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Webinar: Overcoming the Barriers to Data Centre Modernisation. 26 July 10am

Do you need to redefine the value of your IT operations?

Is your existing IT within a legacy environment that is coming to an end, or in an on-premises data centre that is inefficient? 

You need to be thinking about transitioning your existing services to the cloud NOW, so you can reduce costs AND improve agility for your organisation. Avoid your next contract renewal, or another 3+ year capital refresh cycle, by replacing it with our no-commitment platform. 

Join us at 10am on 26 July for our webinar “Overcoming the barriers to data centre modernisation”, where we will take you through how you can build the case for modernisation and ensure your organization remains fit for purpose.   

To discover how, register your interest here

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SME Supplier Locator update...

UK Government and public sector spend with SME’s is continually on the increase and by 2020, it is the stated intent of Cabinet Office that £1 of every £3 spent on government contracts goes to SME’s. 

Against this ambitious backdrop, the WiredGov Supplier Locator service has been developed specifically to embrace the SME Agenda and provide the ideal platform for SME’s to promote their services, solutions, accreditation and success stories directly to our ever increasing audience across all government and public sector verticals and Tier 1 suppliers.

Recent arrivals to the SME Supplier Locator service include:


Click here to find out more. 


 More contributions to the Brexit process

Still a ‘hot topic’, with widely spread views, for those who put fingers to keyboard in order to ‘share their views’:

Researched Links:

Brexit microsite (Information about the Article 50 process and our negotiations for a new partnership with the EU)

10DS:  PM words at Chequers press conference: 13 July 2018

DExEU:  SoS, Dominic Raab statement on the future relationship between the UK & the EU: 12 July 2018

White Paper:  The future relationship between the UK & the EU

BEIS:  UK nuclear safeguards on track for EU exit

EMA identifies gaps in industry preparedness for Brexit

Speech by Michel Barnier at the European American Chamber of Commerce

ScotGov:  Brexit White Paper

PC&PE:  Possible post-Brexit barrier to road injury compensation

PC&PE:  Lords urge Government & EU to change mindset on Brexit security negotiations

PC&PE:  Government responds to dispute resolution & enforcement after Brexit report

IPPR:  Regions outside London hit hardest by post-Brexit price rises

techUK:  Not just EU trade deals that must be rolled over post-Brexit

EA:  UK should not be at the back of the queue for trade deal with the US

BfB:  Brexit - The Next Campaign By a Former Civil Servant

Snookered at Chequers? By Robert Tombs & Graham Gudgin

BfB:  Chequers. A Trap for the Left by Richard Tuck

The EU’s Weak Base in Technology by A Former CEO of a Major Company

Why the Conservative Party will reject Theresa May’s Chequers Brexit Plan

Naysayers of the Brexit Apocalyse by Lee Rotherham

Why the People’s Vote is a Bad Idea by Bryn Harris


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Employees can get more out of life with CSSC Sports & Leisure
Employees can get more out of life with CSSC Sports & Leisure

According to Public Health England, the combined costs of sickness absence, lost productivity through worklessness, and health-related productivity losses, are estimated to be over £100bn a year.

Exercise your way to better health
Exercise your way to better health
We all know the importance of keeping fit and active, but did you know that maintaining fitness and strength is also an essential part of managing some medical conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis and depression?

Tools and resources to get more active
Tools and resources to get more active

Want to become more active but don’t know where to start? By introducing some simple exercise into your daily life both in and out of the workplace, you can really make a positive change to your physical and mental health.

Eat the rainbow
Eat the rainbow

Keeping track of nutrition and health trends can be challenging these days.

Six key areas affecting your health
Six key areas affecting your health
Whether we are eating the wrong things, drinking more than we should, smoking despite everything we know, or just not being active, all of these small things can add up to an unhealthy you.