
  • Make the internet a safer place for everyone to use.
  • Protect our Members’ services and brands from misuse.

How we do this


  • Identify, assess, report and remove illegal child sexual abuse imagery. 
  • Provide a world class Hotline for anyone to securely and anonymously report child sexual abuse imagery. 
  • Actively search for child sexual abuse images and videos on the public internet.
  • Work with industry partners worldwide to remove images of child sexual abuse and stop them from being spread further.
  • Share our expertise and play an active role in the UK Safer Internet Centre.

You can read more about how we do this here.

Tackling a global problem

Online child sexual abuse imagery is a global problem, which demands a global solution. The internet does not respect geographical borders, so we work in close cooperation with partners worldwide. This helps us to eradicate online images of child sexual abuse as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Work closely with the internet industry worldwide, partnering with police, governments, charities and other hotlines, in the fight against online child sexual images and videos.
  • Develop and use emerging technologies to improve the identification and removal of images.Use innovative new tactics and services to minimise the global availability of child sexual abuse images and videos.
  • Research and analyse trends and data to help our Members and policy makers combat child sexual abuse imagery online.
  • Promote best-practice welfare for our staff who are working to eliminate child sexual abuse imagery.

*We use the term child sexual abuse to reflect the gravity of the images and videos we deal with. Child pornography, child porn and kiddie porn are not acceptable descriptions. A child cannot consent to their own abuse.

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