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AngelEye is the worlds most advanced automated drowning detection system for commercial swimming pools. A typical system would have optical devices mounted below water which relay information about the swimmer's behaviour and location back to a central server.  In some instances optical devices are mounted above water to enhance the system further or used in isolation for smaller pools with low bather loads.

If the system detects a person in a potentially dangerous situation that might require assistance, an alarm is generated and sent to a Palm Device held by the lifeguards and/or a supervisor's computer. The Palm Device and computer will display a visual image of the swimmer and show a location where the alarm was generated.  Images are stored on the main server for up to 14 days and in accordance with the cctv data protection laws.

Benefits of AngelEye

  • Fully automated system.
  • All pool users monitored continually.
  • Highest level of pool safety.
  • Enhances current supervision regimes.
  • Gives early warning to lifeguards.
  • Overcomes difficulties of vision.
  • Decreased rescue response time.
  • Proven technology.
  • Complies with DIN79002 regulations.


SwimGuard, a High Definition video based drowning prevention aid for lifeguarded pools, enhancing human capability and adding an additional layer of safety.

  • Below water video cameras provide 100% coverage of the pool floor enabling the lifeguard to monitor the full volume of water.  Real time camera views are fed to monitors located at the lifeguard stations, each one having its own configuration for the number of cameras being displayed simultaneously. All cameras are recorded on a network based server for review either locally or remotely.
  • There are many reasons why lifeguards are not able to supervise a pool effectively, for example surface glare or high numbers of swimmers active in the water.  If a swimmer is in difficulty and requires assistance every second counts; SwimGuard is the essential tool assisting lifeguards to perform their duties more confidently and efficiently.  SwimGuard can be further enhanced by the addition of above water cameras which can be used to overcome difficulties of vision caused by physical blind spots.
  • SwimGuard is set up as a local area network and as such, facilitates an easy conversion to a fully automated drowning detection system at any time.

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Emergency Response Alarm (ERA)

ERA is a reliable and durable wireless drown alarm designed specifically for the harsh environment of a swimming pool.

  • Using the latest wireless technology and operaing in the licence free zone the system comprises of a Central Monitor, Call Buttons and Signal Repeaters. 
  • When an alarm signal is received from a Call Button an audio warning is raised alerting staff of a potential danger situation. The alarm is also suitable for saunas, steam rooms and disabled toilets.
  • There is no limit to the number of Call Buttons per system and they can be added to at any point giving flexibility within your facility

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PoolBeam is a unique invisible active infra-red access control system designed to prevent un-authorised access to areas of water which require monitoring whilst unsupervised.

  • It provides an invisible electronic fence which, if crossed, will generate an audio visual alarm to alert staff. 
  • Each pair of beams can cover a distance of up to 25 metres, higher powered versions are available to cover greater distances.

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Aquatic Ride Control

Aquatic Ride Control is an active flume ride control designed to reduce the risk of rider collision and injury by ensuring the safe throughput of riders. 

  • It is a flume traffic light system which shows red when a flume is in use and green when it is clear. 
  • Aquatic Ride Control can be further enhanced by incorporating our flume Rider Time Display. Designed to increase the riders enjoyment and experience whilst attracting and retaining more customers it times each rider so when they reach the run out their ride time is displayed on a sealed display unit.  Very popular with children and adults to see who can get the fastest time!

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Lifeguard Chairs

Lifeguard chairs are available with or without an arm bracket to support a SwimGuard Lifeguard monitor.

Please contact the office for the latest specification.

Pool Safety Barriers

A range of Safety Barriers are supplied for new and refurbished swimming pools including barrier rails and spectator seating steel and glass balustrade. 

  • The barrier rail lengths are made to order and the balustrade is tailor made for individual centres.

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