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Welcome to Limitless Peak Performance

To reach peak performance, you need to look beneath the surface. Performance coaching for teams and for business leaders

What stops you reaching peak performance?

We all want to improve performance - the performance of ourselves and our teams. And to do this, we try to add competencies and develop skills but then become frustrated when the results stay the same. My performance coaching works by looking deeper, focusing on the ‘think’ before focusing on the ‘do’. 

Why? Because my background in the military and my coaching experience has shown me that you need to change how you think before you can achieve peak performance.

Working with me  

What challenges do you face?

  • Meeting revenue and client goals – are you struggling to collectively mobilise effectively to achieve your goals?
  • Helping teams achieve peak performance – are the team performing as well as they could or should?
  • Reduce team and personal stress – is stress causing absence, burnout or poor behaviour and getting in the way of success?

What can you expect when working with me?

My approach is practical, rigorous and grounded in the real world. I use models and metaphors to grasp sometimes abstract concepts. So I will draw a lot of diagrams to show exactly how thoughts and emotions interact; I will use stories (metaphors) to bring issues to life, to pin down the nebulous, and to analyse it in granular detail. From these models and metaphors, we will create maps, which will chart our way forward.

My military and corporate background, coupled with my education and training, gives me the experience to understand where you are and where you want to be, the empathy to recognise the emotions that that path invokes, and the authority to ask tough questions and invite you to make painful changes.

I work from a strong moral compass so when we work together it will be to equip you as an honest, authentic leader, not a ball-breaking, profit-at-all-costs leader. I think that leaders should be able to deliver bad news in an honest way that informs, reassures and supports their staff.

What services are suitable for you?

Each challenge or goal is unique and so, therefore, is the response.  That said, there are basic components that will generate the results that you are seeking.  Each can be taken as an individual session, grouped to form a package, or linked with other components to make a programme.  The choice is yours!

Needless to say, you can choose whether you prefer face-to-face or virtual methods in all of the services.  Virtual coaching can be just, if not more, successful.

  • Mental toughness assessment - Resilience is the product of our Mental Toughness.  How we respond to the Four Cs (challenge, commitment, control, and confidence) determines whether we will survive and thrive during difficult times.  This easy, quick questionnaire helps us understand, and then dial up, our Mental Toughness. Take the mental toughness test now.
  • Leadership style and effectiveness assessment – do you know how you lead?  Do you know if you lead effectively?  I have a quick and easy diagnostic that will help us understand your leadership style, and its effectiveness, that we can use to help you grow as a leader.
  • One-to-one coaching - One-to-One coaching helps clients understand the reasons behind their performance and then determine the best strategies to address them.  
  • Team coaching - Underlying assumptions/cognitive biases, methods of communication,  approaches to problem-solving and leadership climates all affect the effectiveness of teams.  Addressing these issues takes expert facilitation to avoid conflict, build team cohesiveness and deliver increased productivity and harmony. 
  • Interview Preparation - The Interview Preparation service will: refine your communication style; finalise and refine those perfect stories that will bring your brilliance to life; develop your confidence and leave you feeling prepared and focussed.  
  • Transition Coaching – helping you assimilate into your new role (whether as a result of promotion or job move within/outside of your organisation) as quickly as possible so you can deliver results as soon as possible. 
  • Leadership Coaching - We can work together to help you to understand your ‘leadership shadow,’ the impact that you have on your team. We can also discover how that may change under stress.
  • Stress Management - How does stress affect you? Are you underperforming as a result? How terminal is that shortcoming? We can identify the things that are really stressing you, analyse your current response, and explore mitigation strategies that will allow you to perform, no matter what else is going on.

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