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Welcome to ITEMS

Do you want to:
•    Manage training and development?
•    Develop your team's competence?
•    Increase employee engagement?
•    Boost productivity?
•    Improve quality?

ITEMS Makes Recording & Reporting On Training and Development Easy. Get a simple, clear overview of your team's performance and give them control of their training and development. 

The ITEMS System is an online solution to managing individual, team and organisational training and development needs. The software allows organisations to get the data they need to improve performance and meet compliance requirements; managers to run a more efficient and productive team; and individuals to understand their performance and make the most of their careers.

Who We Are

There are plenty of learning management systems available. However, we don't believe they go far enough. After all, the most effective development comes from working together, creating clarity and personal responsibility; not just from basic access to records and training. 

ITEMS isn’t about simply getting formal training, it’s about providing clear understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses, creating strategies to achieve your targets, and easy accessibility to the information needed in order to progress.

As a former nurse manager in the NHS and having been involved in nationwide service improvement Libby Shepherd, the creator of ITEMS, has seen enough to understand the complexities involved in managing, appraising and training staff. All too often, staff feel distanced from their own development, and managers struggle to find the time to co-ordinate and collate information on their staff, let alone help their employees define and plan for their career progression.

Whether you are in healthcare or any professional setting, ITEMS provides the tools to ensure a highly skilled and engaged workforce so that professionals can find more reward in their work and managers can find it easier to manage their teams. I believe that ultimately this will ensure the provision of consistent quality care. 

The ITEMS System Helps At Every Level Of The Organisation

  • Organisation - Increase the productivity and efficiency of your team, and have instant access to compliance reports.
  • Managers - Help your staff to develop their skills and manage training; with a clearer, more concise approach.
  • Individuals - Take control of your personal development, and have your revalidation or registration information readily to hand.

Our Partners

Skills for Health & Skills for Justice

ITEMS uses Skills for Health and Skills for Justice National Occupational Standards. Both are UK Sector Skills Councils, licensed by the UK Government. 

Skills for Health provides workforce and organisational development solutions to the whole UK Healthcare sector, ensuring better skills, better jobs and better health. We've partnered with Skills for Health to use their 2,000+ Occupational Standards within the ITEMS System so you can help anyone in your healthcare organisation develop fully in their role.

ITEMS System


• Review communication with staff
• Be alerted to upcoming training events
• Confirm compliance status at-a-glance
• Overview of your team’s skill mix


• Competency framework using your own or Sector Skills Council competencies
• Structure development and transparent skills analysis
• Assessment scale to support learning
• Understand learning needs Competencies


• Easy collaboration with staff to manage learning
• Send training records to CPD to avoid double entry
• Dynamic CV that updates selected training automatically
• Permanent record of training for all staff


• Provide staff with clear goals, objectives and timeframes
• Involve your team in monitoring their own progress
• Track staff performance and identify when appraisals are due
• Record achievements


• Tailored to suit the NMC requirements
• Manage the whole revalidation process in one place
• Direct links to NMC guidance and resources
• At-a-glance view of progress


• Ensure staff are able to maintain their CPD records
• Meet the various requirements of professional bodies
• Running log of hours ensures your team remain up-to-date
• Be confident staff are learning and updating practise


• Enable your team to reflect on their practise
• Provide staff a repository for documents relating to their career
• Staff are able to keep track of important milestones
• All achievements outside training and role can be recorded

Log Book

• Maintain records of clinical practise
• Flexible framework for multi-disciplinary application
• Collect meaningful data for audit and research
• Tailor reports to the needs of the professional body


• Report on all modules
• Report by data and on variable criteria
• Report on your team or individuals
• Export to PDF or Excel for flexibility

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What Our Users Say

"The ITEMS System gives an holistic view of the strengths and weaknesses of staff. This information then assists in identifying future training needs, staff skill mix of allocations and staff PADs.

Since we started using the ITEMS System the whole team has become more engaged. It has saved me time as it is easier to track and manage training." Samantha Michael, Clinical Nurse/ Nurse Educator

"A fantastic way of keeping records in one place for all staff training and monitoring of competencies." Kathy McGee, Clinical Nurse / Nurse Educator

"ITEMS is a great system for ensuring my nurse education is kept up-to-date. It's really easy to use" Stephanie Peter, Clinical Nurse

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