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SkillSet Ltd

Copenhagen Court
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Tel: +44 (0)1252 810 061

Welcome to Skillset

With over 22 years of experience, it's fair to say we know a thing or two about training. We see our clients' training budgets being squeezed and the need to do more with less.

Learn how we can assist you to do less training and yet provide more learning.

About us

We provide a full range of training services, including training needs analysis, design and delivery of blended training programmes, and post 'go-live' support.


We also work with several software vendors to help them improve end-user adoption within their client bases.

Working in partnership with our friends at TTS, we provide software and solutions to enable our customers to rapidly create documentation, elearning and support materials. As the UK distributor for Information Mapping materials. As the UK distributor for Information Mapping,!tt-knowledge-force/c1gf5 we can make your documentation much more effective.

Our growing customer list includes clients from across the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, financial services, retail, healthcare and public sectors. Our consultants are experienced in delivering training solutions to support a broad range of initiatives. We work with clients to help them get more from their IT applications and processes, to strengthen product knowledge among employees and to enhance leadership and management skills.

SkillSet is headquartered in the UK but we also have offices in the Czech Republic and a global network of long-term associates. We work with clients worldwide and have delivered training in more than 50 countries and in many different languages.

We're really proud of our reputation, which has been developed working with clients such as BP, Tesco and Lloyds Banking Group. Our long-standing relationships with many of our clients, great case studies and excellent customer feedback are testament to the quality of the services that we provide.

Training services

SkillSet offers a full range of training services to support clients across the globe. Our experienced consultants are here to help, whatever your training needs.

We understand that every organisation has a different requirement in terms of demographics, culture, geography, timing and return on investment. All these factors influence the type of training that we deliver and we believe that successful training is all about getting the right 'blend'. We use a broad range of delivery methods - including face-to-face, elearning, mobile learning and videocasts - to ensure that your staff receive the training that they need and that your business requirements are met.

We provide full project management to ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget. Our approach to managing learning projects is based on the industry-standard ADDIE methodology


Here at SkillSet, we ensure that our elearning is not only effective, but fun and engaging for learners.

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Mobile learning
Mobile learning, or mlearning, is one of the most important innovations in the elearning marketplace today. The hardware that it is deployed on has improved significantly over the last few years, with devices now boasting bigger screens, more storage and better power consumption and processing speeds. The advent of 'app stores', HTML5 and 'always available' internet connections mean that mobile learning is now a viable option.

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Systems training
When you are implementing a new software system or changing the processes on an existing system you need to ensure that everybody knows how to use the software.

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SkillSet provides training consultancy and services to help you achieve the perfect blend of training resources.

Information mapping

Does your documentation leave you open to business risk or legal action? Does it fulfil your health & safety obligations? Are you grappling with high costs or low quality as a result of inadequate information?

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Training design
SkillSet has over 20 years of experience in designing training programmes for a broad range of clients. Our team of highly-experienced consultants are skilled in designing user-focused training programmes that deliver real and measurable results.

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Training needs analysis
A training needs analysis (TNA) seeks to identify training gaps in your organisation and helps you to plan what training interventions are required.
What are the current skills and capabilities of your staff? What issues and challenges are you, as a business, facing?

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Our approach
What is the typical build process?
We normally have a number of sessions collecting the key information from you and our instructional designers will turn this into a storyboard for you to review and approve.

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Having run global training programmes for some of the world's largest companies, SkillSet understands the importance and value of good, well-structured documentation.
The production of documentation is traditionally a rather long-winded process and time consuming, however using the TT Knowledge Force tools, skills and experience of our consultants we can drastically reduce the time it takes to produce your documentation.

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Learning technology
Technology dictates what we can build as authors and how we consume the content that is built for us. Selecting a suitable range of technology is vital if training, end-user adoption and increasing performance is going to succeed.
Learning technology tends to fall into two main categories; tools that help the production and authoring of courses, and tools that help users take those courses.

SkillSet designs complete end-to-end systems called portals. These are customised to your specific learning requirements. They include a learning management system, content creation and hosting.

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Learning management systems
SkillSet has many years of experience in designing and building learning management systems. We can advise you on functionality, integration and customisation of the core platforms.
We are a partner of NetDimensions which provides a top-tier learning managment system, including offline and mobile versions.
We are also Moodle experts, building, configuring and supporting systems from 100 users to 50,000 users.

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Content creation
SkillSet is tools agnostic. This means that we will use the best tool for the job, not just the one we have lying about. We can advise you on selecting your own course creation tools, provide training on how to use your existing tools or provide instructional design expertise.


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At SkillSet, we focus on delivering training solutions that add real and measurable benefit to our clients. Our consultants have worked in most industry sectors and have trained staff at all levels of the organisation.
We've got a lot of experience working in the retail, financial services, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas markets. We've also got many years of experience in designing and delivering HR, talent and recruitment-related learning programmes.

HR, talent & recruitment
We've said it before and we will say it again - people really are one of an organisation's greatest assets. Most organisations now recognise this and employ various strategies to attract and retain the right staff.
Attracting the right staff at the right time and for the right role is an important consideration for all organisations.

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Our experience and close working relationships with our pharmaceutical clients mean that we understand the challenges that you face - busy schedules, ever-changing regulatory requirements and industry trends, increasing pressure to research and develop new and innovative products with clear benefits.

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Oil & gas
SkillSet has worked in the oil & gas sector since 1991. In fact, our first and longest standing client is one of the world's largest oil & gas providers.
We understand the challenges of this complex industry and have designed and delivered a broad range of training programmes to support our clients.

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Financial services
Our consultants have trained over 5,000 financial services staff in the last three years and have worked with clients such as Lloyds Banking Group, UBS, Pension Protection Fund and Scotiabank.
We design and deliver engaging training programmes to help our clients to introduce new IT systems, to get more from their existing applications and to improve adherence to internal business processes. We also deliver bespoke training programmes to help our clients improve the customer service skills of their staff.

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SkillSet works with organisations across the retail sector, helping them to deliver a wide range of training solutions. We've worked with a range of clients in this sector, including Tesco, Staples, Asda, Loblaw and Halfords.

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ERP System Training

The popularity of ERP systems continues to grow, but as they change and develop to suit modern ways of working, are your training solutions adapting or are they stuck in the past?
SkillSet’s services help your organisation to realise the benefits of ERP systems. We start by understanding the needs of your system users, then equip them with the knowledge they need to use the system most effectively.
We will help your business prepare for an ERP system implementation and roll-out, upgrade or day-to-day usage. We work with you to understand your needs and tailor learning solutions to fit.
We have run the training programmes for some of the largest and most complex ERP implementations, we have also provided adhoc consultancy of just a few days. We partner with some of the best-known ERP vendors to deliver training solutions to their customers.




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