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Water and Air management limited

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Welcome to Water and Air management limited

Water-Air-Legionella Management

Water & Air Management Ltd are accredited with the Legionella Control Association and are specialists in water and air hygiene. We are a team of experienced consultants, here to help you manage your water and air systems and keep them working at maximum efficiency.

In particular, we are experts in Legionella management and fully conversant with all practices and regulations surrounding the prevention and control of Legionnaire’s Disease.

We are fully insured for both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity, and have credentials with respected industry organisations.

Our philosophy is to work in partnership with your business in a non-invasive way, tailoring our service to meet your requirements without disrupting the day-to-day activities that keep your business working.


Water Management

Maintaining your water management system and ensuring it remains in top condition makes sense environmentally and could save you money.

Keep your system hygienic and you’ll prevent the potential spread of bacteria, significantly reducing the risk from waterborne infections that may affect anyone who works at or visits your premises. In the case of Legionnaire’s Disease, failure to control risk could have potentially fatal consequences.

Water & Air Management Ltd are experts in all areas of water management and can advise you on controlling risk as well as help you implement any changes necessary to keep your plant and services running safely and efficiently.

Take a look at our specific water management services to find out more.


Water Hygiene and Monitoring

System upgrades / Remedial Works

Water treatments

Chemical Cleaning

Chlorine Dioxide

Air Management

We only tend to think about the air we breath when we can taste the pollution. Yet air quality impacts hugely on many aspects of our daily lives, from health to performance in the office.

Water & Air Management Ltd are experts in assessing, monitoring and implementing solutions that guarantee to improve the air quality in your premises.

The benefits of a top quality air management are many. Not only does it reduce incidents of illness – and in turn absenteeism – but also improves concentration, meaning you’ll get more out of your workforce. In addition, keeping your plant in good condition means it will last longer, thus increasing value for money.

Take a look at our specific air management services to find out more.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Kitchen Extract Monitoring and Cleaning

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Reports

Ventilation System Monitoring and Cleaning

Legionella Management

Legionella infections are on the rise and authorities are fining those responsible for any outbreaks with increasing severity. Not only is it right that you protect your staff or members of the public from potential outbreaks, it is also governed by legislation and guidance.

Thankfully, Water & Air Management Ltd are experts in this field and we’re here to help you comply with the law and relevant guidance, ensuring your water management systems pose the least possible risk of Legionella contamination. We achieve this through risk assessment and monitoring. If there is deemed to be a reasonable risk of your systems or plant harbouring the bacteria, we’ll advise on a course of action and help you implement it.

See also our water management services for details on some of the treatment options available.

What is Legionnaire’s Disease?

Legionnaire’s Disease is a potentially lethal pneumonia, caused by Legionella bacteria commonly found in natural water sources such as rivers and ponds. It can grow in other water systems – such as domestic water systems and cooling towers – and thrives in temperatures between 20ºC to 45ºC, particularly if nutritional elements such as rust, sludge or algae are present. Typically, it passes to humans via contaminated tiny droplets (water aerosols) that are breathed in.

Under general Health and Safety law, you should, where practical, comply with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8), which states that you must take all reasonable measures to protect your premises or plant against Legionella infection. This includes indentifying potential sources of risk, as well as keeping records that demonstrate you have taken steps for prevention or are controlling risk. Our consultants – who are qualified experts on Legionnaire’s Disease – can help you with all of this.

Take a look at our specific legionella management services to find out more.


Legionella Risk Management (ELRM)

Water Hygiene and Monitoring

Water treatments


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