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ScotGovBut do the FM’s figures add up when analysed in hard-headed Glasgow? - Scotland’s oil & gas reserves are a premium advantage, offering an independent Scotland greater choices & chances to strengthen its diverse economy, Alex Salmond said last week when he unveiled a key policy paper (Maximising the return from Oil & Gas in an independent Scotland) ahead of next year’s historic referendum.
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PC&PE Is more staff the answer or less immigrants? - A&E is Keogh's next challenge, say MPs as the Health Committee publishes its report on urgent & emergency services

Growing demand on A&E departments will make them unsustainable if effective action is not taken quickly to relieve the pressures on them, according to MPs on the Health Committee.
Press release & links ~ NHS Confed: Select committee right that A&E pressures need urgent action ~ Monitor: Foundation hospitals plan to take on more frontline staff ~ DH: Proposals to reform migrant access to health and housing unveiled ~ Monitor report highlights pressure on foundation trust A&E services ~ TKF: A&E waiting times hit 8-year high as NHS struggles to meet productivity challenge ~ NT: Impact of immigration on the NHS ~ NHS Confederation - The alarm bells on urgent & emergency care have rung, we need to take action now ~ NHS Confederation responds to College of Emergency Medicine and FTN concerns about urgent and emergency care ~ DH: Doctors’ contracts fit for the 21st century ~ PX: Align Consultant & GP pay to keep patients out of hospital ~ TKF: 2.3m fewer overnight hospital stays needed if all areas perform as well as top 25% ~ BRC: Dangerous cuts are putting vulnerable people at risk ~ ScotGov: A&E waiting times

RoSPA:  Its summer, so it must be time to think of the problem of icy pavements & other dangers! - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has launched a campaign to prevent thousands of older people being unnecessarily admitted to hospital from a fall at home.   

RoSPA has created the short film, Facing up to Falls, as part of its Safer Homes project.  It aims to educate families & older people on practical steps to avoid falls by highlighting key issues that lead to a tumble. 
The film, involves real-life experiences of older people living in the London boroughs of Hackney, Islington and Newham.  Falls among people aged over 65 are a national problem with around 310,000 hospital admissions in 2011-12.  Over a quarter of falls result in hip fractures and the treatment of these alone is estimated to cost around £2bn.
Press release & links ~ Facing up to falls ~ AUK:  What we need to see is a ‘Fall in Falls’ (2nd item)

HMT:  Detailed critical analysis or Europhile Civil Service ‘fudge’? - As part of the government’s Balance of Competences Review - a 2-year project to analyse & examine the UK’s relationship with the EUHM Treasury has published a report considering what EU membership means for the UK & taxation.  

The report aims to examine the balance of competence between the UK & EU and to provide an analysis of what the UK’s membership of the EU means for the UK national interest.

The report is 1 of 6 reports published.  These reports cover the single market (an overview), health, development co-operation & humanitarian aid, foreign policy, animal health and welfare & food safety, as well as taxation.
Press release & links ~ Taxation report ~ FCO: First reports in the Review of Balance of Competences published ~ FSA: Animal health and welfare and food safety report published

IPCCThe ‘wheels of justice’ continue to grind (very slowly) - The Independent Police Complaints Commission has published its decision in relation to referrals regarding allegations connected to the investigation into the murder of Stephen Lawrence and the Macpherson Inquiry.
Press release & links

FCO:  Location beacon (service) turned off - The Consular Service will no longer use the LOCATE system for registering details of British nationals, nor will it continue to routinely use our SMS system that they have recently piloted.  This follows the launch of a new consular strategy for 2013 to 2016 titled ‘Consular Excellence’.  From now on every British National going abroad will have access to update country-specific travel advice through email updates and via social media.  
Press release & links

FSA:  Help keep food safety issues out of future headlines - The Food Standards Agency has joined forces with the British Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) to fund 2 early-career fellowships in food safety.

The 5-year fellowships will support scientists who wish to pursue research into areas such as combating foodborne diseases or emerging issues affecting food safety.  Working with the FSA, the fellows will also be encouraged to use their research expertise to contribute to relevant policy initiatives. Deadline for Applications4pm 23 October 2013.
Press release ~ BBSRC/FSA early career research fellowships

WAG:  Time to stem that funding gap - The Welsh Government is issuing a final call for applications from providers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities for its National Science Academy Grant Scheme (NSAGS).  The deadline for its autumn grant round is 31 July 2013.
Press release & links

:  Not what it says on the ‘tin’! - The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is warning consumers that it does not protect the customers of Diamond Savings Unlimited

The company is using strong interest rates to attract savers and it features FSCS’s logo on its website.  So people may think FSCS is protecting their money with the firm.  But this is not the case.
Press release & links

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