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Two matters requiring your input please, plus link to with final version of guidance on Children & the GDPR).

ICO:  DCMS consults on data protection fee exemptions – (ICO:  Blog: Children’s privacy – Call for Evidence
Editor’s choice of other ICT items of note:

GDS:  Introducing the GOV.UK Design System

Innovate UK:  £25m boost for self-driving technology: apply for funding

NDA logs in to preserve digital data down the centuries ~ Preserving Digital History

techUK:  EBA guidelines on strong customer authentication

Civil Service Active Wellbeing Week July 2-6 2018

Active Wellbeing Week 2-6 July 2018...It’s time to make your move

Encouraging and incorporating a healthy lifestyle during the working day can play a big role in achieving a better work/life balance, and help to improve general health, productivity and feelings of happiness. CSSC Sports & Leisure has collaborated with CS Employee Policy (CSEP) to launch a nationwide Active Wellbeing Week, which will take place between Monday 2 July and Friday 6 July 2018.

As part of this, all public sector employees are being encouraged to make personal pledges on how they intend to be more active. There are lots of fantastic prizes to win, including spa days, pamper packs and a £2,500 holiday voucher. For those keen to get involved, plenty of inspiring ideas can be found online at activewellbeing.me.uk.

Make your pledge, win top prizes and discover more.

Editor’s choice of other Health related items of note:

NHS England:  ‘Red bags’ to be rolled out across care homes getting patients home from hospital quicker

CQC launches new resources to help health & care providers learn from safety incidents

NAO:  Developing new care models through NHS vanguards
SME Supplier Locator update...

UK Government and public sector spend with SME’s is continually on the increase and by 2020, it is the stated intent of Cabinet Office that £1 of every £3 spent on government contracts goes to SME’s. 

Against this ambitious backdrop, the WiredGov Supplier Locator service has been developed specifically to embrace the SME Agenda and provide the ideal platform for SME’s to promote their services, solutions, accreditation and success stories directly to our ever increasing audience across all government and public sector verticals and Tier 1 suppliers.

Recent arrivals to the SME Supplier Locator service include:

JDNetworks Ltd

Click here to find out more. 

Editor’s choice of other general items of note:

UK Space Agency:  Space junk mission deploys from the International Space Station

NDA:  Robots reduce radioactive risks for workers in nuclear decommissioning

MoD:  BowTie: a visual tool to keep an overview of risk management practices

Dstl:  Pants PhD for Dstl scientist


 More contributions to the Brexit process

Still a ‘hot topic’, with widely spread views, for those who put fingers to keyboard in order to ‘share their views’:

Researched Links:

Brexit microsite (Information about the Article 50 process and our negotiations for a new partnership with the EU)

DExEU:  The EU (Withdrawal) Bill receives Royal Assent

PC&PE:  Clarity on costs crucial to meaningful vote on Brexit

EU News:  VAT minimum standard rate set permanently at 15%

EU Council authorises opening of negotiations with WTO members on Brexit-related adjustments

NAO:  The Customs Declaration Service: a progress update

techUK:  EU Settlement Scheme Statement of Intent

ESRC:  Research teams from Canada and the UK to study future of Canada-UK trade relations

BfB:  Why the Labour Party should reject a “soft” Brexit (podcast)

BfB:  Target2 - The Silent bailout system of the Eurozone by David Blake

BfB:  Is H M Treasury the Enemy of Brexit? by Graham Gudgin

What Have the Remainers Not Understood? By Robin Dunbar

Dr Graham Gudgin: How the Economics Profession Got It Wrong on Brexit

Remain and the Civil Service By Pamela Dow

A Very English Coup d’Etat by Gwythian Prins


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Employees can get more out of life with CSSC Sports & Leisure

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Exercise your way to better health
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Tools and resources to get more active

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Six key areas affecting your health
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