Help in preventing your children ‘growing up strangers’

A new purpose-built website providing crucial information & advice on all types of child abduction has been launched by the charity Parents & Abducted Children Together (PACT), with support from the National Crime Agency’s CEOP command.

The Child Abduction Hub, aimed at parents & professionals, will address some of the myths associated with child abduction, whether linked to strangers, family friends or a parent, and make available practical, common sense advice & guidance.  The site - www.childabduction.org.uk - was launched just days before International Missing Children's Day (25 May).

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SME Supplier Engagement Conference 2014 

This highly anticipated event will take place on 2nd June at Central Hall, Westminster, London, SW1H 9NH

Hosted by the BBC’s Andrew Neil and with Guest Speakers:

  • The Rt. Hon Francis Maude MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office
  • Sally Collier, Chief Executive, Crown Commercial Service

Being held as part of the Cabinet Office's commitment to open up business to small and medium enterprises, as an attendee you will be at the forefront of understanding the government's 2014/15 policies and practices to support the government's SME agenda.  You will be informed on the latest technologies and strategies being implemented by Crown Commercial Service and central government departments in order to improve efficiency and reduce the burden on SMEs. 

Also speaking at the event:

  • John Fernau, Commercial Director, Home Office
  • Rebecca Davies, Ministry of Defence
  • Malcolm Carrie, Global Head of Strategy & Architecture, BAE Systems
  • Representatives from Welsh Government, HMRC, SID4GOV, SCC, Capgemini

Who should attend?:  Free to public sector, prime contractors and SMEs.  Registered attendees already include those responsible for:

  • Procurement
  • Policy
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Cyber Security & Resilience
  • Information Assurance
  • SME Champions

Click here  to find out more and register free for this event.

Has the coalition government finally ‘cracked’ this crucial social problem?

New figures show 135,000 fewer NEETS; Figures released last week show that the proportion of young people aged 16 to 24 not in education, employment or training (NEET) is at the lowest comparable level since 2005 - with the percentage of teenagers NEET at its lowest since records began.

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More contributions to the Referendum debate

More news, opinions, documents, claims & counter-claims

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Time to act to help maintain UK power supplies

MPs have urged the Government to fast-track final funding decisions on 2 pilot Carbon capture & storage (CCS) projects at Peterhead and Drax by early 2015, after years of delay in the ‘competition’ launched to provide capital support for the industry.

The technology – which can be fitted to coal & gas power stations - is vital to limit climate change, according to the Energy and Climate Change Committee, because there is more CO2 locked up in fossil fuel reserves than can be safely burnt without pushing global temperatures beyond 2 degrees Celsius – a dangerous threshold according to scientists.

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Could you help save/protect the Cyber World (specifically the UK’s bit of it)?

Cyber Security Challenge UK are asking members of the public to showcase their digital skills and help investigate suspicious emails, linked to a mysterious cyber-crime group, as part of a new competition developed by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The assignment: Opening Lines is the first competition of the 2014/15 programme of online & face-to-face cyber battles, aimed at uncovering the best UK amateur security talent.  This latest set of competitions sees the introduction of a new enemy - The Flag Day Associates - the Challenge's first recurring characters that will underpin the coming year’s challenges.  The group will feature prominently in a gripping storyline, culminating at the 2015 Masterclass in March 2015.

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How do you know where you are in a sea without features to compare with a map?

Longitude Prize 2014 marks the 300th anniversary of the Longitude Act where in 1714 the British government set out the scientific challenge of how to pinpoint a ship’s location at sea.  The solution not only led to safer sea travel but opened up global trade.

The Longitude Committee has shortlisted 6 major issues facing the world.  The whole of the UK can now get involved and have their say in deciding which should be the focus of Longitude Prize 2014. The vote takes place between 22 May & 25 June 2014, and will be held by the BBC on its Horizon website and by text. The winner will be announced on 25 June 2014 and will become the focus of the £10m prize fund run by Nesta and launch-funded by the Technology Strategy Board.

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Does your organisation ‘walk the digital walk’ or just ‘talk the talk’?

Socitm is inviting top teams in local public services to take an interactive test to answer the question Do you do digital? The challenge follows publication of Do you do digital? Socitm's short & highly visual guide to the digital landscape published in April 2014.  The interactive digital test allows individuals to assess their organisation’s corporate commitment to digital working and its capacity to deliver it.

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How to tell them to ‘s**m off’

Consumers now have easier access to information about preventing & dealing with nuisance calls and messages, following the launch of new consumer guides from Ofcom.

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Potential environmental nightmare or ‘fracking good deal’

The government is launching a consultation on proposals to simplify the existing procedure for shale gas and deep geothermal underground drilling access. The Department of Energy and Climate Change has also published a further report by the British Geological Survey on shale gas resources in Great Britain.  The new report assesses the resources of the Jurassic shales of the Weald.  A further DECC/BGS report, on the Midland Valley of Scotland, is in preparation.

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Urgent action required by some debtors

People who have a debt management plan with Debt Help & Advice Ltd should cease making payments to the company immediately, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned.  Consumers should do the same if they have debt management plans with Primary Business Solutions Ltd and First Step Finance Ltd, who are affiliated to Debt Help & Advice Ltd.  All three firms are based in Stockport.

While valid debts will still need to be paid, as Debt Help & Advice Ltd is no longer operating consumers should not continue making payments to them as they will not reach their creditors.  Debt Help & Advice Ltd also uses a number of trading names, so no money should be paid to them either (see press release)’

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