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Japanese Knotweed Limited
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About Us

Specialist control services for the treatment and removal of Japanese knotweed, Invasive, Amenity and Aquatic weeds and contaminated ground removal. Our services include identification, environmental survey, treatments, excavation and removal. Japanese Knotweed Ltd also trades as Environment Controls. Founded in 2010 we currently employ over 50 staff including office based teams, surveyors and field operating technicians, managed via three offices situated in London, Southampton, and Manchester. All of our surveyors are CSJK approved. We work throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Knotweed is not to be ignored

Japanese knotweed can cause damage to the structures. It can also block off or restrict access to amenity space, and lead to legal issues. Japanese Knotweed Ltd can help ensure that your business can operate freely and keep any Japanese knotweed infestations in check. Don’t let your construction projects grind to a halt because of Japanese knotweed infestations. We have the tools and the expertise to help you tackle problems and keep construction moving. We can either carry out the work ourselves, or stand-in as on-site supervisors (Watching Brief) to oversee the work and ensure PCA compliance.

If you suspect that you may need help with a Japanese knotweed problem, the best place to start is by requesting a survey. Click the button to learn more.

Environment Controls

We are the UK’s trusted environmental consultants providing specialist control services for; Invasive Native and Non-Native Weeds (INNS), aquatic weeds, invasive species, amenity weed management, and removal of asbestos contaminated soils. Solutions that are right for you, care for the environment and maintain biodiversity. We work with Local Authorities and property management companies to ensure the land and property they manage is kept weed free, often by adopting an Integrated Weed Management (IWM) approach that is better for the environment and your budget.

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Why choose us?

  • Trusted by 1000’s of long-term satisfied customers with over 1,000 5-Star reviews on Trustpilot
  • Free Identification service to help you if you suspect that you have Japanese knotweed or other invasive species on your land or property
  • Fully CSJK accredited expert surveyors will visit your property to carry out the survey
  • We work to the PCA Code of Practice means we can provide you with an Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Detailed Management Plans provided with your quotation


Our Services

Herbicide Treatment



A Herbicide Treatment Programme involves a methodical programme of carefully managed visits, where correctly specified and used herbicides are applied to the target plants. With sustained applications, the herbicide can exhaust the plant bringing it under effective control and preventing its further spread.

The appropriate excavation and waste disposal method will depend on on-site access, development timescales and the proposed development plan. We will advise you of the most appropriate remedial method(s) specific to your site. A Knotweed Management Plan (KMP) will be produced to detail the survey findings, proposed remedial works and quotation.

All our Japanese knotweed surveys are conducted by one of our CSJK qualified surveyors. Our expert surveys will find and record any visible signs of Japanese knotweed on, or affecting the property. Japanese knotweed is not to be ignored. It is a highly invasive species, and if left unchecked can cause damage to your property and even lead to fines and legal issues. Take control and book a survey.

Public And Environmental Safety

Contaminated Ground Is Not To Be Ignored!

There are several remediation methods that suit the control of certain invasive and aquatic weeds, which can include:

* Cutting by hand.
Hand pulling.
* Mechanical dredging and covering.
* Mechanical weed wiping.

Also within pond and lake environments weed control can be achieved by aeration methods such as floating lake systems. Areas where cutting or pulling takes place is netted to ensure fragments don’t spread downstream, and all cut material are removed from the area or water and safely disposed of, preferably on site, well away from water courses.

Should any excavation works be required we can provide those services as well.

As a safety-first company Environment Controls is fully compliant with the relevant Health and Safety regulations, ensuring our staff are fully trained and our processes comply with H&S standards and legislation and all information is kept up to date.

Health & Safety has always been a crucial part of our business, both for our staff and how we operate for our clients. We hold a range of safety SSIP and industry-related accreditations which are supported by our commitment keeping the general public safe whilst we are supplying treatments. When applying pesticides in areas where the public are allowed to go our operatives ensure that people are not put at risk. This means stopping if there is a risk to health either from the machinery or from the spray if people are using the land or right of way while we are applying pesticides. We avoid spraying near schools at peak times, or if in a public area where pedestrian activity is high at certain times of the day we will avoid these times.

Contaminated ground is found especially on brownfield sites. Disturbing the ground causes contaminants that may have been lying dormant deep within to be released either by air, water or particles in the soil. When this happens it is important that all works stop immediately and the ground is not disturbed as this could enable further spread and warning signs must be erected to prevent entry onto the ground. We can eradicate the problem via excavation to get your project back on track.






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