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SAE Systems Limited

Staithe House, The Staithe, Thurne, Norfolk, NR29 3BU

Tel: +44 (0)1692 671918 Email: Web:


SAE Systems Limited is a UK based manufacturer and distributor of specialist security related products to Police, Military and Civil end user communities worldwide.

SAE Systems has more than 20 years of experience in the production and distribution of specialist security products. We have made it our goal to only provide designs which have been extensively tried and tested and offer the best quality the market has to offer.

All products supplied by SAE Systems are backed up with a full manufacturer’s warranty, technical support and our delivery lead-times are amongst the best in the industry. SAE Systems has an agent and distribution network covering virtually all of the EU, African, Middle East and Far Eastern countries.



SAE Systems have sold RoadBlade systems to police, government and security forces worldwide as well as many other civilian facilities.

Since 1996 RoadBlade has been protecting personnel and assets worldwide, and both the portable and permanent RoadBlade systems secure your access points or perimeter and also protects your personnel and property. RoadBlade is an essential tool for use in situations such as perimeter and roadblock security, operational checkpoints, or any military/civil security operation that need to defend heavy or multiple vehicle threats.

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S-COMM Under Vehicle Surveillance System 

S-COMM Under Vehicle Surveillance System UVSS / UVIS the affordable robust and dependable solution for all vehicle check points on any terrain.

S-COMM is a portable or permanent real time colour under vehicle surveillance system (UVSS/UVIS) designed and manufactured in the UK by SAE Systems to provide affordable, robust and dependable under vehicle examination at vehicle check points on any terrain day or night. The S-COMM Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) can be installed on site and working in a matter of minutes in a portable format or permanently bolted to the road surface in less than an hour.

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MagnumSpike the Ultimate Vehicle Tyre Deflation System

MagnumSpike is the Ultimate Vehicle Tyre Deflation System. SAE Systems have distributed MagnumSpike to many Police, Military and counter terrorist organisations worldwide and within the UK.

The patented spike design works on all vehicles types from ordinary sedan vehicles to HGV’s and heavy plant type vehicles, unlike hollow type or solid type spikes MagnumSpike has a fluted design that makes a large and deep puncture in the target vehicle tyres and ensures 3 points of controlled deflation per spike.

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Razorpro PPE Puncture Resistant Hand and Arm Protection

Razorpro PPE are the lowest cost class 4 puncture resistant gloves and arm protection available on the market

Razorpro PPE was originally designed for razorwire and barbed wire installation, but we have since found that our heavy duty gloves and sleeves are perfect for a wide range of applications including: Razor Wire Installation / Barbed Wire Installation / Veterinary Surgeries and Animal Handling / Building Maintenance / Glass Removal / Landscape Clearance Tree Surgery.

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