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Thirty Five years ago John Chamberlain of Chamberlain Solar Controls (CSC) recognised the damage caused by these elements and found the solution using Polyester Films which filter out at least 99% of the harmful UV, reject infrared heat, reduce visible light transmission and still leave a pleasantly lit living or display environment.

Damage due to fading (Chemical deterioration) is caused by UV light, visible light, heat (including infrared light), artificial lighting indoors, humidity and poor dye anchorage. The first three cause 90% of the fading generally observed.

UV, visible light and heat can all pass through ordinary glass and can cause expensive damage to Antiques, Paintings and Furnishings in the home, museums, galleries, shops and offices.

CSC have concentrated on looking at new products and discovered spectrally selective films which can reduce Infrared rays as well as Ultraviolet which combined cause Chemical deterioration. This range of films also can reduce heat loss, something that came along as an added bonus for people in heritage properties.

The introduction of these films has enabled CSC to recently win contracts with English Heritage and local authorities. CSC Window Films is also approved by The National Trust to provide protection for its many national treasures. The film is also used extensively in Stately Homes, Museums and Art Galleries.

The next phase for CSC has been to develop blinds made from films to enable Leaded Light areas to be protected without having to film each pane therefore reducing damage to the lead work when the films are eventually removed.

CSC offer a complete survey for light sensitivity using light monitors to ensure any potential damage to valuables is avoided.

Our expert advice on the correct film type for the task and glazing compatibility will ensure an appropriate and effective solution.

Safety & Security Films

  • Comply with health & safety and building regulations
  • Provide security to your premises from vandalism and explosions
  • Can incorporate solar control properties

UV IR & Solar Films

  • Reduce solar gain and glare
  • Provide privacy
  • Improve your premises' cosmetic appearance

Insulation Films

  • Reduce winter heat loss 
  • Reduce solar gain and glare

Manifestation & Frost Films

  • Comply with health & safety regulations
  • Avoid human impact
  • Reproduce corporate logos 

Privacy & Black Out Films

  • Can transmit high levels of visible light whilst maintaining privacy
  • Reduce danger of flying shattered glass
  • Can offer solar control and one-way daylight vision

Sun & Solar Blinds

  • Full range of traditional and modern sun blinds, with manual or motorized operation.
  • Specialist materials to allow the building’s occupants continued vision to the exterior. 

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