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Happy Limited

3rd Floor
9 Alie Street

E1 8DE

T: 020 7375 7300




About Happy

Happy has crafted award-winning learning in leadership, management, personal development, IT skills and software roll-outs since 1987.

Originally set up as Happy Computers by founder Henry Stewart, it was established to make learning about IT an enjoyable experience and to discover how to create a truly great place to work. Happy Computers developed quite a reputation – rated one of the UK’s top five workplaces for five successive years.







Since 2003, Happy has developed a range of management and leadership programmes, so it could bring Happy’s management style and philosophy to other organisations.

We offer:

  • IT training – high quality, learner-focused IT training online or in the classroom to develop your skills, confidence and productivity.

  • Leadership and Management programmes – training, consultancy and coaching services for first-time managers to Director and CEO level on how to create a work culture based on staff engagement, trust and autonomy.

  • Personal Development training – this private or public classroom training is designed to help develop the skills needed to be happier and more productive both at work and at home. Covering topics like assertiveness and how to better manage time and stress, these courses provide the basis for creating happier workspaces, fundamentally: learning how to fulfil your potential, to be your best self.

  • eLearning solutions – we can create a range of formal and informal bespoke digital training courses for any subject or specialism. For example, anti-bribery training or online induction courses.

  • Apprenticeship schemes – train the next generation of web developers with our Level 4 Web Developer Apprenticeship scheme. Invest in your first-time managers with a one-year programme of training and support through our Level 3 First-Time Manager 12-Month Development Scheme. We have also launched a new Leading Change development scheme, for anyone who wants high-level influencing skills to bring about change in any sector. All are funded by the Apprenticeship Levy and the Skills Funding Agency.

At our core, we care about you and where you work.

At Happy, we help you and your people to be the best version of themselves and create happy, productive workplaces.

Our core values:

Help people feel good about themselves

People who feel happy and confident are more likely to try new things. They are more likely to form effective teams. They are better equipped to face challenges. The key to being a great manager is to help people feel good about themselves.

Believe the best and trust others

When we get annoyed with people for being ‘stupid’ or ‘slow’, we are in fact getting annoyed with our own inability to pass on information easily. Recognising our own shortcomings, we should trust that people always do the best they can. ‘Mental blocks’ offer us the opportunity to find new ways to overcome them.

Create customer delight

We aim not just to give ‘customer satisfaction’, but to delight customers and exceed expectations with every interaction.

We also offer a full money-back guarantee on every product. If you don’t feel your training has been useful or if you are unhappy in any way, please get in touch with our Customer Services team within 30 days. We will be happy to offer you additional support and training free of charge to gain the skills you need or, if you’d prefer, a full refund.

Celebrate mistakes

We’re conditioned from an early age to scold or punish mistakes. However, mistakes are the greatest way of learning! Training and managing should encourage people to try something new. The best way to be bold is to minimise fear of failure and to celebrate mistakes.

Make the world a better place

We are committed to supporting the local community, offering free IT training, support and consultancy sessions to charities through our Timebank scheme. We also offer discounted rates for charities, with our public Soft Skills courses available from just £95 + VAT per person.


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