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Skylark Media Group

c/o Aardman Animations,  Gas Ferry Road, Bristol, BS1 6UN

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A video production company based in London and Bristol, we tell the stories your customers want to hear.  We help boost brands with dazzlingly effective videos for TV and online that distil the essence of a business and reflect it back with warmth and emotion. Connect with your audience with a video that appeals to the head, heart and soul and get your views skyrocketing.

“The money we spent on our film has paid back twenty-fold. It's one of the best investments I've ever made” Nigel White, Key Solutions


We believe in the power of video to tell a story, and it’s your story we want to tell. For Skylark it’s about way more than film production, we want your video to succeed. It all starts with careful planning.  During our in-depth video strategy stage we look at your audience, your competitors and your ambitions for your video.  From here we develop creative concepts that will surprise and delight your audience and build your brand identity. Our talented creative team draws on people from all disciplines and we’ve won many awards for our outstanding work. With a BBC director as our lead, we guarantee that all our productions are BBC broadcast standard.

  • HOW MUCH? We work within a range of budgets. To find out what you can get for your money, get in touch.
  • WHERE? We are based in London & Bristol, but travel nationwide and across the globe for our filming.
  • WHAT ELSE? Video marketing, video content strategies and social media campaigns to name but a few.

Video Showreel - Skylark Media - Bristol from Skylark Media on Vimeo.



  • Whether your event is in the Natural History Museum or your conference room, all that work needs to be recorded and celebrated. With video you can showcase the buzz and excitement of your event in a timeless presentation that will raise your profile and promote interest and future sales. We offer live-streaming, experienced crews, interviews and testimonials, B-roll footage, creative visual edits and dynamic motion graphics plus a content marketing strategy.


  • Within any organisation communication is key. And with video you can effectively speak to a group or one-to-one to launch new working practices, introduce software or share success stories. Our genuine interest in the success of your business leads us to capture the essence of who you are, whether it’s through using self-generated content, filming behind the scenes of your business or working with actors.


  • distinctive and innovative promotional video is arguably the best way to target your audience with your key marketing message. At Skylark, we are experts at putting ourselves in your customers’ shoes. And we know how to make you a polished production that will give your brand the edge over its competitors. The examples below provide a taste of the huge range of styles you could employ to move, impress and inspire your customers.


  • When it comes to making a video for social media many companies are moving away from one big shiny promo. A series of short, punchy videos that can be posted regularly ensures that you appear on your audiences’ radar. These ‘Social Snippets’ combine bold text with powerful imagery that hits home whether it’s within a busy news feed or playing fullscreen with or without sound. Find out how we can get your brand in front of potential customers.


Testimonial for Skylark Media, video production company from Ecosurety from Skylark Media on Vimeo.

  • There’s nothing quite as persuasive as a rave review. With our skill for putting interviewees at ease we can guarantee to draw out the most honest and engaging soundbites from your satisfied customers, in order to engage with new ones. Whether it’s an intimate interview with a customer from the comfort of their own home or a business partner out in the field, the warmth and authenticity of our testimonial videos is hard to beat.


  • A TV commercial can still be one of the most far-reaching video marketing tools for a business. It can also be accurately targeted. We work with both ITV and Sky to effectively reach our clients’ key demographic. Skylark’s experienced directors offer the full video marketing solution, working with your team to understand your brand strategy and customer journey before moving on to develop a truly engaging creative.



  • Often, companies want to add a third dimension to their visual branding. 3D graphics can really make your video ‘pop’, taking your audience on a journey into a new world. Our in-house team of specialists can make almost anything you can think of come to life and help make your business stand out from the crowd.


Safety Training Episode 1 from Skylark Media on Vimeo.

  • Animation is a fun and engaging way of capturing your audience’s attention and communicating your message in a way that is entertaining, memorable and unique. With animation, literally anything is possible. Whether it’s blending an animated character with reality, opening the pop-up book of your customers’ story or travelling through a dramatic motion comic, if you can imagine it we can animate it.


  • Filming against a white screen can give your interviews that fresh, authoritative ‘Apple’ feel. Alternatively, a mobile green screen provides location flexibility and a great opportunity to brand your film with whatever colours, graphics or animation you like to bring the background of your interviews to life. A green screen also makes it easier to revisit projects in the future and update them with any branding changes that might take place within your company. You don’t need a studio, let us bring the studio to you.


  • The human brain is visual. An infographic can engage your audience and increase their understanding of a potentially complex subject more successfully than a Powerpoint or mail-out ever could. Striking colours, shapes, text, icons and doodles, whatever your brand, we can bring it to life within a vibrant infographic world that will communicate your message in a way that your audience will remember.


  • If you’ve got somewhere you want to show off, then location filming is for you. Whether it’s a factory, university or gym, our expert team make the most of any location, identifying the very best backdrops for your film. A truly great location shoot can provide an authentic insight into your business, instil trust in your audience and provide an inspirational sense of scale.


Motion graphics are an increasingly popular way to add an extra element of style and energy to your video. Videos featuring minimal dialogue or presenting complex information can integrate dynamic text on screen, icons and diagrams to bring their message to life. Combining your branding with slick motion graphics adds a level of interactivity to your website or trade stand and ensures your video really catches the eye.


  • Slow motion makes the most everyday subject look stylish, and the most unusual subject extraordinary. Perfect for capturing the details of fast moving machinery or human action, this dramatic technique allows us to see the world anew. An experience unique to video, when used effectively the results of slow motion can be hypnotic and compelling. Excite and captivate your audience by taking it slow.


  • If you’ve got a great idea for a video but it’s not possible to organise a shoot, all is not lost. You can create something stunning from stock footage. A quick and efficient way of putting together a creative company video from scratch, this can also be an opportunity to add epic footage to your video that may otherwise be outside your budget. Integrating your branding with motion graphics allows you to personalise imagery that is guaranteed to be high quality, diverse and relevant


  • Timelapse can be done over any period of time. A month, a week, or even just a few minutes, depending on whether you’re filming the construction of a building, a flower opening or a chair being assembled. Either way it’s a powerful way of speeding up real time and cutting out all the boring bits. This unique method of capturing an overview of life results in entertaining and exciting visuals that will set you apart from your competitors and prove highly engaging for your audience.


Atlantis Resources - Tidal Power from Skylark Media on Vimeo.







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