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Eurosafe Solutions

Unit C Centenary Works
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Welcome to Eurosafe Solutions, fall protection specialists

Services in the Public sector

Fall protection for Public Sector buildings such as Schools, Hospitals and Prisons.

Public sector buildings can encompass a vast selection of designs, building types, sizes and ages; each with its own particular idiosyncrasies often creating very unique access problems.

From a small office building that requires once a year maintenance to keep the gutters clear, a centrepiece council head office with glazed atria that requires 3 monthly cleaning, to a hospital with considerable amounts of plant on the roof that requires 24/7 access in case of breakdown.

Eurosafe solutions vast experience and product range allows us to develop fall protection and access systems for all of your requirements. Our technical knowledge will ensure that you get the right product for the right situation, from a metal clad storage unit to a grade one listed town hall.

At Eurosafe solutions we pride ourselves with in solving problems, never accept that things cannot be done and never walk away from something that others may judge too difficult.

Laws and Regulations

Keeping up to date with the numerous laws, standards and codes of practice that govern how works involving working at height are carried out can be a complex and time consuming process. Eurosafe Solutions takes this headache away from our clients by making sure that we always aware of the latest updates and changes to these laws and regulations.

Eurosafe Solutions and our key product suppliers also actively seek to improve these laws and regulations by being a member of several committees involved in the review of standards such as BS, CEN and ISO.

Our understanding of these laws and regulations allows us to ensure that we give our clients a complete system of work that is right up to date with current legislation.


Risk Assessment and Inventory

Eurosafe Solutions Risk Assessment and Inventory Services

The philosophy of risk assessment as a management tool for controlling health and safety hazards in the workplace has been built in to most UK health and safety legislation. The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regs (1999) requires employers to carry out a risk assessment to identify potential health and safety hazards in all workplaces. Where risks are significant, employers must eliminate the hazard or adequately control the risks.

Eurosafe Solutions offer a specialist risk assessment service for all of your maintenance activities where there is a risk of fall from height. We will attend site to ascertain where access is required and by whom; identify what measures and safety equipment you have in place and what condition this equipment is in; carry out a complete risk assessment based on these findings then finally present a full report, including drawings on our findings.


Safety Advice and Design

A successful system of safe access can only be achieved with the input of the people who are going to be carrying out the work. This is why Eurosafe Solutions place an enormous importance on communicating with our client, not only with the managers but with the people who are ultimately at the “coalface”

Through listening to the wishes and requirements of all parties involved we can then design the most practical and cost effective solution that will have as minimum an impact on the user’s ability to carry out their task, whilst ensuring there safety at all times.

Based on these findings and those of the risk assessment, Eurosafe Solutions will develop a tailored solution including load calculations, CAD drawings, and a fully detailed and costed proposal to ensure end user safety. All proposals demonstrate the thought processes and methodology that has gone in to providing a bespoke fall protection solution.

When tailoring a solution, Eurosafe Solutions assess the requirements of each individual site to ensure total protection, from the moment the user leaves the ground to their safe return.

Regardless of the object structure or the fixing background, be it fixing to support steelwork or to a heritage listed building, Eurosafe Solutions call on our vast experience to find a solution to the most awkward of situations where our competitors are often unable. We pride ourselves on being able to find the right solution, every time.

We understand that every project is unique and that is why we take time and care to ensure that every hazard is identified and guarded against. We believe in finding the safest, most cost effective solution that is appropriate to your building. Safety at height is the very core of our business and we take our, and your, responsibility to height safety very seriously.

By using only the finest quality products, in line with our well-established, effective operating procedures, Eurosafe Solutions bring ISO 9001 accredited quality to everything that they do.


Specification Service

Eurosafe Solutions offers a complete specification service, providing comprehensive support and advice for owners, architects, contractors and specifiers. Our experienced team will design the ideal fall protection or access system for your project. Combining excellent technical knowledge with a clear understanding of the concept of worker safety at height, our team will assist you with:

•Assessing the risk
•Selecting the right system
•System applications
•User competency
•Product compatibility with the major roofing manufacturers
•NBS Specifications
•Standard fixing details
•Design layout guidelines
•Quality products to meet your requirements
•Budget costs
•Layout drawings and details Contact Eurosafe Solutions with details of your project and our specification team will work with you to design a practical cost effective solution that will meet the 2007 CDM Regulations requirements.


Supply of Safety Products

Eurosafe Solutions offers a diverse range of fall protection and access equipment for permanent and temporary access as well as bespoke non-standard solutions for accessing the total envelope of your object, all backed by our careful design process, vetted for their suitability of use, and installed by our highly trained installation teams.

Eurosafe Solutions is also able to offer a number of our carefully chosen safety applications that are suitable for end user installation on both a permanent and temporary basis. These include soft goods such as harnesses, rescue equipment, ropes and ancillary Personal Protection Equipment; walkway units and free standing handrail systems; step units and ladders; ladder safety products; and a number of temporary safety applications and or multifaceted  application systems that would  potentially require an element of training prior to use or purchase.

Our ability to think “outside of the box” in relation to how working at height is carried out has led us to develop a specialty in the supply of innovative access solutions and ideas during the construction phase of the building. By adapting our safety applications portfolio for use in a non-standard way Eurosafe can innovate a solution to suit your specific access requirements.


Installation and Commissioning

Product groups in the Public sector

Fall Protection Horizontal

Fall Protection Inclined

Façade Access

Stairs ladders and gantries



Seminars and Training

HS (G) 33 Health & Safety in Roof Work 1998 appendix 3.7 states “adequate information, instruction, training and supervision should be given when a fall arrest system is used.”

Understanding this, Eurosafe Solutions Ltd are the only company to offer a Latchways approved training course as we instruct operatives how to safely use fall protection systems.

Our training sessions are tailor made to be site specific and consist of:

• A detailed PowerPoint presentation
• An overview of relevant legislation
• The Use and Inspection of PPE (including a tactile demonstration)
• Practical on site demonstration (site specific)
• End of session appraisal

Upon successful completion, training certificates will be issued to all delegates.

We also offer a refresher training session. We recommend a refresher session after 2 years of the initial training, due to updates in legislation and possible new employees joining your organisation.



Safety at height without compromise. Eurosafe Solutions ensures it sticks to this philosophy by only using materials designed and manufactured by companies with this same ethos. From our ownbespoke fabrications to our carefully selected suppliers of fall protection products we ensure quality through rigorous checksand controls to give us, and ultimately you, peace of mind.


Inspection & Testing

At Eurosafe Solutions, we believe that the completion of a project is just the beginning of our service.

Our Inspection and testing division specialise in the testing and inspection of Fall Protection systems, PPE, Abseil Access equipment, Permanent Access systems, load bearing structures and Lightning Protection.

We offer a Nationwide service and are able to tailor our service offering to meet the needs of your portfolio, no matter how large or small. From an individual school to a High Street retail chain we aim to provide the best possible test and inspection service.

Our aim is to work with you the duty holder to ensure your systems are correctly inspected, tested, certified and maintained. Whether you manage a school, hospital, residential block, manufacturing facility, warehouse, power station, police station, railway station, hotel or retail unit we will work with you to ensure your systems remain compliant with current legislation. Giving you and your workers total piece of mind throughout the year whilst minimizing expensive down time. We will advise you of the required frequency for each inspection and the inspection and testing criteria required.

As Test & Inspection specialists we will keep abreast of legislation and inform you of any changes that may effect your working practices. Our dedicated support team equipped with our in-house software have allowed us to develop a nationwide inspection service that aims to deliver the best possible service whilst taking the "headache" out of arranging the regular inspections.

Our Service offering

1. We will maintain on your behalf, a database of all the equipment we inspect and test.
2. You will have free and unrestricted access to this database via a unique log-in code.
3. From this database you can down load all test certificates, system details and data sheets relevant to the products installed.
4. We will be proactive in contacting you approximatly 2 months before the due date of each inspection to arrange our visit. Our system will remind us so you don't need to.
5. Upon completion of our inspection we will certify as appropriate and report any findings to you within 5 working days.
6. We provide a free telephone support service to answer any questions you may have regarding your installed products.



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