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System 4 has been established in 2016 to design and implement the most technological and robust solutions available, by using only proven products within the solution we are capable of exceeding both our client’s requirements and expectations, giving them total peace of mind for their project.

With over 45 years’ experience in the design and implementation of electrical, data (copper & fibre) networks, IP Surveillance & Access systems along with current high speed wireless networks we are able to offer our clients total peace of mind and security in the knowledge that we will deliver their requirements on time and to budget.

Using only proven technology and market leading products we have an established reputation driven by our simple ethos “Design – Deploy – Maintain” to meet our customer’s requirements.


IP Surveillance

  • Superior Image Quality
  • Future Proof Integration
  • Simple to expand the system
  • Cost Effective Solutions

Access Control 

  • Fully intergrated solution
  • Time & Attendance Monitoring
  • Simple to add or remove permissions
  • Remote access and control

Network Infrastructure

  • Copper Cat 5e to Cat 7a installations
  • Fibre OM3, OM4 and OS2 installations
  • Single offices to campus environments
  • Cabinets, power & environmental monitoring

Electrical & AV

  • Lighting & power circuits
  • Computer suite builds
  • TV walls installed
  • Integrated pa systems


  • Site surveys
  • Off plan designs
  • Full deployment & integration
  • Full maintenance packages

Door access 

Door access is about securing doors, controlling access and the flow of people around a building. Access control can secure a building electronically, managing who has access, when they have access and where they can access. IP access control connects directly to the building’s network, and can be centrally managed from a PC. Networked IP access control is a simple addition to any building’s existing network giving true flexibility allowing control of the building both externally and internally.

Our systems come complete with

  • 5 year guarantee on all products; no quibble returns policy
  • High quality products, designed with simplicity in mind
  • Build an access control system, one door at a time
  • Easy to deal with – industry leading support and back up
  • Modern solution for building security
  • Schools and universities
  • Offices
  • Accommodation blocks
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial buildings
  • Listed buildings

Electrical Installations 

While electrical requirements for network devices has become less, with most devices utilizing power over Ethernet (POE, POE+), there is still a call for additions to electrical circuits from extra lighting through to power at work stations etc. that is why our engineers are trained to install to current IEEE standards. We offer all electrical services that enhance your network from lighting, power, containment and specialist services uninterrupted supplies along with power and environmental monitoring.

Audio Visual: System 4 Ltd carry out the design and installation of your audio visual requirements, we deploy the latest technologies for communication, entertainment and information in all sectors off business and education from classroom interactive projector installations to large video walls.

Maintenance: We understand the investment customers are making in their business and the best way of protecting this is preventative maintenance, System 4 offer a full maintenance service to prolong the life of your system, at the same time having time to spend with you advising of any new developments that may fit your requirements or save you money.

Network Infrastructure 

When we talk about infrastructure we are talking about a structured cabling system whether that is in copper or fibre, cat5e up to and including cat7. All our solutions are installed to the current standards which are the ISO, CENELEC - EN standards & TIA.

By specifying and installing to a specific standard you are assured that your system requirements of today and of tomorrow will be catered for and whatever hardware you choose to add will be supported.

Further benefits of these standards include:

  • Consistency of design and installation
  • Conformance to physical and transmission line requirements
  • An ability to add and move you infrastructure points while maintaining the network integrity
  • Uniform documentation for maintaining the system     

IP Surveillance 

What is IP Surveillance 

Advantages of an IP Surveillance system are many and while there are a lot of common functionalities each customer and site is different but with a networked solution no longer are you the customer held to costly installs ad painful maintenance contracts below are some of the key messages to look at IP as your solution moving forward.

Easy, future-proof integration: There are almost no limitations as to where a network video product can be placed. IP cameras have the capacity to provide a high level of integration with other equipment and functions, making it a continually developing system. A fully integrated IP network video system can be used for a multitude of applications simultaneously: for instance, access control, building management, point-of-sales systems, ATMs, as well as fire alarms, intruder and visitor management.

Superior image quality: Superior image quality enables the user to more closely follow details and changes in images, making way for better and faster decisions to more effectively safeguard people and property. It also ensures greater accuracy for automated analysis and alarm tools. IP network cameras provide high-quality video images, and megapixel and HDTV network cameras are available to provide even more image details.

Cost-effectiveness: Based on open standards, IP network video products run on IP networks using standard PC server hardware rather than proprietary equipment such as DVRs radically reduces management and equipment costs, particularly for larger systems where storage and servers are a significant portion of the total solution cost. A network video system may also provide insights into ways of improving a business. For example, in retail applications, implementing network video analytics may help improve customer flow and enhance sales.

Scalability and flexibility: A network video system can grow with a user’s needs - one camera at a time, IP-based systems provide a means for network video products and other types of applications to share the same wired or wireless network for communicating data. Video, audio, PTZ and I/O commands, power and other data can be carried over the same cable and any number of network video products can be added to the system without significant or costly changes to the network infrastructure. Network video products can also be placed and networked from virtually any location, and the system can be as open or as closed as desired. Since a network video system is based on standard IT equipment and protocols, it can benefit from those technologies as the system grows. For instance, video can be stored on redundant servers placed in separate locations to increase reliability, and tools for automatic load sharing, network management and system maintenance can be used.

Distributed intelligence: These days, a massive amount video is being recorded, but never watched or reviewed due to lack of time

As a result, events and activities are missed, and suspicious behaviours remain unnoticed. With network video, intelligence has been brought into the camera itself. IP network cameras and video encoders have built-in features such as video motion detection, audio detection alarm, active tampering alarm, I/O (input/output) connections, and alarm and event management functionalities. These features enable the network cameras and video encoders to constantly analyze inputs to detect an event and to automatically respond to an event with actions such as video recording and sending alarm notifications. Other unique features include audio detection and active tampering alarm. IP network video products also offer IP Camera Application Platform which allows download and installation of third-party applications such as people counting and heat mapping.


More and more businesses are turning to the wireless network as part of or their entire IT infrastructure, where superfast speed is not critical and ultra secure networks aren’t the major concern wireless is an extremely efficient and effective way to expand you network infrastructure. Below are some of the advantages we have found to implement a wireless solution.

1. Increased mobility with access to the network system means that people are not tied to one place and can access relevant information anywhere within the building as long as the wireless system is installed correctly.
2. With the increase of BYOD (bring your own device) with the likes of smart phones, tablets and even your own laptop, this capability to connect to the corporate network is a large factor for deployment.
3. Increased productivity by the very fact that employees are able to be mobile it means quicker collaboration with other parts of the business/facility. Also people using their own devices tend to do work in their own time with no thought.
4. Scalability is almost infinite with a wireless network and less time consuming and disruptive than a cabled network.
5. Guest use is a big plus and simple to carry out for other visiting colleagues from different facilities to visiting guests, access can be given immediately no more waiting for the IT dept. To issue username and passwords, it can be done within the configuration of the wireless software
6. VOIP Voice over IP means that it is now possible to make phone calls over the network and depending on what country and services you have these calls are free, and as with all technology the QoS is high.
7. Cost Effectiveness of using wireless technology rather than having a hard wired network is now a big question for deployment. The larger the network, both in terms of area and users, the more expensive a hard wired network will be to install. It’s not just the amount of cabling, but the actual cost of the labour to install the raceways, and chase the cabling all through the premises; through walls, up and down different floors etc. Once a wireless network is in place, it is not a major undertaking to add to the system.

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