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Trackplan Software Ltd


Tel: +44 788 4266875   + 353 83 134 2778


Facilities management software and CAFM solution to help you manage, schedule and control your reactive and planned preventative maintenance

Why Choose Trackplan? 

To better manage, schedule and control the maintenance and resources across your organisation, sites and assets. SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL 

  • Saves time by bringing all aspects of the maintenance life-cycle under one roof for everyone to share and contribute to in a controlled and smart manner.
  • Reduce risk and drive compliance through the auto-creation of upcoming planned preventative maintenance jobs with notifications of upcoming and overdue work.
  • Trackplan is 100% cloud based 
  • It works beautifully on any device from mobile to tablet to laptop.
  • No install required.
  • It is very easy to use and you will be up and running in minutes.
  • An affordable solution  - pay as you go, month by month.

Trackplan Software is an approved supplier to the UK Public Sector under the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace “G-Cloud” framework agreement

Reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs

  • Organise and schedule work to help make most of team.
  • Full job history provides insights for better informed decisions.
  • Bundle work to make most of time.
  • Work more closely with contractors to make most of their time.

Drive compliance across your estate

  • Set up planned maintenance schedule to drive automatic job creation and notifications to ensure a compliant and well maintained estate.

Make life easier for the maintenance team

  • All sites, jobs, assets, documents and other job related information all housed within one roof.
  • View your jobs from any device wherever you are.
  • See and schedule who is doing what at any time now and in future.
  • Work more closely with contractors to make most of their time.

Greater control and visibility

  • Every aspect of each job can be closely managed and controlled with visibility for managers, maintenance and estates team, helpdesk, contractors and clients.
  • Set and control repairs budget across the whole estate.

Improve quality of estate

  • Anyone from any device can raise maintenance requests.
  • Real time visibility of all issues across estate.
  • Bundle related work together.
  • Work more closely with contractors to make most of their time.

Better manage bigger jobs

  • Break jobs into tasks, set timelines and budgets and allocate resources for each task.
  • View and manage on scheduler and Gantt charts. Great for bigger jobs.


  • Measure and view real time energy consumption at targeted areas of your estate to facilitate smart energy decisions and actions.

Move with the times

Trackplan is committed to using the latest technologies and ideas in the facilities management space to provide you with exciting tools and solutions in areas such as:

  • Energy
  • Business Information Modelling
  • Cross border cooperation


  • Maintenance Managers - Manage all aspects of site maintenance from reactive jobs to planned and compliant driven work.
  • Facilities Managers - Bring everything under one roof including sites, assets, documents, budgets and costs and the maintenance schedule.
  • Estates Managers - Full visibility and control across your property portfolio with an unlimited number of properties and assets.
  • Facilities Management Service Providers - Manage estates of your entire client base with full access for your helpdesk, clients and contractors.
  • Project Managers - Break large jobs into sub tasks, schedule each piece of work, set budgets and control costs, view and manage on Gantt chart and calendar.
  • Schedulers - Assign work to team members and to external contractors. View the current schedule on the calendar by day, week, month and drag and drop jobs quickly between the team to reassign and reschedule work. Create diary entries / ghost jobs and view on calendar alongside live jobs to visualise and prioritise new work.
  • Finance Managers - Manage the entire repairs budget from the software. Set budgets at job level, monthly level and by category of work. Fast and easy cost entry. Compare costs against budget. Create and send out invoices to clients for chargeable work.
  • Everyone - Single sites, huge estates, retail chains, manufacturing, colleges, universities, councils, hotels, listed buildings – Trackplan works for everyone.
  • Site Surveyors - Set up online forms to capture any kind of information for each site including photos, quantative and qualitative information.


Take a look at our other features listed below.

  • Quick Job - Create jobs within seconds from any device, and see what other jobs have been raised at the same time.
  • Job control - Control jobs and capture all job information including job types, notes, quotes, documents….
  • Scheduler - Assign and schedule work on the drag and drop calendar across the team. Great tool!
  • Planned work / Compliance - Set up recurring work for planned jobs to be created automatically, and help stay compliant with legislation.
  • Sites and Locations - Set up as many locations as you like within each site for full and detailed estate coverage.
  • Notifications and Alerts - Set email notifications to any user for any significant event on the system (eg new job assigned to them)
  • Requests - Anyone can raise job requests from any device to notify maintenance team of issues.
  • Budgets and Costing - Enter costs quickly. Set up budgets by period or job and compare costs against budget.
  • Contractors - Assign and instruct work to contractors, who then login to view and update assigned jobs. See when they arrive on site and complete work.
  • Documents - Upload and manage documents for each job, site and asset.
  • Highly Configurable - All aspects of the tool can be set up as you like by you through the settings area of the software. Quick and easy.
  • Flexibility - Capture any extra information you need related to jobs, sites and assets.
  • Assets - Create and manage assets by site and location. Assign day to day and planned jobs to assets through their life history to help with compliance and better informed repair / replace decisions.
  • Projects and Tasks - Break job into smaller tasks and manage larger pieces of work and projects including their costs and budgets.
  • Image Capture - Take photos of any “job” scene from any device and load and view against the job directly. For internal team and contractors.
  • GPS Location Stamps - Set Geo-Location / map coordinates for each site to help track contractor and team member locations from device updates.


  • Government Buildings
  • Hospitals & medical centres
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Local Authorities & Councils
  • Hotels & other accomodation
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Nursing homes
  • Retail estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial properties
  • Sports & leisure facilities
  • Property Management






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