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ABS Consultants for the Environment Ltd

58 Fernwood Drive
WS15 2PZ

Tel: 01889 570067
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ABS Ltd undertake three types of asbestos surveys dependant upon the Individual clients needs.

ABS, Ltd are a completely independent environmental consultancy and asbestos building surveying company; we are not directly connected to any individual asbestos removal company, and therefore offer the best practical and impartial advice to the letter of the Law.

The Directors of the company have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry in career’s spanning over 25 years.

Our team of surveyors are fully trained and accredited by BOHS and hold current P402/S301 certification as required by MDHS 100 and the C.A.R 2006.

Our surveyors are currently being assessed for NIACS Personal accreditation to UKAS standards as recommended by the HSE.

We provide a comprehensive service to major organisations and companies in the public and private sector throughout the U.K and Europe.

Type1: Location and assessment survey (Presumptive survey)
The purpose of this type of survey is to inspect any likely locations where suspect materials may be. Depending on the age of the building, general condition, records and previous refurbishment works, it is possible to gain an idea of places where asbestos may be located.

Type2: Standard sampling, identification and assessment survey (Sampling survey)
The purpose and procedures used in this survey are the same as type 1 survey above, in addition to this representative samples are taken and analysed, the finding of this type survey is also documented with a risk assessment.

Type 3: Full access sampling and identification survey (Pre-demolition or major Refurbishment works surveys)
This type of survey is used to locate and describe as far as reasonably practicable, All asbestos containing materials in the building and may involve destructive Inspection to gain access to all areas.

Combination Survey
In addition to the aforementioned a survey could consist of a combination of all three types, i.e. in a series of similar properties.
One or two could be subject to a type three survey.
10% say to a type two survey, and on the basis of the findings, the remaining properties would only require a type one survey.

  • Surveys for Asbestos Containing Materials, Type1, 2 or 3.
  • Bulk Sampling.
  • Asbestos Registers.
  • Material Risk Assessments.
  • Management Plans.
  • Site Briefing of all Personnel.
  • Arrange and Oversee Asbestos Removal Projects.
  • Safety Audits and Priority Assessments.
  • Practical and Impartial Advice.
Additional Services Include:
  • Land Investigation Surveys.
  • Land Remediation.
  • Ground Core sampling.
  • Building Surveys for DDA 2004 Compliance.
  • Fire & Flood Damage, Restoration.

We are fully insured to carry out all of the above services.

These services are available individually, or packaged to meet the customers particular requirements.

Whether it is a small business requiring a one-off services or a multinational organisation requiring daily services, we are always at hand to assist and offer advice.

The name asbestos was derived from the Arabic text meaning indestructible, it is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral and the most earliest recorded uses date back some 2000 years ago, were its was used in cooking pots, on a commercial basis it has been used for around 150 years throughout the UK. It is versatile, plentiful and ideal as fireproofing and insulation material.

It is fair to say that the material is a fantastic building product and if it were not for the high potential risk to health would remain the material of choice, indeed if it had not been removed from the steel work of the twin towers prior to the atrocities of 09/11/ it is estimated that the structures would have remained intact for at least another 30 minutes.

Asbestos has been used in thousands of products over the years; its use peaked during the 1960s and 1970s with an estimated 150 000 tonnes being imported into the UK each year.

Some of the most common uses being; Sprayed coatings, thermal and acoustic insulation, pipe insulation, internal insulating board, partition panels, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, roof tiles, textured coatings, paints, bitumen products, ropes & yarns, roof cladding, rain water goods, water tanks, soil pipes, the list is not exhausted and asbestos can be found in many more other products. By 1999 the use and supply and importation of all asbestos into the UK had been banned.

  • We adopt a no nonsense approach to all projects whether large or small.
  • We fully acknowledge the need and implementation of all health and safety regulations, not only within our own sector, but throughout the whole of industry.
  • We do not scaremonger as a sales pitch.
  • We only recommend removal as a last resort.
  • We only engage approved contractors for removal works.
  • We only engage UKAS accredited laboratories for analysis and if applicable air testing.
  • We fully acknowledge the need for client confidentiality.
  • We carry out survey with the utmost discretion whilst not compromising productivity.
  • Our vehicles have been adapted and are fully equipped to produce the reports on site, ensuring that no misinterpretation of photographs and plans occurs.
  • We produce accurate and user friendly reports, understandable to the layman if not, we are happy to explain them so that you are confident your ACMs are in safe hands.
  • We offer full briefing and asbestos awareness training to all personnel.

For further information or to discuss your requirements in detail we can be contacted using one of the following methods.


ABS Consultants for the Environment Ltd
58 Fernwood Drive
WS15 2PZ

Tel: 01889 570067
Fax: 01889 570067
Mob: 07976 267024


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