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Emarby Consulting Ltd
T/A The Intuitive Learning Company

34 Fortinbras Way, Chelmsford
, Essex,  CM2 9PA
Tel: 0845 163 8819 
Fax: 0870 458 4003 
Mob: 07971 832667



Mark Brown founded the business back in 2003. Since then, The Intuitive Learning Company (TILC)  has become your expert learning partner for all the sales, management and team learning services.

TILC has a reputation for quality, integrity, innovation, competence, and reliability resulting from many years of building relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect. TILC understands that it’s not all about what ‘we know’, that matters, but more about what the learners know – it’s best if they can utilise their own knowledge and skills, to their benefit.

TILC’s collaborative, fresh and determined approach to learning enables valuable insights and direction to find the best solutions to even the most complex learning issues.

The foundation of our work

TILC will spend time understanding the facets of your business, involve your stakeholders so that they can provide continual feedback and support to learners, between and after events.

TILC is driven by:

  • Expertise: Only offer services in areas where he demonstrable expertise exists
  • Confidentiality: No knowledge or information obtained during the entire learning cycle is disseminated to third parties, without your consent.
  • Transparency: Keeping you fully informed of progress, from design right the way through to post course evaluation
  • Value for money: You will receive outstanding value for your investment and you can be sure that our services are competitively priced.

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Services and expertise

TILC designs and delivers learning solutions that help you maximise opportunities. 

The approach is one of a facilitative style, which guides your sales people and management through participative learning events that will breath new life into your entire sales and customer management philosophy.

Lots of learning organisations focus almost entirely on ‘the process’.  The Intuitive Learning Company understand the importance of having a process as a ’connector’ and also understand that process alone doesn’t create the most successful sales people.  The Intuitive Learning Company places a high value on helping your people understand the behavioural skills and knowledge required to:

  • Gain more business more profitably
  • Plan how to approach and handle the differing customer types
  • Build rapport with customers more frequently and speedily
  • Excite and positively influence customers

Leadership and Management

TILC works with Managers and Leaders to help them become the person their team and business needs, with particularly focus on

  • Helping managers understand what their team are learning
  • What and how to measure to assess progress
  • The most productive management behaviours
  • What makes a great leader (they and you will be surprised when you see this)
  • Developing a team – why and how (what it takes to get to high performance)
  • How to coach – the most valuable tool that your mangers have
  • What to coach
  • Effective meetings
  • One to one reviews

TILC sees behaviour as the additional key that brings success to sales people.  Here’s an overview of one of the behavioural tools that TILC utilises in it’s learning events:


TetraMap is a map based on our intuitive understanding of Nature and its elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire.  

TetraMap guides us through organisational development issues of behaviour, teamwork, leadership, performance, planning & change management.

Aspects of TetraMap:

  • Perceptive - understand where others are coming from.
  • Generic - provides a framework for organisational development.
  • Versatile - suitable for executives and casual workers alike.
  • Links to prior knowledge - easy to understand and remember.
  • Cross cultural - readily embraced by people from diverse cultures.
  • Intuitive - no confusing terminology. Requires common sense, not a PhD.
  • Fun - non-threatening and easy to put into practice

How TetraMap can be applied in the workplace

  • Create a better understanding of behavioural styles and how one style can impact on another.
  • Understand how different styles contribute towards building balanced teams.
  • Learn the value of diversity and creating holistic and inclusive goals.
  • Reduce conflict and communication barriers.
  • Improve leadership, management, coaching and performance management.
  • Provide greater customer service by responding more appropriately to individual needs and styles.

TILC’s owner is also licensed to deliver Belbin Team Roles, which is particularly useful in helping managers understand their team and what’s missing.

Mark is a Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach.  So just when you think that you fully understand yourself and your team, TILC uses the StrengthsFinder Assessment, in order to help your Managers get even more out of themselves and their team.

TILC hopes and would be delighted to discuss your learning requirements, however big or small they may be. 

So please do Contact us 

(The Intuitive Learning Company is a trading style of Emarby Consulting Ltd).  


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