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Head Office
Patton Court
Horseyard House

Tel: 01547 560 022
Fax: 01547 560 026


Security surveillance and protection for unoccupied or vacant property in the UK – Houseguards have been a leading provider of this service since the inception of the company in 1992. We currently protect all kinds of properties throughout the UK, for all kinds of clients, from individuals to National Companies. If you have a vacant, unoccupied property or even if you just want your property guarded whilst it is left unattended, for any reason, for an extended period, Houseguards have the answer.

Vandalism, burglary or illegal occupation are always a high risk for unoccupied and vacant property, and the potential cost of repairs afterward can be high, not to mention the loss of market value to the property itself and the potential inconvenience of any remedial works. Our Home Protection Solution can help protect you from incurring these costs, and more than justifies the extremely competitive prices for our service.

Property might be unoccupied for a number of reasons – perhaps it is awaiting a sale, or having refurbishment works carried out, or perhaps the owners are merely on an extended absence. Whatever the reason, Houseguards have the answer.

Our Property Protection Service is simple, but very effective, and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your vacant property is protected from unwanted attention, from whatever source. Our security system is proven to work, and due to the on-site presence, is more effective than a traditional patrolling guard, who might only visit your property occasionally. Houseguards is a constant, highly visible and effective deterrent.

Our record speaks for itself; we have many satisfied customers, from individuals to major national organisations, who have all recognised the benefits of the security solution offered by Houseguards.

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) have dictated that, since March 2006, all personnel working within the security sector must be trained and licensed in accordance with government legislation. All of our operatives on assignment have been trained and are licensed by the SIA, giving you the knowledge that the House Guard on site is equipped to deal with any and all situations speedily and effectively. Because we never know when, or how many, assignments will come in, we always keep a reserve of House Guards ready and waiting to be deployed to your site. We also have emergency back-up teams in case an urgent response is called for.

Constant on-site presence also means that there are no gaps in the security protection of your property, so you can be confident that you are getting maximum protection against security breaches on your property. 


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