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Positive Intention Ltd
The Oaklands
Wood Lane
Marchamley Wood
Tel. 01630 685689
Mob. 07539 344433

Welcome to Positive Intention

We provide a range of leadership, management, training, coaching and consultancy services at all levels of the organisation from senior leaders to front line staff.  We deliver tangible business benefits that address your needs and work with a wide range of clients including local authorities, government departments, national organisations and international projects.

At Positive Intention we understand that you want your organisation and your people to be successful with the skills, knowledge and ability to respond to rapidly changing political and commercial environments and retain the competitive edge.  This is our speciality.

Why chose Positive Intention

Firstly, we offer a range of services enabling you to get what you want.  We take the time to connect with you and understand your aspirations and challenges, your organisation, your people and your specific business requirements.

Secondly, we provide maximum return on your investment using our expertise and passion to create and deliver engaging, high energy, tailored programmes  that fulfil your particular success criteria.  And we give ongoing support after the training to ensure transfer of knowledge is embedded in the workplace.

Thirdly, whether we work with the whole organisation, teams or individuals our approach establishes clarity and direction, motivating and encouraging people to achieve business and personal success by promoting commitment, innovation and resilience.

AND finally…At Positive Intention we believe that people are your most important business asset – people create excellence. Connect with Positive Intention and make it happen.


Organisational Development

Business is like sport – how fit is yours?

A successful team is like a successful athlete, fit for purpose, lean, flexible, constantly weighing up the conditions and environments and making changes to ensure peak performance.

Three questions?

  • Do you have the right people in the right places?
  • Are they doing the right things, in the right way to ensure business success?
  • When did you last ask  “Why do we do that and what does it give us?”

Whether it’s organisational re-structuring, teambuilding or ensuring LEAN processes and systems, we look at your business with fresh eyes supporting you to see all options available for you maximise your business potential.


Leadership Development

Equip your leaders with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to inspire, enthuse and motivate your people to go beyond what they thought they were capable of.

Our transformational leadership programmes integrate proven skills development activities to unlock potential and create truly inspirational and effective leaders by developing key leadership attributes necessary to create and sustain a winning corporate culture.


Management and People Development

Research confirms that top of the list when it comes to productivity and staff retention are a happy atmosphere at work and a good relationship with their manager.

  • Do you have people who are brilliant at planning and analysis, but struggle to get on with colleagues and others who bring ideas and harmony, but struggle with deadlines and structure?
  • Perhaps you have managers who lack the confidence and skills to deal with workplace issues which affect morale and performance?
  • Maybe you have lost good staff to competitors?

Our management training gives people the skills they need to build productive relationships with the team and other internal and external customers improving performance and re-energising the workplace.

Find out how we can help.



  • 76% of people stay with an employer because of opportunities to learn and grow and 40% leave due to a lack of such opportunities.  
  • Overall it can cost the organisation  between £20,000 - £40,000 to replace a member of staff!  

You also lose experience and  productivity and morale are affected.  The skills shortage is also predicted to worsen making recruitment and retention even more difficult.

Much better to retain and train your staff and maximise your return on investment in them by giving your  people the knowledge and skills they need for business success and personal growth.

To maximise return on investment you need

  • Training that gives your people with the skills and knowledge to deliver business success
  • Follow up support to ensure transfer of learning is embedded in the workplace

That is exactly what we provide and why we want to work with you to deliver real results in your  workplace and maximum your return on investment in your most valuable asset – your people


Business & Personal Coaching

Neuroscience* indicates that coaching behaviours significantly increase our ability to improve our personal effectiveness in business and personal situations ensuring we combine the right amount of logic and focus, with the right amount of creativity and empathy to get the best out of every situation.

(Footnote *Neuroplasticity - Doidge, Norman (2007) The Brain That Changes Itself, New York, Penguin)

Focused on professional and personal goals to improve performance and effectiveness our bespoke programmes raise awareness of how individual style and behaviours impact on others; affecting performance, relationships and our ability to achieve desired outcomes in business and personal life.

Working with individuals or teams,  coaching develops the attitudes, behaviours and skills required to lead and maintain corporate success in the competitive business world.

Let us help you to make it happen.


Consultancy Services

Professional, independent, cost effective consultancy services delivering results for your organisation. 

Whether you want to access specialist services to deal with particular issues or  outsource a project, Positive Intention offers a full range of consultancy services tailored to fit your needs.

Let us help you move your business forward  
















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