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Since formation in 1996 Meritec has provided a growing range of specialist IT services and solutions covering all phases of the IT cycle. We have a wealth of experience and enjoy an established base of satisfied clients in the public and private sectors.

Our key competencies are in IT Consultancy, IT Technical Support, Database Administration, Database and Web Development, IT/Information Security and Hosted/Managed Services.

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Business Solutions for Local Government


Meritec’s aim is to dramatically reduce our customers’ operating costs through pragmatic solutions which fulfil critical business requirements. In these harder times, everyone is becoming increasingly aware of what really matters. In the past, systems have often become bloated and less relevant, whilst operating costs have soared and interaction with other critical systems has proved problematic.

Our approach

Meritec’s approach is to ensure that solutions do what’s needed in the most simple and effective way at a much more affordable cost.

Our solutions are based upon an expert facility which can rapidly generate business applications through the definition of appropriate rules and parameters. Solutions are ready-made in many local government service areas and these can be readily deployed and easily tailored to suit local requirements.

The solution focuses on the most effective route to fulfilment and manages all the requisite information, processes, outputs and interfaces with other vital systems. All at substantially reduced cost compared with alternatives.


For instance, the replacement of a well-known CRM system at a major local authority not only reduced the operating costs dramatically – by well over 50% – but also vastly speeded up the time taken to satisfy customer requirements. Moreover, information became available more widely through better integration and changes could be simply made.
Just as significantly, the platform is ideal for building applications in all areas of Council business – whether it be information or transaction based – with the highest levels of security. Solutions have already been developed and deployed successfully in areas ranging from financial applications to street scene management – the latter utilising inbuilt GIS and mobile facilities.


  • saves money by substantially reducing operational costs
  • improves service performance by speeding up fulfilment
  • delivers effective results by focusing on real needs
  • reduces risk by deploying proven methods
  • exploits data by interfacing easily with critical systems
  • eases management support by keeping IT simple and together
  • protects investment by readily enabling wider application
  • enables growth by simple steps


Pricing is extremely competitive and often entails a substantial reduction on current costs of operation. Charges are based simply on a rental for the underpinning technology plus the cost of deployment.

Case Studies

> Case Study 1: Customer Services

> Case Study 2: Street Scene Transformation

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GDPR e-awareness course module. Focus on…

There are just over 100 days until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force.

A key responsibility of GDPR is ensuring awareness of all your employees.

To help you achieve this, Meritec will shortly be releasing an e-awareness module for GDPR which enables staff to learn quickly yet effectively about the key elements of GDPR, what it means for them and for your organisation.

Built on Meritec’s well-proven “Focus on…” framework that has successfully delivered awareness training to hundreds of thousands of users, Focus on... GDPR provides an interactive learning experience using the latest high quality content that is SCORM compliant and allows unlimited users access to learn anytime, anyplace, anywhere at a fixed low cost.

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GDPR e-awareness course module. Focus on…


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