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Matrix Security & Training Solutions  
Head office
24-26 Fleet Street  
SN1 1RQ 
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Welcome to Matrix Security & Training Solutions  

A leading supplier of SIA Security Services – SIA Training – Conflict Risk Management – Personal Safety – Health & Safety Training & Consultancy

Why choose us:

  • We offer cost effective, efficient and professional manned security services.
  • We can provide tailored security packages to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Possible reduced insurance costs by using manned security
  • FREE site evaluation including experienced recommendations and audit of current security procedures.
  • Designated Contract Managers.
  • SIA licenced officers vetted to British Standard BS7858.
  • Client relationships based on trust
  • Experienced opinions and recommendations to help with your security requirements.

Our aim is to protect the life, property and assets of the clients we serve, in a manner consistent with the highest standards within our industry.

We achieve this through:

  • Vetting all officers to British Standard BS7858 in addition to requiring the correct category of SIA licence.
  • Providing our clients with security officers that have received the highest level of training through our in-house programme.
  • Providing our security officers with continued support to enable them to carry out their duties to the highest standards.
  • We supply security services throughout Yorkshire to various clients from corporate & industrial to concierge & gatehouse.
  • We provide tailored solutions to suit all your security needs.


Most security services offered by other companies can be very easily mistaken or misunderstood and result in you receiving poor security staff or general staff. Within the Security Solutions Department we offer a very wide range of facilities that benefit every company.

Venue or Site Consultancy - Not sure if you have the right security company and want an independent evaluation service? We offer a consultancy service to all premises that require security staff. The basic principal is to evaluate the security procedures, monitor the staff and complete a "Security Procedure & Evaluation Report" that can be then actioned by your company. You can never be sure if your security suppliers operating in accordance to the regulations and guidelines of the industry and whether or not they are fulfilling the contract obligation

Many companies’ employee people who seem to be respectable and honest but you can never be to sure who you are employing. To make your life simpler and give you a solid piece of mind we offer the solution to check that person with several Government Agencies and take up referencing and History Checks to a full validation. The one single price is per person.


Training Consultancy 

Creating management tools

Matrix has the ability to work with an organisation in the design and development of management tools and learning resources that contribute to a safer environment. Although the principles of violence risk management cross boundaries, every organisation has a 'unique DNA'  and Matrix helps design resources that fully embrace and integrate with the culture, goals, systems and values of the organisation. This makes change possible and is key to a sustainable organisational strategy.

Training needs analysis: 

Training is one of the most significant and expensive control measures within a violence strategy. We can help you examine the risks and identify training that responds to the specific risks for particular roles. This analysis can reduce expenditure as it focuses resources on the priority areas and avoids 'sheep dip training', looking instead at the best method of delivering learning.

Face to face training may not be necessary for many staff and workplace learning and coaching can be highly effective. Matrix has unparalleled experience in designing the right blend of learning methods for the organisation. The work is typically underpinned by a written analysis.

We make sure that training is designed and delivered to suit the needs of the staff, service users and the organisation. Matrix has pioneered scenario-based training in conflict management and physical intervention and the TNA identifies real scenarios encountered by staff that can be incorporated into the learning/training programme.

Security Consultancy 

Matrix STS offers consultancy services to assist clients to provide safe and secure environments for their customers, staff, property and profits. 

Making the right decision in the beginning is crucial to the success of any project, however, when it comes to security this usually requires specialist assistance. Many companies do not have in-house security experts or the available resource. We take great pride in providing ultimate solutions and giving accurate up to date information and assessments that adhere to the highest levels of regulations and currently statutory Laws.

Our clients range from high street retailers to high risk Government agencies, giving you the professional choice for your consultancy requirements. We only employ security management professionals and ex-military personnel with corporate or high risk assessment experience who will adhere to the highest level of confidentiality and discretion. It is our business to protect your business.

Our services include:

  • Risk assessment and security audits
  • Loss Prevention Assessment
  • Current Security Service Assessment
  • Security design
  • Project management
  • Documentation of security systems and procedures

Pre-employment Screening, Vetting and Background Checks - We take nothing at face value 

  • All our staff are put through a strict vetting and screening in accordance with the
  • British Standers Code of Practise BS 7858 – 2012 
  • Security Screening of Individuals Employed In a Security Environment.
  • Giving our clients peace of mind that our staff are the right stature to be working in a security environment.



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