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Teknoglass Solutions, 23 Letcombe Place, Horndean, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 0DE

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Advanced Glazing Systems

We design, create and implement innovative glazing solutions to meet the most demanding of needs.

Glazing Design and Innovation

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At Teknoglass we work with you, your architect and designers in order to guarantee our solutions are fit for purpose and are optimally designed in terms of quality, regulatory compliance, safety, aesthetics and function.

Every new customer presents a different set of specific requirements. We apply a combination of our experience and latest innovative components to design a solution to address the most demanding of challenges.

Experience and Quality

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Teknoglass has over 22 years experience at the leading edge of innovative glazing solutions. Our products are designed not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also essentially functional and easy to use.

We have an uncompromising commitment to quality using only precision engineered components from manufacturers through Europe. We have been awarded Constructionline Gold Membership and have achieved SafeContractor accreditation. All our solutions come with an extensive warranty as standard.




Creating Bespoke Solutions

From high tech intensive care units to corporate conference rooms, as standard rectangular panels or hermetically sealed door systems we can create a solution to meet your specific requirements.


Visual Privacy

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When commercial or personal sensitivity is at stake, Teknoglass switchable privacy glass gives you the ability to maintain confidentiality with instant privacy at the push of a button. From offices, conference rooms & executive suites to operating theatres and intensive care units switchable privacy glass provides a state of the art solution to ensuring visual privacy. Not only does our privacy glass provide a visual screen it allows light to flood into the area even when in the opaque state.

Acoustic Privacy

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In both a medical setting, where patient well being and confidentiality are dependent on noise suppression, and the work-place where there is a need to ensure corporate sensitivity, audio isolation/attenuation is a requirement.

Depending on the specific situation there are a wide range of frequencies and wavelengths that may need to be nullified, Teknoglass can provide sound attenuation solutions to resolve the most complex of challenges.

Biomedical Protection

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Our solutions offer a robust, easily cleaned surface to replace traditional blind or curtain systems that can harbour dirt and bugs. Our electronic switchable glass can be enhanced with antibacterial coatings for further protection.

Teknoglass door systems are built to form a hermetic perimeter seal against the floor and frame. The efficiency of the seal is over 99% effective thus helping to reduce air handling costs, the incidence of wound infections and cross contamination.

Fire Protection

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Our solutions offer an option of fire rated doors and screens up to 60 minutes with 90/120 minutes anticipated to be launched imminently. The panels retain transparency and stability, even when subjected too high temperatures. Switchable glass offers further features in the event of a fire such as glass panels clear on fire alarm to help evacuation; power-operated doors may be used as emergency egress doors as a monitored “fly open” battery is installed to open or close the doors in the event of power failure or fire alarm.

Radiation Protection

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Teknoglass offer radiation shielding glazing providing outstanding protection against gamma, x-rays and lasers. This makes it an ideal choice for windows and separation walls in a medical environment. As with all our solutions the panels can be any shape or size and can be fixed or openable providing complete flexibility as well as state of the art protection.

Any Environment

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The glass can be easily cleaned and disinfected regularly to improve public health and reduce cleaning costs. All of our Switchable Privacy Glass is water resistant which means it is ideal for use in wet environments such as bathrooms, swimming pools, changing rooms and general public areas.

Endlessly Customisable

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Every customer and project has a unique set of needs and challenges. At Teknoglass we are able to build a solution to meet the most demanding and unusual requirements.

Structurally we can provide panels in any shape or size (including curved panels) either as a fixed installation or within a door system. The glass panels can have a combination of the solutions above e.g. switchable, fire rated, acoustic x-ray protection.

Aesthetically the frames and doors can be provided in all RAL colours and combinations.



Delighting our clients.

We have worked for many demanding customers with specific needs, designing and installing high quality, innovative glazing solutions.

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