With medical staff costs continually rising, we need other alternatives

NHS England’s Chief Executive Simon Stevens has issued a call for the world’s best healthcare innovations to ‘improve frontline patient care, including in mental health services and GP practices’.

The NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) has already successfully helped transform patient care across the NHS by fast-tracking the uptake of pioneering ideas, equipment & technology such as ventilation tubes that reduce cases of pneumonia and new approaches to mental health care.
Researched Links:

NHS England kicks off international search for ground-breaking patient-care innovations

ASI:  Medical monoliths can be smashed after Brexit

NICE to launch new evidence tool for medtech product developers

Laboratory investment is improving patient care across Wales

e-Health Week: techUK’s Health & Social Care Programme

11 innovative health technology projects successful in £7.3m funding bid

Mental health patients set to benefit from pioneering new digital services

Entia: hand-held blood-testing lab for cancer care patients

Emerging technology which aims to improve muscle movement is NICE’s 100th medtech innovation briefing

NICE recommends longer-lasting battery technology for implantable heart rhythm devices

Knowledge Transfer Partnership ‘Bringing Science & Innovation to the Heart of the NHS’

Chief Secretary welcomes an investment of more than £100m creating 100 jobs in Oxford medical research

Barcode technology helping to improve patient safety

Innovation in rural health & social care

NHS England announces first medtech devices & apps to join fast track payment scheme for innovation

Mental health digital innovators to apply for new £400k fund

New £816m investment in health research

New plans to expand the use of digital technology across the NHS

New findings reveal NHS initiative to get vulnerable people online has dramatically improved their health & well-being and reduced demand for front line services

Smarter Working for Local Government in a Digital Age

Councils are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less while providing better service to the community.

In recent years, councils have been able to provide a prepaid card payments solution to those that receive government funding for their care. Prepaid cards provide real-time visibility to manage funds, enabling councils to evaluate unused funding, reallocate as needed and discover cost savings. In addition, councils experience a decreased amount of administration correspondence.

Prepaid cards empower recipients to manage their own finances. By accessing their account online they have a much clearer understanding of the funding available and there is more flexibility in the way the funds are spent to best meet their needs.

Click here to read this case study to learn how Mastercard has been working with UK councils in areas such as adult social care, personal health budgets, appointeeships and more.

Medical Tech to the ‘rescue’

NICE Scientific Advice has launched a competition for SMEs, charities & academic research groups, who are developing transformative products that have the potential to change patients’ lives and/or save the NHS money.

The NICE AdviSeME Prize is open to products (pharmaceuticals, devices, diagnostic test/tools, cell/gene therapies, healthcare apps) in the early clinical stages of development. To be considered the technologies should demonstrate clinical credibility and target a population with a high unmet clinical need.   Closing date for applications is 13 October 2017

In addition they need to have a potential beneficial impact on either:

*survival and/or health-related quality of life

*costs to the NHS

*The use of healthcare resources and/or access to healthcare
Researched Links:

NICE launches a competition for developers of healthcare technologies

Another ‘medical opportunity’

NHS Digital is seeking to engage with the market to ‘collaborate on how best to deliver a de-identification (De-id) service’ as part of the National Data Service Development.  The NDSD programme is developing data services that use technology to improve the security, processing & transparency of data for NHS planning & research.

NHS Digital has developed a market engagement pack for De-id, which provides suppliers with a high level view of the project, background, context, business drivers, challenges this project aims to resolve and next steps.  Suppliers can submit responses to the market engagement opportunity using the online questionnaire on the Industry Briefings Platform.  Deadline for submission is Monday 3 July 2017, 14:00.
Researched Links:

techUK:  NHS Digital National Data Service Development Programme

Do you need to check this out?

The MHRA, as a precautionary measure, has issued updated guidance for healthcare professionals who manage patients implanted with metal-on-metal hip replacements.

Previous guidance was issued to ensure appropriate follow-up to monitor the potential for the already well-known risks of soft-tissue reactions.  This updated guidance replaces the previous advice provided in 2012.

The key changes include additional recommendations regarding monitoring patients and are designed to ensure longer term follow-up is undertaken for all patients with these implants.  Details of the changes are in the Medical Device Alert.
Researched Links:

MHRA:  All types of metal-on-metal hip implants need regular review

SME Supplier Locator update...

UK Government and public sector spend with SME’s is continually on the increase and by 2020, it is the stated intent of Cabinet Office that £1 of every £3 spent on government contracts goes to SME’s. The past 5 years have seen government make a priority of getting money through its supply chain into the hands of SMEs, by both setting targets and introducing new procurement mechanisms.

Against this backdrop, the WiredGov Supplier Locator service has been developed specifically to embrace the SME Agenda and provide the ideal platform for SME’s to promote their services, solutions, accreditation and success stories directly to our ever increasing audience across all government and public sector verticals and Tier 1 suppliers.

Click here to find out more and view this week’s new arrivals to the SME Supplier Locator service. 

WAG could get £300m from Barnett formula by abolishing ‘freebees’
Welsh Health Secretary Vaughan Gething has called on the UK Government to ‘remove the pay cap and make funds available to the Welsh Government so NHS Wales staff get the pay rise they deserve’.

WAG:  “Remove the 1% pay cap & give us the money to give NHS Wales staff the pay rise they deserve”

The unelected ‘Remainer’ Lords think it’s ‘All to play for’

The UK’s constitutional arrangements can appear unclear at the best of times, but a hung parliament has provoked a debate about whether the Lords will block Brexit.

Open Europe’s Alex Greer examines the Salisbury convention and discusses the role it may play in the passage of legislation related to Brexit……
Researched Links:

Open Europe:  Salisbury convention is far from clear on Brexit

Remember the SNP made a ‘deal’ with the Greens to get a majority!
The PM has welcomed the Confidence & Supply agreement reached between the Conservative & Unionist Party and the DUP Party.
Researched Links:

10DS:  PM statement on Confidence & Supply Agreement with the DUP

IEA - Compromise means savings will have to come from elsewhere

ScotGov:  UK Government/DUP deal

Scottish Greens back SNP budget after £160m council cash boost ...

All will be equal under the same (UK) law

The government has published detailed proposals outlining ‘how it intends to protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU’.

Speaking in the House of Commons, the PM said that EU citizens make an invaluable contribution to the UK and the government wants to provide them with certainty about the future of their lives.

Theresa May said a policy paper published by the government would make clear the UK’s ‘fair & serious offer’ to maintain EU citizens’ rights, which will be enshrined in UK law.  The PM once again made it clear these proposals should be part of a reciprocal agreement for EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in Europe, which the government wants to agree as quickly as possible.
Researched Links:

Home Office:  Government publishes proposals on rights of EU citizens

10DS:  PM Commons statement on European Council: 26 June 2017

DExEU:  David Davis' opening statement from the Queen’s Speech Debate ‘Brexit and Foreign Affairs’

CBI: Business reacts to UK proposals on future rights for EU citizens

The first ‘give’ in EU’s negotiating stance?

Standby for an ICO investigation

The National Audit Office has published the findings from its investigation into how NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) handled unprocessed clinical correspondence

In March 2016 NHS SBS informed NHS England and the DH that it had discovered a backlog of approximately 435,000 items of unprocessed clinical and other correspondence.  NHS SBS accepts it had a contractual responsibility to process misdirected clinical and other correspondence.
Researched Links:

NAO:  Investigation: clinical correspondence handling at NHS Shared Business Services

Patients Association condemns NHS mail blunder as scandalous

Garages, new homes & old offices: the records management mistakes that put health records at risk

Council fined for leaving sensitive files in cabinet sent to second hand shop

With all the other demands, where will the funding come from?

Lord Andrew Adonis and three of Britain’s business organisations has pressed for urgent progress on key transport, energy, digital & water infrastructure decisions in the Government’s in-tray.

The chairman of the independent National Infrastructure Commission called on the Government to ensure that Brexit and a hung parliament do not delay or defer infrastructure projects which are critical to the UK’s competitiveness & productivity.
Researched Links:

NIC:  Adonis & business leaders urge Government to press ahead rapidly with key infrastructure plans ~ TUC calls on government to lift public sector pay restrictions fast ~ A ‘Connected World’ only if you have good reception ~ Instead of imposing the controversial, noisy & dubiously beneficial HS2 on the Shires, why not start with the ‘urgently needed’ HS3 & other road / rail improvements in the North ~ Project management is not an ‘optional extra’ for successful delivery ~ The smarter way to develop a national infrastructure ~ Lord Adonis highlights continued need to invest in infrastructure

CBI: Pro-enterprise vision will unlock infrastructure golden age

NIESR General Election Briefing: ‘Infrastructure in the UK- Time to Rebuild?’

Chief Secretary to the Treasury lays out long-term plan for Britain's infrastructure

£625,000 for England’s Economic Heartland to help shape its future transport priorities

Lord Adonis, Chair of the NIC, responds to announcements made in the Spring Budget

IPPR:  New transport figures reveal London gets £1,500 per head more than the North – but North West powerhouse ‘catching-up’

Wales set for biggest investment in infrastructure since devolution

Government publishes steel pipeline & new procurement guidance

Impact of Technology on Infrastructure Explored

Good design is essential for good infrastructure, our recommendations will reflect the quality & character of local communities across the growth corridor

UK infrastructure investment to reach record high

Autumn Statement: Internet of Things and Smart Infrastructure

Autumn Statement Response: Government acceptance of NIC recommendations most welcome

New East-West transport links could provide a once in a generation opportunity for ‘Britain’s Silicon Valley’

CBI/AECOM: UK's infrastructure on the up, but now it's all about delivery

Economy Secretary sets out plans to improve infrastructure decision making in Wales

NIC visits Publica Urban Design Team

Improving major project delivery: Project Initiation Routemap

Still 101 things to be done
PM, Theresa May, chaired a meeting of the Grenfell Recovery Taskforce last week, getting updates about the support for those affected as well as the wider picture.
Researched Links:

CLG:  PM chairs Grenfell Recovery Taskforce meeting: 26 June 2017

CLG:  Statement from the Secretary of State regarding the cladding testing failure rate

CLG:  Cladding sample testing update

LGA:  Councils worked quickly to send cladding samples for testing

TUC: Hi-rise workplaces must also be tested for safety

RoSPA:  Call to end “one in, three out” deregulation gains wide support

CQC writes to care homes, hospices & independent hospitals to encourage them to review their fire safety checks

CLG:  £1m for local charities responding to Grenfell Tower disaster

DCMS:  Expert panel appointed to advise on immediate safety action following Grenfell fire

CLG:  Statement from the Independent Expert Advisory Panel: 30 June 2017

Grenfell & Brexit are not the only major issues facing the government

The Home Secretary recently secured the support of the ‘Five Eyes’ members in urging communication service providers to do more in removing terrorist and violent extremist content online.

Ministers from the five countries put their name to a joint letter, tackling terrorist use of the internet welcoming an announcement from Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Google to begin forming a new global industry body but stressing that it is critical progress is made quickly.
Researched Links:

Home Office:  Five Eye countries join Britain’s call to remove terror content online

Social media companies "shamefully far" from tackling illegal & dangerous content

Countering online radicalisation & extremism: Baroness Shields' speech

EU Internet Forum: a major step forward in curbing terrorist content on the internet

Internet giants "consciously failing" to tackle extremism on the web

EC and IT Companies announce Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech

Terror and the impact of social media

EU News:  Security Union - EC accelerates measures to prevent radicalisation and the cyber threat

You ARE at risk!
Fraud is the most commonly experienced crime in England & Wales and most happens online.  While the landscape for tackling online fraud is complex, the Home Office’s response is not proportionate to the threat, according to the National Audit Office.
Researched Links:

NAO:  Online Fraud ~ techUK:  Opportunities Outweigh the Challenges Posed by the IoT in Policing

Less physical violence but emotionally the damage is just as great and can ‘ruin’ retirement plans, etc.

You may not even realise you have been hacked

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Here we go again
A spokesperson said: “We are aware of a global ransomware incident and are monitoring the situation closely.”  “The NCSC website provides advice to the public and business on how to protect your digital systems.”
Researched Links:

NCSC statement on the global ransomware incident

Read the NCSC's ransomware guidance for organisations

NCSC:  Guidance on the historic LinkedIn incident (2012)

Let us hope that they act proactively this time

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT has joined forces with the Patients Association, Royal College of Nursing and others to produce a Blueprint outlining the steps NHS trusts should take to ‘minimise the effects of another crippling cyber-attack’.

‘The Blueprint For Cyber Security in Health and Care’ claims a lack of accountability & investment in cyber-security measures are partly responsible for the recent Wannacry virus that hit NHS IT systems last month. 

Researched Links:

BCS Launches Blueprint To Help NHS Improve Cyber Security

More items giving advice on how to ‘shut the stable door to prevent more horses escaping’ and ICO reminder that there is a legal requirement to ‘lock it’

Something we might want to continue after Brexit?

The new rules on cross-border insolvency proceedings, proposed by the Commission in 2012 and adopted by the EU legislators in 2015, came into force throughout the EU last week.

The new rules aim at facilitating debt recovery in cross-border insolvency proceedings.   They will make it easier for businesses to restructure and for creditors to get their money back, by ensuring that collective procedures for cross-border debt recovery are effective and efficient.  The Regulation focuses on resolving the conflicts of jurisdiction & laws in cross-border insolvency proceedings. It also ensures the recognition of insolvency-related judgments across the EU.
Researched Links:

EU News:  New rules facilitating cross-border insolvency proceedings enters into force

Go for it!

Photography exhibition at Getty Gallery will challenge perceptions of female entrepreneurs and offer relatable, attainable role models.

Innovate UK’s infocus women in innovation exhibition will be at the Getty Gallery, London, from 18 - 28 July.  Featuring profiles of female entrepreneurs, the exhibit will redefine what we see, feel & believe about innovation.  Admission is free.
Researched Links:

Innovate UK:  Get inspired by UK female innovators

50 of the UK's most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs | Free Office ...

2017 Women Entrepreneurs List - The Passionate & Purposeful‎

At last, an ‘Honour’ given to someone who deserves/has earned it!

In some ways it is the ‘perfect’ career for women; ‘brains not brawn’ & opportunities for working from home

To ensure healthy Mother & Baby

The UK’s Chief Medical officers (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) have jointly released new advice on physical activity for expectant mothers - believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

The new recommendations aim to reduce issues such as obesity, diabetes and other health concerns during pregnancy. The latest evidence suggests pregnant women should carry out around 150 minutes of ‘moderate intensity’ activity every week.  This is described as ‘activity that makes you breathe faster’ while still being able to hold a conversation.
Researched Links:

WAG:  UK Chief Medical Officers issue advice for health professionals on physical exercise during pregnancy

In danger of being over-looked?
A new report that charts the care of young people with Type-1 diabetes as they move from paediatric to adult services has been published by NHS Digital.

NHS Digital:  Report on transition of care between childhood & adulthood for people with diabetes

Not on ‘friendly’ territory

With less than a year to go until the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the Foreign Office launches a campaign to help fans travelling to support their team. 

The Be on the Ball’ campaign gives supporters simple advice & tips to help reduce preventable problems and boost their World Cup experience.  The campaign launch sees the release of the FCO’s Russia 2018 travel advice, a checklist, and a Fan Survey.
Researched Links:

FCO:  Be on the Ball: World Cup 2018 in Russia

Surely academia must be awash with ideas?
The ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre is inviting proposals from UK-based academics for ‘projects that will capitalise on their core consumer data sets, extend their network of partners, and drive forward substantive & innovative social science research across a broad range of disciplines and research areas’.

The ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre is inviting proposals from UK-based academics

About time too!

From August 2017, roadside checks of lorries carried out by the DVSA will include an emissions check.  DVSA will be target lorry drivers & operators who try to cheat vehicle emissions.  The new checks will help to improve air quality.

In May 2017, the Defra published a draft plan to improve air quality by reducing nitrogen dioxide levels in the UK.  This included looking at ways to reduce emissions produced by vehicles, including those used commercially.  A final plan will be published by 31 July 2017.
Researched Links:

DfT:  Lorry emissions checks to start at the roadside

Proof not everything has to be done through the EU

UK Export Finance has announced its election to the managing body of the Equator Principles Association

The Equator Principles, which UKEF adopted in April 2016, is a global set of standards that promotes sustainable environmental, social and human rights decision-making in financing projects.
Researched Links:

DIT:  UK Export Finance joins Equator Principles steering committee

Helping SMEs to ‘power up’ more cheaply

As of last week, measures introduced by the CMA could see microbusinesses make significant savings on their energy costs.

The CMA has ordered suppliers to stop locking small firms into automatic rollover contracts and make it easier for microbusinesses to compare the cheapest energy prices, by making information clearly available on their website, or via a link to a price comparison website.
Researched Links:

CMA helps microbusinesses combat energy overpricing

Not every business can be successful
Join us for our annual forum for insolvency & debt advisory professionals in London on Monday, 17 July 2017.  Insolvency Live! will include presentations, workshops and a Q&A panel.

Insolvency Service:  Insolvency Live! 2017


 More contributions to the Brexit process

Still a ‘hot topic’, with widely spread views, for those who put fingers to keyboard in order to ‘share their views’:

Researched Links:

ESRC:  Impact Champion accolade awarded for busting myths on UK-EU relations

10DS:  PM Commons statement on European Council: 26 June 2017

Home Office:  Government publishes proposals on rights of EU citizens

CBI: Business reacts to UK proposals on future rights for EU citizens

DExEU:  David Davis' opening statement from the Queen’s Speech Debate ‘Brexit and Foreign Affairs’

DExEU:  David Davis' speech from The Times CEO Summit

DIFD:  Government pledges to help improve access to UK markets for world’s poorest countries post-Brexit

HMT:  Economic Secretary's speech to the Association of British Insurers

Defra:  Environment Secretary explores the future of farming at the Royal Norfolk Show

DfT:  Annual update on Crossrail 2017

ScotGov:  Agricultural powers must return to Holyrood

WAG:  Brexit a year on: Devolved Administrations must play a key part in negotiations

WAG:  FM in Gibraltar to discuss common Brexit priorities

IFG:  Questions over future of UK legal system after Brexit

IEA launch new Brexit Unit & argue that EU divorce bill should not exceed £26bn

Civitas:  Government support for domestic supply chains will be critical to manufacturing post-Brexit

Civitas:  The government’s industrial strategy risks undermining post-Brexit economy

Civitas :  Exchange rate policy needed to rejuvenate industry post-Brexit

Open Europe:  Salisbury convention is far from clear on Brexit


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Trains, planes and automobiles: the transport systems embracing smart tech
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• Social care cuts to continue in spite of £1bn boost, English councils say
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• Councils save over £600m by sharing services