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Braille Translations 
70 Hill Road

Telephone Voice: 08000 190 946       
Fax: 0808 208 9588
Mobile: 07973 790 965 

Braille Translations’ was established in 2000 by founder and entrepreneur Ghow Ratnarajah, a businessman and Director from Greenford, London has built a thriving business, providing outstanding Braille translation to government authorities, private companies large and small. Additionally  he provides consultative services and after-sale support to industry.

Ghow is very supportive of helping others, and his key ambition is to build the business, generating job opportunities for all individuals and blind and partially sighted people and others with disabilities.

Braille Translations’ clients include Odeon Cinemas, the Prince’s Trust and the University of York. The company is now seeking to expand its client base, given the latest phase of the Disability Discrimination Act’s implementation.

The most frequently – commissioned work of late includes translating company business cards, restaurant menus and information guides into Braille, largely due to the recent changes in the law.

For a full list of Braille Translations’ services, please visit the Services page of our site.

Ghow uses Braille, as he is blind himself and proof reads work before it is despatched to the client. The benefit of this is clear, in comparison to certain other in-house services, where checking may not be as rigorous.

Above all, Ghow hopes to inspire people to follow their dreams and regardless of whatever obstacles one must overcome in life, press forward with determination and a smile.

Our Services

We offer the following translation services to both companies and individuals, nationwide: 

  • Print into Braille or Large Print 
  • E-mail/floppy Disk (.doc format) into Braille or Large Print 
  • E-Braille 
  • Business / ID Cards translated into Braille or Large Print 
  • Translation into Moon from Print / E-mail 
  • Transcription onto (2- or 4- track) audio tape 
  • Transcription onto (daisy or MP3 format) audio CD 
  • Greeting cards, in Braille or Talking Format

In the case of Print to Braille translation, we can offer turnaround periods of 24 or 48 hours, one week or one month, as you require. We can also arrange for Audio transcription by a specialist firm, if needed. (Please note that a 24-hour turnaround is subject to the document for translation being sent to us via e-mail, in .doc format and the return address being within the UK.) 

In all cases, work is proof read before dispatch. Furthermore, we will redo work free of charge, if you are not completely satisfied with it.

We also provide services in the following areas:

  • Bespoke Braille and Tactile Signage for areas such as office doors, fire escapes, stairs and toilets.
  • Premises Accessibility Report for Disabled users. This fully accredited report is provided in conjunction with in-depth consultation. 
  • Website Accessibility Consultation Service. This consultation offers informed feedback on a website’s accessibility for both blind and visually impaired people. 
  • Staff Training in Disability Awareness. Further details regarding this training are available on request. 
  • Braille Greeting Cards and Talking Greeting Cards. A range of greeting cards for a variety of occasions perfect for blind and visually impaired recipients.
  • Interpreters of Sign Language. Interpreters can be supplied to communicate with users of Sign Language. 
  • Audio Descriptions of Documents. Audio descriptions can supplied on a variety of media convenient for the blind and visually impaired recipient. 
  • Linguistics for Braille – Language Translations: 
    • Arabic Braille 
    • European Braille languages – Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Portuguese Braille 

Who would benefit from these services?

  • Any blind or visually impaired individual who requires Braille, audio or Large Print material at short notice. 
  • Local Councils or charities wishing to make their published material or buildings more accessible to the blind and visually impaired. 
  • Schools, Colleges and any blind or visually impaired students who need course notes translated rapidly. 
  • Restaurants wishing to maximise their profits and avoid falling foul of the most recently enacted phase of the Disability Discrimination Act, 1995. 
  • Churches, either requiring a Premises Accessibility Report or wishing to offer their hymns or Orders of Service sheets in Braille. 
  • Companies seeking to increase their profits, either through improving their website or premises accessibility or though direct marketing of their product to the blind and / or visually impaired. 

Regular contracts welcomed.

Our clients list

We have worked with a number of organisations, both large and small, including:

  • Odeon Cinemas 
  • The University of York 
  • The University of Hertfordshire 
  • The Prince’s Trust 
  • Palm Palace Restaurant 
  • Krispy Kreme doughnuts 
  • London Development Agency

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