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Welcome to Walkgrove Limited

Walkgrove is one of the UK's leading learning consultancies. It is owned and run by training professionals who have all held senior line management positions in various disciplines and sectors.

Walkgrove have worked with many of the UK's largest organisations since our formation in 1994.  We have won several Industry Awards for the work we do. We offer a full consultative service across the full learning lifecycle from Training Needs Analysis through to Return on Investment and Impact Studies to ensure that the programmes we develop deliver real value and impact our clients' business tangibly and positively.

Above all we are focused on helping our clients improve their performance.

Our experience is broad ranging and we don't have a preferred training medium or technique. We are equally comfortable with e-learning, coaching, workbook design or traditional classroom training - or a blend of all of these and more. This breadth of experience is our greatest strength. It enables us to help our clients evaluate and choose the most effective solution, rather than being pushed down a path which meets the supplier's requirements or preferences.

Our solutions are used across the world. Developing solutions for global audiences creates an added dimension and we have valuable and relevant experience in dealing with the challenges this brings. We have developed many solutions for international organisations and agencies that not only requires us to localise our content and translate into many languages but also demands a thorough appreciation of multi-cultural sensitivity and the ability to work with difficult and sensitive subject matter. Notable examples include the following:

•We are framework suppliers to UNICEF with thousands of staff and volunteers who work in over 190 countries
•We are framework suppliers to UNHCR with around 11,800 staff, volunteers and other partners located in over 300 offices around the world; the majority of whom do not have English as a first language
•The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office with 15,000 staff in 145 countries of whom 10,000 plus do not have English as a first language
•The British Council, with around 8,000 direct employees operating in 110 countries
•Oxfam GB with 4,000 directly employed staff operating in 92 countries with partner organisations employing thousands of locally engaged staff
•International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the world's largest humanitarian network that reaches 150 million people in 187 National Societies through the work of over 13 million volunteers
•Crown Cork and Seal, one of the world's leading packaging manufacturers with over 20,000 staff in 41 countries, speaking 12 languages
•BG Group, a leading player in the global energy market with operations in more than 25 countries over five continents
•The Commonwealth Foundation - connecting two billion people in 54 countries

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Walkgrove is an unusual company in the sector because of its versatility in terms of development and delivery media.

Most training solution companies will claim expertise in the design and delivery of blended learning but few can validate this claim by example. We never expect our clients to have to knock on one door for, say, bespoke and custom e-learning development and another for workshop delivery.

Walkgrove is owned and run by learning and development professionals, not 'techies'.  As such, our comfort with blended learning is partly because we never allow ourselves to get caught up in the technology when designing a solution. And we never forget that the sound theories of instructional design still apply and underpin all effective solutions.

Whilst our core business is bespoke e-learning development, we also offer a wide range of off-the-shelf Ready to Go e-learning, workshops and other generic learning resources.

LMS platforms and portals

When choosing an LMS we prefer to recommend a solution which is tailored to you and your learners' precise needs. 

As LMS usage has proliferated, so has functionality — and this can be dangerous.  It can be easy to get lost in feature rich complex software when what you are trying to achieve is relatively simple.  Above all our stance is one of pragmatism.  Let’s look at what you are trying to achieve then look at best fit.

For those organisations who aren’t ready to deploy an enterprise LMS with a price ticket that threatens to eat up an entire department or company’s L&D budget, or who are looking to introduce e-learning as a new initiative and who only want to deliver and track an e-learning module, our custom developed Svelte e-learning deployment system is an ideal starting point.

For clients who are looking for a comprehensive 'off the shelf' LMS, Walkgrove is proud to partner with Litmos. Litmos LMS is a cloud based, mobile ready platform, which provides all of the functionality you would expect from an enterprise level LMS and yet is so easy to set up it can be done in a day.

For those organisations who are looking for an enterprise level LMS, Walkgrove in partnership with The Working Manager (TWM), offer a fully bespoke LMS solution that incorporates learning pathways, social learning and much more.

Bespoke learning solutions

The design, development and delivery of bespoke learning solutions is our core business.

We have a broad client base including organisations from public, private and third sectors.  Since 1994, we have developed thousands of training interventions and products covering an infinitely wide variety of subject matter and target audiences ranging from crane/load slinging training for low literacy level manual workers through to anti-money laundering training for lawyers and briefing ministers and handling parliamentary questions for DWP.

Our strengths lie in our diversity and flexibility and, of course, our people and our absolute commitment to quality.  We expect to be judged by results and are as committed to a successful outcome as our clients.  We consistently win repeat business and we feel that our commitment to developing a high quality, effective product combined with our flexibility and ability to deliver to tight timescales is a major influencing factor in this respect.

Bespoke authoring tool templates

We are committed to working with our clients to assist them in delivering quality e-learning solutions.

As part of that commitment, we work with clients to develop bespoke authoring tool templates. 

We have developed an extensive library of e-learning templates in the popular authoring tool Articulate Storyline. If you are looking to create your own e-learning courses, we can provide a bespoke package of templates customised to meet your particular brand requirements (logo, colour palette, fonts etc).

Our templates include more than 20 screen types that make it easy to present information in an engaging and professional way, and create interactive exercises to test your learners along the way.

Ready to Go generic learning

We recognise that not every organisation has the need or budget for a fully bespoke training solution, which is why we have developed our range of Ready to Go, 'off-the-shelf', generic learning products.

Our portfolio of Ready to Go generic learning events and products benefits from over 20 years' experience in designing award winning bespoke learning solutions in all media.  We have taken this knowledge and used it to develop a range of generic learning content covering a range of topics and subject matter.

Whether it be fundamental skills such as leadership and management or time management, compliance training such as data protection or anti-bribery and corruption, or IT training such as Microsoft Office and Excel, our range of Ready to Go learning products offer a quick, easy and affordable solution to some of the more commonly required training interventions.

We are happy to brand any of our Ready to Go e-learning products with your company logo and deliver them to you for distribution via your company LMS.  If you don't have an LMS, you we can easily create one for you, or alternatively, you can simply purchase and deliver these courses to your staff via our Ready to Go Learning portal and LMS.


We have over 100 years of combined experience in every aspect of learning solution design, development and delivery - experience that we are happy to share.

We offer a full consultative service across the learning life cycle from training needs analysis (TNA) through to return on investment (ROI) and impact studies to ensure that the programmes we develop deliver real value and impact our clients’ business tangibly and positively.

We also offer training in the use of all major authoring tools including Articulate Storyline.

Our Solutions

About our solutions

Walkgrove's solutions are never 'one size fits all'. Instead, through consultation with our clients, we design and deliver the best fit solutions to the training need, whether it is face-to-face, e-learning, mobile learning or a blended approach.

Over the past 20 years we have developed hundreds of learning solutions for national and multinational organisations in the private, public and third sectors and covering most verticals.  Our solutions have supported learners operating at all levels.

Whilst the majority of our solutions are fully bespoke and cover a broad range of topics from product knowledge training through to international policy training, this section on our website aims to categorise some of the solutions we have designed.

Diagnostic assessment

Nothing demotivates and disengages a learner more than having to work through topics they know well and already practise with confidence and competence. They become frustrated because their individual learning needs and preferences have been ignored.

Walkgrove has developed a range of diagnostic assessments which create a tailored learning experience that works equally well for e-learning and blended learning programmes. By first assessing a learner's competence and confidence related to the knowledge and skills required in a specific area, the diagnostic can identify gaps and suggest a tailored and unique learning journey for each learner, drawing on relevant resources.

So, you can say goodbye to time-wasting, irrelevant study and join our clients who are benefiting from the intelligent application of diagnostics.

Staff development training

Your greatest asset is your people.  Developing their skills is vital to your company's success.

Whether it is for personal development, leadership and management, technical skills or product knowledge, we know how to develop learning solutions that produce results and have a measurable, positive and lasting impact for your staff and your organisation.

Compliance training

Not many of us jump eagerly at the chance to learn about new data protection legislation, industry regulations or internal policy. We approach it with trepidation; fearing dry content, long and complicated legalistic terminology and (dare it be said) boredom.

It can be a real challenge to deliver compliance training across a wide and diverse employee base and to know that this information has been successfully retained and applied to working practice. But it's the kind of challenge Walkgrove loves…

Our mandatory training programmes:

•Are innovative and engaging
•Approach the content from a learner's point of view
•Focus on teaching and testing the key messages that everyone has to know
•Evaluate how effectively knowledge has been retained and new practices applied

IT and systems training

Yes, it is hard to make systems training engaging - but not impossible. We can provide you with the means to let an inexperienced user loose on a 'safe' version of your system without fear of compromising the integrity of your live data.

We believe it's best to show, teach and test the system in context. Rarely does an operative work exclusively on the system - but instead is usually prompted to do so by other factors or procedures within their role. When this is the case we create scenarios and challenges that integrate these prompts into a strong narrative to give the learner an incentive to use the 'system' accurately.

But there's also a place for a library of system skills. Bite-sized 'How to' procedures can be extracted and accessed quickly when you just want to dip into the training to be reminded how to do that all important task you're not called upon to do that often.

Health and social care

We have a great track record in health and social care.

Walkgrove has been supplying the NHS, private health and care providers and corporates with a wide range of health and social care training interventions for over 20 years.

We have won or been shortlisted for numerous awards for bespoke e-learning programs delivered to the NHS covering both compliance related topics and other areas including mental health awareness, dementia, end of life care, doctors’ rostering, workforce planning and numerous technical solutions specifically aimed at clinicians.

We have also covered conceptually difficult areas such as Making Every Contact Count, The Patient Journey and Life Story Work.  Our work with the Department for Education focussed on the interpretation and application of new guidance and legislation relating to looked after children including the often highly sensitive issues that arose from it, such as long distance placements.

Looking after your employees’ health and wellbeing also makes good business sense and we have delivered a number of programs to help organisations achieve a healthier and happier workforce.

Complex content

Many would say that e-learning is not an appropriate medium for delivering difficult, challenging or complex subject matter. Not us!

Walkgrove has carved out a niche for developing accessible e-learning modules which cover complex and sensitive subject matter, eg sex and gender-based violence and minimum standards for humanitarian disaster response.

Large-scale projects

With organisations moving more and more of their training online, many are faced with the issue of how to digitise the vast amounts of existing paper-based learning content. We can help!

Over the years we have been involved in numerous large scale digitisation projects including the creation of over 5,000 digital learning objects for NHS South West over a four-year period, as well as developing over 200 hours of e-learning in an eight-month period for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

In order to achieve this volume, we have developed robust processes that allow us to not only produce modules in the most efficient manner (thereby keeping costs per module as low as possible), but to produce them with consistent quality.

Case Studies

Over the years we have created hundreds of hours of e-learning content covering a wide range of subject matter.


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