Nobody gets all they want!
The Chancellor presented his Autumn 2017 Budget to Parliament and everybody had their say.
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Government:  HM Treasury:  Autumn Budget 2017: 25 things you need to know ~ HMT:  Autumn Budget 2017 - Philip Hammond's speech ~ HMT:  £1.2bn boost to the Welsh Government’s budget ~ HMT:  UK Government Budget delivers for Scotland ~ HMT:  £660m injection into Northern Ireland Executive’s budget at Autumn Budget ~ Cabinet Office:  Chancellor to unlock hidden value of government data ~ DWP:  More detail on £1.5bn package of support for Universal Credit ~ 10DS:  Record boost to R&D and new transport fund to help build economy fit for the future ~ HMT:  Sir Michael Barber report into improving value in public spending published ~ CLG:  Budget delivers devo deal and transport boost for North of Tyne ~ ScotGov:  UK budget must meet Scottish budget tests ~ ScotGov:  Budget falls short for Scotland

Other organisations:  NIC:  Adonis welcomes investment in transport within cities ~ LGA:  Devolve Industrial Strategy powers & funding or risk leaving areas to fail, say councils ~ LGA responds to Autumn Budget 2017 ~ LGA:  Budget 2017 - Councils respond to announcement of new funding for NHS ~ LGA:  Budget 2017: councils react to no extra children's services funding ~ Budget 2017: LGA responds to housing measures ~ LGA responds to Universal Credit announcement ~ Budget 2017: LGA responds to devolution deals ~ Budget 2017: LGA responds to cultural development fund announcement ~ LGA responds to greener transport measures ~ EHRC:  Budget 2017 a missed opportunity to help the most disadvantaged in society ~ Citizens Advice responds to Autumn Budget 2017 announcements on Universal Credit ~ Patients Association:  Budget response: Patients alarmed at Chancellor’s short measure for the NHS ~ TUC: Budget leaves public sector workers out in the cold

Think Tanks, etc.:  IFS:  If these forecasts prove correct we will be worse off and government debt will remain higher for longer ~ Adam Smith Institute reacts to Budget 2017 ~ JRF Autumn Budget response: struggling people needed far more from the Budget ~ The King's Fund responds to the 2017 Autumn Budget ~ NHS Confederation:  Budget is another "missed opportunity" and falls well short ~ Budget 2017 – Demos’ Director Claudia Wood responds ~ NIESR: A Balanced Budget approach to the Risks posed by Brexit ~ techUK:  10 Tech Take-Aways from the 'Fit For the Future' Budget ~ IEA:  Interventionist Budget will not have desired effect on living costs

Comments before budget:  CBI: 'Investing in skills is at heart of building an economy fit for the future' ~ TUC budget submission: Invest in Britain’s future by upgrading the economy & boosting pay ~ PX:  ‘Without sound finance, you cannot have a strong economy with which to fund public services’ – the moral the Chancellor should choose for his Budget ~ IEA:  Chancellor should save not splurge in Budget ~ IfG:  Government biased against public borrowing to pay for infrastructure ~ CIPD:  Bold investment in skills needed to tackle productivity crisis ~ RLA:  Bitesize Budget – tax incentives for longer tenancies

At UKCloud we’re devoted to supporting the UK Public Sector and in turn UK citizens.

We’re driving digital transformation and we’re proud to have helped the Public Sector save millions of pounds, as well as supporting and helping to grow the UK digital economy.

In a very short period of time we have become a market leader, but we have always remained focused on and dedicated to our core values and beliefs. We do what’s right, and pledge 2% of our annual pre-tax profits to charity.

We’re recognised as a market disruptor and we’ve recently been named as SME Digital Leader of the Year and gained the coveted Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

Our multi-cloud platform enables public sector organisations to benefit from technical agility that significantly reduces time, cost and risk.

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Technology at heart of a future ‘improved & cost efficient’ NHS

An App that helps pregnant women monitor hypertension among new NHS innovations that will save lives & improve treatment.

A wireless sensor that better detects breathing rate in hospital patients, an app to help pregnant women monitor hypertension and another that directs patients with minor injuries to treatment units with the shortest queues are among the latest innovations set to be spread across the NHS.

11 ground-breaking projects are being backed in the latest round of NHS England’s programme to develop & spread pioneering ideas, equipment & technology that have the potential to save lives as well as £ms.
Researched Links:

NHS England:  App that helps pregnant women monitor hypertension among new NHS innovations that will save lives & improve treatment

techUK launches Investigation into How Technology Can Help Avoid a Winter NHS Crisis

CareCERT uses SMS alerts to boost secure NHS communications for cyber incidents

Thousands of people set to access diabetes & obesity prevention services through the touch of a button

New innovation in digital standards to improve child health information

Health & Social Care Network successfully launches with first live customer

New technology, earlier diagnosis & better coordination of care in cancer

“If you want the best technology in the Welsh NHS, you have to invest in IT”

NHS Confed.: New report showcases how new care models are harnessing technology

Health Secretary challenges NHS to deliver digital services nationwide

NHS Digital welcomes Health Secretary's digital healthcare vision

The future is here – it’s just not evenly distributed yet!

NASA meets Hollywood as new technology helps tackle NHS frailty in older people

Online support for mental health

LGA:  Using digital technology to improve social care

NICE recommends longer-lasting battery technology for implantable heart rhythm devices

Emerging technology which aims to improve muscle movement is NICE’s 100th medtech innovation briefing

LGA Local Investment Programme: Transforming Care & Health through Tech

Barcode technology helping to improve patient safety

We need to encourage & support ‘good’ landlords

The Residential Landlords Association is excited to announce becoming a new informative entry on the WiredGov channel… Let’s make renting better!

The RLA is the leading national association for landlords in England & Wales, representing the views of over 50,000 landlords in their mission to raise the standards of private rented sector properties & tenancy management.

Established in 1998, they provide their members with a range of services, resources, training courses and professional telephone / webchat advice on most areas of property & tenancy management.  They campaign on issues affecting the private rented sector and produce research & evidence through our own research lab (PEARL).

With their addition to the channel, WiredGov is now able to provide a full spectrum of views & information on housing issues as they join the Government(s), LGA, Citizens Advice, Homeless Link, Think tanks, etc. with their contributions to the housing debate.
Researched Links:

Launch Announcement: Residential Landlords Association (RLA) Now Live on WiredGov!

RLA:  Grab your RLA Membership discount this Black Friday!

RLA:  Bitesize Budget – tax incentives for longer tenancies

Why ‘freezing’ out the PRS and treating smaller landlords differently to Social Landlords will result in an increase in homelessness

MPs quote RLA campaign in credit score debate

Welsh fee ban ‘a dangerous move’ says RLA

RLA presents Universal Credit evidence to Select Committee

RLA secures £1.5m energy funding pot for members

From Long-Term Lets to Short-Term Lets: Is Airbnb becoming the new buy-to-let?

Welfare Reform and Universal Credit: The impact on the private rented sector

Access to Homes for Under-35’s: The impact of Welfare Reform on Private Renting

New RLA Research Lab Launched

Renting in Wales – what does the future hold?

JRF response to the Residential Landlords Association

Let’s hope it ‘does what it says on the tin’

Good tenants deserve good rental conditions

Do your tenants have ‘UK residency rights’?

LGA:  Safety warning amid worrying smoke alarm 'failure rate'

LGA responds to Government announcement on letting agent fees

Citizens Advice responds to Secretary of State’s announcement of private rented sector changes

Burglary risk highest for least advantaged groups

£65m government support for UK's largest Build to Rent site

Social landlords are stepping in to tackle youth poverty

They deserve a dignified end!

As part of Homeless Link’s current project, they would be interested in hearing more examples of good practice in supporting people at end of life from across the homelessness sector.

Homeless Link is a member of the Health & Wellbeing Alliance, and over the past few months, they have had the opportunity to be involved in various projects around health inequalities.  One of these pieces of work, funded by NHS England, the DH and PHE, is looking at supporting end of life care for groups that face some of the starkest health inequalities.

Researched Links:

Homeless Link:  Good practice in end of life care for people who are homelessJust when they need a ‘warm, secure home’

Perhaps they figure the ‘departed’ won’t be able to complain to the PHSO!

It is not so much dying that worries us, as HOW we will die

HL:  Supportive shared housing – A solution for those at risk of homelessness?

SME Supplier Locator update...

UK Government and public sector spend with SME’s is continually on the increase and by 2020, it is the stated intent of Cabinet Office that £1 of every £3 spent on government contracts goes to SME’s. The past 5 years have seen government make a priority of getting money through its supply chain into the hands of SMEs, by both setting targets and introducing new procurement mechanisms.

Against this backdrop, the WiredGov Supplier Locator service has been developed specifically to embrace the SME Agenda and provide the ideal platform for SME’s to promote their services, solutions, accreditation and success stories directly to our ever increasing audience across all government and public sector verticals and Tier 1 suppliers.

Click here to find out more and view this week’s new arrivals to the SME Supplier Locator service. 

Will the ball ever be retrieved from the ‘Long Grass’?
Niall Dickson, CE of the NHS Confederation has responded to the announcement of a Green Paper on care & support for older people in England.
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NHS Confederation:  Lack of urgency on care Green Paper is ‘highly regrettable’

The King's Fund responds to the government's announcement on the social care Green Paper

Self-care is more ‘affordable’ care

At some point ‘infirmities’ mean we cannot self-care

Not just nuclear power stations

Upcoming reforms to medical radiation exposure regulations will greatly change how the Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee (ARSAC) issues approvals.

The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2018 (IR(ME)R) will come into force in England, Scotland & Wales on 6 February 2018.  A separate set of regulations applying the same licensing process will be introduced in Northern Ireland.

The new regulations will replace the current certification process for the administration of radioactive substances under The Medicines Administration Radioactive Substances 1978 Regulations, and lead to changes in the way ARSAC handles applications.

There will be a double licensing system for practitioners & employers under IR(ME)R. The new system aims to make clear the responsibilities of the employer & practitioner in administration of radioactive substances.

Researched Links:

Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee:  New licensing system for administration of radioactive substances

RUSI:  How Will Britain’s Potential Withdrawal from the Euratom Treaty Affect the Supply of Radiopharmaceuticals?

Do you receive an Armed Forces Pension?

Have HMRC used the correct primary source of income to calculate your Tax Code?

Veterans UK have seen an increase in member’s calls to the Armed Forces Pension Payment provider (Equiniti Paymaster) querying individual tax codes. Where members are in employment and in receipt of a pension HMRC may have incorrectly based the tax code on an individual’s pension rather than their main salary.
Researched Links:

MoD:  Do you receive an Armed Forces Pension?

Fit to run a ‘fair’ business?
James Dipple-Johnstone, ICO Deputy Commissioner has given a statement on Uber data breach and the NCSC & Action Fraud provide some advice.
Researched Links:

ICO statement on Uber data breach

Action Fraud:  Advice for Uber customers & drivers

NCSC response to Uber data breach

Licensing decision on Uber London Limited

TUC: Uber must play by the rules

Committees publish Bill to end exploitation in the gig economy

Adam Smith Inst - Time to update employment law

CJEU ‘throws spanner’ in Uber’s business model

Not everyone supports Brussel’s stance
Following David Davis' speech in Berlin, Open Europe's Leopold Traugott looks at criticism towards the EU's Brexit negotiation strategy coming from the German CSU's ranks.
Researched Links:

Open Europe:  Bavarian scepticism towards EC’s Brexit negotiation stance

German coalition talks have failed – what now?

May needs to show the EU the colour of our money to unlock the next round of Brexit talks

The EU needs to cut out the amateur dramatics over Brexit and prepare to talk trade

Preserving Digital History

A new web archive from National Records of Scotland will preserve key official websites and make them available for future generations.

Official websites contain information which will be of use to members of the public now and historians in future. But as websites change, vital information can be lost.

The new Web Continuity Service from National Records of Scotland (NRS) will help prevent this loss, by archiving and making available ‘snapshots’ of the websites of organisations who already deposit records with NRS - the Scottish Government, Scottish Courts, public inquiries in Scotland, public authorities and some private organisations.

As well as helping the researchers of the future, the new service – offered free of charge – will mean users see fewer broken links on the live websites which have been archived.  This will help to maintain long-term access to important online information
Researched Links:

ScotGov:  Web archive launched

Are Degrees actually good value for money?
CIPD research shows that a third of recent UK graduates earn well below the national average wage, while women are paid less than men 6 months after graduation.
Researched Links:

CIPD - The new University Challenge: Justify top fees as only half of graduates get graduate-level jobs

Remember the days of Sandwich courses and Day release / Evening Classes?

A comforting thought for female students just off to University

And without a Degree of Debt

Best treated in community
Public Health England (PHE) has announced 7 areas to take part in randomised individual placement & support (IPS) trial for drugs or alcohol dependency in community treatment services.
Researched Links:

DH:  PHE announces areas for IPS alcohol and drug dependency trial

ScotGov:  Minimum unit pricing

Wales & England to follow, as with plastic bags?

NHS Digital:  Three new reports on alcohol use & misuse published

Xmas Shopping advice
It's the thought that counts: Buyers urged to think as Christmas shopping fraud reports rise.
Researched Links:

Action Fraud:  It's the thought that counts - Buyers urged to think as Christmas shopping fraud reports rise

ICO:  The 12 ways that Christmas shoppers can keep children & data safe when buying smart toys & devices

Does this impact on you?
From January 2018, the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) are making changes to the Basic Disclosure process.
Researched Links:

Disclosure and Barring Service - Basic disclosure changes


 More contributions to the Brexit process

Still a ‘hot topic’, with widely spread views, for those who put fingers to keyboard in order to ‘share their views’:

Researched Links:

Brexit microsite

DExEU:  David Davis' update to the House of Commons on EU negotiations

DExEU:  David Davis concludes visit to Estonia

Michel Barnier - 'The Future of the EU'

Brexit: EC welcomes decision by EU27 Member States to relocate UK-based Agencies

HM Treasury:  Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill introduced in Parliament

Defra:  Environment Secretary confirms sentience of animals will continue to be recognised and protections strengthened when we leave the EU

ScotGov:  Scotland and Ireland

PC&PE:  European Union (Withdrawal) Bill report released

PC&PE:  Urgent action needed to end devolution stalemate on repatriation of powers

NAO:  Implementing the UK’s Exit from the EU

Open Europe:  Bavarian scepticism towards European Commission’s Brexit negotiation stance

OE:  German coalition talks have failed – what now?


 More contributions to the UK constitutional debate

More news, opinions, documents, claims & counter-claims;

Researched Links:

WAG:  Further calls for devolution of Air Passenger Duty to Wales

OSSW:  “Wales must be ready to respond to dynamic devolution in England”

Budget 2017: LGA responds to devolution deals


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From Long-Term Lets to Short-Term Lets: Is Airbnb becoming the new buy-to-let?
From Long-Term Lets to Short-Term Lets: Is Airbnb becoming the new buy-to-let?