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LDL - Leadership Development Ltd

495 Fulham Road

Tel: +44 (0)20 7381 6233
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LDL - Leadership Development

LDL provide leadership, management, negotiation and sales training at all levels of an organisation, from senior management to front line staff. Our consultants operate internationally and deliver programmes across a wide range of countries and cultures.

LDL has experience working with many public sector departments and agencies. Past and present clients include:

•  NHS
•  Transport for London
•  Network Rail
•  The Metropolitan Police
•  The Environment Agency
•  The Royal Air Force
•  Solicitors Regulation Authority
•  University of Gloucestershire
•  Housing Ombudsman Service
•  British Safety Council
•  Bourne Community College
•  Warwick University
•  Kirklees County Council

The Consultant Team

LDL has developed a highly skilled consultant team, each with an outstanding operational track record in their chosen field, from leadership training to sales training. And each with the ability to coach and deliver learning in a fresh, high-energy format that gets results.

Meet our Consultants.

Why LDL?

First, our objective is to provide well researched, modern day skills development distilled from the world’s top business minds and schools.

Second, our approach is firmly based on Skill+Will™. Performance is not only about skills – it’s about confidence and mindset.

Third, once the initial buzz of the live programme has passed, achievement stories, eprompts, webinars and on-line reinforcement, help participants apply their new skills back at work. Bespoke elearning for desktop and mobile devices is also available on certain programmes.

Professional Excellence

We recognise that your choice of learning provider is a key investment decision. LDL has a clear track record as a solid, proven provider. Our exceptional levels of repeat business reinforce this.

Certification to the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, together with the Investor in People award, provide tangible evidence of our uncompromising commitment to quality.

Leadership Training

Here is the big question – What is going to happen in your office in the next three months to get your people to do more than even they believe they are capable of?

To outperform your competition you must get the very best from your people. You need to create a corporate culture which engages, motivates and reenergises your team. This is LDL’s speciality.

We work with you to transform your managers at every level into leaders who understand that leadership is fundamentally about keeping people at the top of their game through inspiration and engagement, not the stick.


Management Training

The return on investment from quality management training is immense. Research conducted by the Gallup organisation shows that the most important factor in determining how productive people are and how long they stay is NOT their pay or perks or working for a great brand.  It’s the relationship they have with their immediate manager. 

Management training embraces more than the individual. It’s an investment in the whole team because your managers learn how to coach and develop their people.

When managers become skilled leaders, results improve, attrition reduces and everyone enjoys the workplace more and feels more valued. And happy staff means happy customers.

LDL management training with its emphasis on Skill+Will™ turns your key people into better, more inspiring leaders.


Sales Training

Modern selling is about being IN business with the customer not DOING business with them. Selling has evolved from pitch and follow through to helping customers find the right solutions in a collaborative effort.

Whether you are looking for sales training for one or two people or a fully fledged sales academy LDL can help.

For more than three decades LDL has studied the methods, techniques and mindsets of top sales people around the world. We talk to hundreds of salespeople each year to stay ahead of trends.

The results are in our wide range of sales programmes.


Negotiation Training

When was the last time a buyer told you he only had a certain amount in his budget? Probably yesterday. Or promised huge orders out there somewhere in the future? Or went on and on about how good your competitors are? We’ve all heard these things a hundred times. They’re negotiating tactics - and just a few of the dozens of tactics the buyer has and uses all day long. 

LDL provide targeted negotiation training solutions to help you make better, more profitable agreements every time. Programmes focus on the real nitty gritty of business negotiation and go way beyond the generalities normally advocated.


Open Programmes

Since inception LDL have provided our clients with stunning, consistently accurate, time effective learning that works.

Each programme is constantly updated, honed and refined by a full staff of consultants to bring you the finest most modern, most effective learning available. In addition all LDL programmes are certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000


Tailored Solutions

Leadership training and sales training tailored specifically for your business represents the core of what we do.

LDL’s approach is consultative and solution based – we use on-line diagnostics to uncover requirements, talk to key internal personnel, design bespoke learning to achieve the results and work with you to measure the effectiveness of what we do.
Learning interventions, to be effective, must have impact… of the kind that people still talk about years later. LDL learning is designed to energise, stimulate and challenge.


For more information, please call +44 (0)20 7381 6233


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