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Viresco (UK) Ltd

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Viresco AquaTM for removal of blanketweed and algae from ponds and lakes.

Viresco (UK) Ltd supplies specialist products to pondkeepers and gardeners worldwide.

We sell various aquatic algae control products and horticultural supplies, many of which contain microbes that improve plant growth and, in water systems, remove nitrate and reduce phosphate.

Microbial VirescoTM Aqua is widely used in ponds and lakes to suppress blanketweed in particular and also green algae bloom. It will also digest organic detritus found on the sides and bottoms of ponds. VirescoTM Aqua contains two groups of micro-organisms. One of these is designed to effect rapid water clarification. This is done by efficient microbial reduction of the soluble nutrients in the water, in particular nitrate. Green algae blooms and filamentaceous algae - blanket weed - are thus rapidly suppressed.


Before use of VirescoTM Aqua 

After use of VirescoTM Aqua


The other group of micro-organisms in the product gives an efficient biodigestion of all the organic detritus in place on the walls and bottoms of ponds. This biodegradation also rapidly reduces the source organic material that is in part providing soluble nutrient in an aquatic system. It is this imbalance of nutrients that causes a pond system to develop heavy algal growth.
The initial suggested usage rate for VirescoTM Aqua is 10g per 27m³ of water volume (approx. 6000 gallons). Whilst some pondkeepers obtain a response from VirescoTM Aqua within 7 to 10 days, we recommend waiting for up to 5 weeks. Once nitrate levels in the water are reduced to zero (sometimes more than one application is required to achieve success), annual or bi-annual maintenance doses can be added to prevent regrowth.
VirescoTM Aqua is completely harmless to plants, fish and other pond life and will, in fact, improve the health of fish. It was initially formulated for use on fish farms to improve the health, disease resistance and growth of fish.
Named as best buy in Gardening Which? May 2007, Viresco AquaTM works out as best value per annum. One application can last all season, saving you time and money.
Visit our website to see examples of where maintenance of larger water systems is managed successfully, e.g Canary Wharf Jubilee Ponds.
Prices and quantities for large ponds and lakes are available on request.

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