Which political party is proposing the biggest ‘Ponzi Scheme’

With the deficit in 2014–15 still at 5% of national income the 4 potentially biggest parties have pledged to reduce it over the coming Parliament.  New research, published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, analyses the public finance implications of these 4 political parties’ election manifesto commitments, and ‘sets out the size & composition of the future fiscal tightening that each appears to be planning’.

None of these parties has provided anything like full details of their fiscal plans for each year of the coming parliament, leaving the electorate somewhat in the dark as to both the scale & composition of likely spending cuts & tax increases.  In its analysis IFS have used the information provided in each manifesto, plus in some cases some necessary assumptions, to shed light on the four parties’ plans.

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10 reasons why the Cabinet Office has adopted Google Apps for collaboration

Since January, the Cabinet Office has been running its own in-house service, an approach which is expected to achieve 40% savings (£6.8 million) compared to the outsourced services that have been replaced.

This timely white paper explains how Google Apps for Work is about more than just providing low cost email and outsourcing operations, enabling a true cloud environment addressing ten of the key challenges most public sector organisations face today, by being designed from the ground up to run securely in the cloud. Designed for teams and available on any device with a browser, it allows your organisation to become more effective, more cost-efficient and more innovative.

Click here to download your free copy of ‘10 Reasons to leap into a collaborative new world with Google Apps for Work’.

Has it happened elsewhere in the UK and can it happen again?
The Electoral Commission has received a copy of the judgment following the Tower Hamlets election petition.  It is now considering the judgment and looking to see whether any lessons can be learned for the future from this case, including the recommendations the judge has made to the Law Commission in its important review of electoral law.
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Government unveils online voter registration

Pilots to make electoral register more accurate and complete

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Like many other medical conditions, epilepsy does not preclude having a successful career
The TUC, in partnership with Epilepsy Action, has published Epilepsy in the workplace – a TUC guide, to aid trade union workplace representatives in supporting members with epilepsy.  The guide is based on the social model of disability, which means epilepsy is not seen as a barrier to work.  However, there may be external barriers to accessing work in the form of ignorance, prejudice & failure by employers to make workplace adaptations.  The guide educates trade union members about epilepsy, and provides guidance on reasonable workplace adjustments and making workplaces epilepsy-friendly.
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Improving the diagnosis & treatment of epilepsy

Multiple failures by Southwark Council over epileptic woman’s needs

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IPCC publishes findings from investigation into how GMP dealt with epileptic man

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‘Throwing the baby out with the bathwater’? Banning unpaid internships is misguided

Commenting on the Labour Party’s plans to end unpaid internships that last for more than 4 weeks, Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Internships frequently offer a chance for young people to improve their career opportunities and expand their horizons.  It is simply untrue that all internships are exploitative relationships that only advantage the employer. Banning the practice is an extremely blunt instrument and is likely to significantly reduce the amount of opportunities available.

“At the Institute of Economic Affairs, we take on dozens of unpaid interns every year, very often for periods longer than 4 weeks.  They benefit from coming to an extensive range of events, a programme of debates & discussions and expert supervision of their research work.  To force companies such as ours to pay interns the minimum wage is as absurd as expecting universities to pay their students for writing essays and attending lectures.”

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Want to help change society for the better?

Are there other & better alternatives than just ‘Bring back Grammar Schools’?

Balancing ‘needs’ & ‘wishes’
Junior doctor Katie Smith reflects on her early experiences of caring for patients with dementia.
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Hospitals must understand that they have a duty of care for Body AND Mind

In it for the ‘Long Haul’

The potential ‘Return’ on this investment could be £bns

Evolving the NHS & Social Care will require the involvement of both providers & users
NHS England’s Head of Public Voice, Olivia Butterworth, introduces the design of NHS Citizen, which you can see on a new design microsite.  You can read about the NHS Citizen design and learn about the project on the NHS Citizen website.
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NHS England:  Paving the way for citizens to have their say
Is ‘BOGOF’ really ‘Rip-off’
The CMA has received a super-complaint from Which? in respect of perceived concerns about misleading & opaque pricing practices in the grocery market.  Which? has identified 3 potential areas of concern that it would like the Competition & Markets Authority to investigate.  Which? is also concerned about the impact of supermarket ‘price match’ schemes on consumer decision-making.  The CMA will publish a response to the super-complaint within 90 days.
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CMA receives super-complaint from Which?

BCS Launches 2015 UK IT Industry Awards

Digital Professional, IT Apprentice, IT Team, Digital Project and Workplace Transformation are among some of the new categories added to this year’s UK IT Industry Awards, run by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and Computing which have now launched.  In total there are 25 categories that focus on the contribution of individuals, projects, organisations & technologies that have excelled in the use, development & deployment of IT in the past 12 months.  Entries close on 10 July 2015.

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BCS:  Is your IT innovation worthy of an award?

Are you the ‘best of the best’?
The latest round of National Clinical Excellence Awards will close at 5pm on Wednesday 17th June 2015.  Clinical Excellence Awards recognise & reward NHS consultants & academic GPs who perform ‘over & above’ the standard expected of their role.  The onus is on you, as the applicant, to submit your completed online application form to ACCEA by the allotted date & time. 
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DH:  2015 Clinical Excellence Awards round opens

LGA adapts the Jesuit approach and decides to ‘catch them young’
The Local Government Association (LGA) has signed up to Plotr, a Government-supported, employer-led careers website that builds bridges between the world of education and the world of work, in order to help councils recruit the best young people.  Plotr's mandate is for 11 to 24-year-olds, with a strong focus on targeting the 14-19 age group, a time when many of a young person's key career milestones happen.
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LGA signs up to Plotr to help promote local government careers ~ Maxim: "give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man" (Loyola, 1557)

Changes to means assessment guidance in England following implementation of Care Act 2014
The LAA are updating their guidance on financial eligibility & means assessments to take account of changes affecting England introduced on 1 April 2015.  Separate legislation will come into effect for care issues in Wales in April 2016.
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LAA:  Civil news: changes to care legislation and financial eligibility rules

Shocking pictures, but there is no simple solution for millions of people wanting to come & live in Europe
In response to the crisis situation in the Mediterranean, a 10-point plan of the immediate actions to be taken, was presented at a recent joint meeting of Foreign & Interior Ministers.
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Joint Foreign & Home Affairs Council: 10 point action plan on migration

UNICEF - Step up action before more tragedies unfold in the Mediterranean

Join the Board
techUK are inviting nominations for positions on their Main Board which arise from the annual rotation of directors in accordance with their Articles of Association. This year there are 3 vacancies. Elected Directors serve for a period of three years. techUK:  Deadline Thursday 7 May 2015.
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techUK:  Elected member vacancies for the techUK Main Board – Deadline Thursday 7 May

Social Funding Ecology
Independent funders need to collaborate more effectively to support citizens, says a new report from Collaborate CIC in partnership with the Big Lottery Fund and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation UK Branch.
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Collaborate launches new report on social funding ecology


 More contributions to the UK constitutional debate

More news, opinions, documents, claims & counter-claims;

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IFS:  Full fiscal autonomy delayed? The SNP's plans for further devolution to Scotland


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Election 2015: what do party pledges mean for NHS staff?
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Will the general election decide whether the NHS is a right or privilege?

Will the general election decide whether the NHS is a right or privilege?
Hoong-Wei Gan thinks that even with the manifestos' focus on the future of the health service we risk forgetting the importance of a free health service

Five questions on NHS funding that the campaigns are avoiding
Political parties need to be honest about the money required for their health service proposals and the Five Year Forward View, says Chris Hopson

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Successful NHS trusts should buddy up with those in difficulty

Successful NHS trusts should buddy up with those in difficulty
High performing organisations should be given the opportunity for their achievements to be adopted and spread elsewhere, says David Dalton

Words can't do justice to the intimacy of meeting someone after death

Words can't do justice to the intimacy of meeting someone after death
Jonny Martell explains why he thinks confirming the dead is the privilege of the newly initiated doctor and it’s a curious ritual that we must quickly learn

Patients should be able to expect compassion from clinicians

Patients should be able to expect compassion from clinicians
Healthcare professionals cannot become emotionally overwhelmed by every case they deal with, but patients and families need empathy, writes Melanie Henwood