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Ramsbury Road, Lambourn Woodlands, Berkshire, RG17 7TJ

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About Us

Walker Logistics is a well-established, financially strong organisation, operating from freehold premises with a team that has the experience, expertise and insight relevant to offer the best warehousing, distribution and fulfilment activities.

Our flexible approach enables us to take responsibility for the management of all logistics activities on behalf of our customers and act as a ‘one stop shop’ supply chain partner.

Over the past 20 years we have gained invaluable insight into products, people and customers throughout the UK, Europe and further afield that help make our customers businesses the best in their industries and currently have long term contracts with over 50 UK and International clients in a variety of sectors who use our services because of our customer driven approach, flexibility and high-quality standards.

Walker Logistics is a family-owned UK and European third-party logistics provider (3PL). We offer a wide range of tailored services across a multitude of markets including warehousing, omni-channel fulfilment, distribution and re-work that ensures a complete supply chain solution.

We focus on a vision of continued growth, whilst still providing excellence in fulfilment services together with an individual approach to every customer.

Our Membury HQ offers over 250,000 square feet of state of the art, ambient temperature warehousing space that is easily accessible to major distribution networks for inbound freight and European wide fulfilment. In addition, we operate from two strategic locations in Germany and Holland to provide cost effective and seamless logistics services.

Walker Logistics represents some of the largest brand names fulfilling orders into major distribution centres, independent retailers as well as direct to consumers throughout Europe. Our unique selling points are:

  • Bespoke & personalised omni-channel solutions for UK & European logistics requirements.
  • Establishing long-term relationships and developing them into business partnerships.
  • Dedicated, flexible and quality 3PL services with personalised account management.
  • Operational & cost efficiencies through labour management and continuous improvement.
  • Quick and agile decision making with family members occupying board positions.


What we do

B2B Fulfilment

Ecommerce Fulfilment

Value Added Services

Business to Business fulfilment has been the backbone of our service offering for over 20 years. At Walkers, our experience in streamlining multiple commercial transactions between our clients and their customers helps them to be flexible with any change in the market.

In many cases, the same items are distributed to retailers and individual consumers, and clients supplying these products benefit from being able to unify their supplies at a single location.

We offer a comprehensive range of value added fulfilment services, product assembly, and customisation. From applying a label during down time, to the assembly of functioning products, our streamlined product assembly team will minimise cost, improve quality and can get your goods to the market, faster.

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Reverse Logistics

EU Fulfilment


At Walkers, we know the importance of returns to a business. Return experience today provides a competitive advantage. We focus on the most reliable and cost-effective systems to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors.

In addition to UK facilities, Walker Logistics also offers customers EU fulfilment via two strategic partnership agreements with warehouses located in Germany and The Netherlands.

At Walkers, we have fostered long-term relationships with all global pallet & parcel networks, as well as utilising our fleet of vehicles to give our customers the best choice of delivery options to suit their needs.

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How we do it


IT & Tech


Warehousing | Walker Logistics IT & Tech | Walker Logistics

Walker Logistics Ltd provides a bespoke and flexible warehousing services to a diverse client base from our five main storage facilities (plus two overflow units) of over 200,000 sq ft which are conveniently located, secure, modern, high bay, multi user warehouses.

Walker Logistics is powered by the Chess Warehouse Management System “Empirica” which ensures full control of products from receipt to customer delivery, and our infrastructure is controlled by an internal IT department.

Walker Logistics is passionate about protecting the natural world and being more socially responsible.

As a company we strive to minimise the effects our business has on the local and global environment and the impact we have on other communities in which we operate.

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