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08 UK Ltd

Gibsons Court
5 Gibsons Road
Heaton Moor

Tel: 08444 939 444

What 08UK do

As quality business telecommunication phone number specialists we offer 08, 03, 09 & 01/02 virtual phone numbers from multiple major tier 1 carriers. As a specialist inbound call handling team, we focus on strengthening your brand and unifying your caller experience whilst improving your business continuity. We aim to enhance your flexibility and business continuity whilst improving commercial rates too. Industry leading SLA's allow clients to choose us rather than a carrier direct. Experience allows us to recommend the correct carrier or combination of carriers from our multiple relationships.

We are a complete telecom supplier offering everything from traditional ADSL & Cheaper Line Rental & calls products/services through to more complex set ups that use SIP gateways & MPLS. We do unlike most telecom companies specialise in virtual numbers & inbound call handling / routing; Our multi-carrier solutions ensure we offer your business cross carrier resilient solutions on one bill and great low prices too.

Deregulation has seen the price of traditional telephony come right down, outbound mobile call rates for instance are now half what they were only a few years ago. Voice and data is now converged, or can be, VOIP, voice over internet, assured voice over data.
NOTE: We can now offer New ISDN30 circuit (Q931) with free installation combined with great low line rental & great call rates too – fixed for three years. Put three or more suppliers bills on to one 08UK bill & save money too.

With a nationwide team of business communication specialists we have expertise in all things telecom but with our focus on virtual landline numbers, 08 business phone numbers, gold numbers & caller interaction or as we call it 'the callers experience' we are a step above most, as confirmed by large & small our client testimonials.

UK 08 number providers 08UK have a huge range of non-geographic business phone numbers available.
Whether you are looking for new free 08 phone number, want to buy a new gold 08 number/s, or you are looking to improve virtual 08 call routing, you have come to the right place. New alternative numbers to replace existing 08 or 01/02 or 07 numbers, no problem. Choose the right business number for your organisation and unify & maximise each of your caller’s experiences.

We are perfect for larger business service requirements: We can build new 08 number call plans, complete with complex call handling/routing solutions to ensure you are managing your inbound calls & routing callers to the correct location given any situation. 
Unsure which number range is right for your business? Looking for a small 08 rebate, to promote calls by using a free phone 0800 or local rate or 03 numbers OR you want a technical support – revenue generating number.

About 08UK

The brand name 08UK was founded ten years ago as a trading name but since then 08UK, which became 08UK Ltd in 2009, has grown slowly but steadily and is now responsible for managing hundreds of thousands of client's calls every month. We have a full range of very contented clients from sole traders through to a few of the largest PLC's here in the UK with most clients somewhere in the middle to higher. The name 08UK was chosen representing the focus we place on 'your caller's experiences' - when they call your business 08 phone number.

Here at 08UK we want to help our customers and the general public, overcome the confusion of Non-Geographic-Numbers. To do this, we are in the process of producing short product videos on the different number ranges. These videos will hopefully clear out any uncertainties over calling a 08, 03 or 09 numbers. View these videos on our website here.

Our Values:
... we will take the time required to really understand your business, to help you make a difference
... a long & impressive track record of successfully delivering inbound and interactive solutions
... only employs people with the right skills & attitude
... a strong reliable and experienced team of specialist voice operators & call plan developers
... offer an intelligent approach to supporting your communications environment
... achieving consistently more than 98% on annual client retention, which we believe speaks volumes

Reasons to choose 08UK: 

•        An established UK presence
•        A strong reputation 
•        A proven track record in delivering voice solutions to business.
•        A superb blue-chip customer base of large UK & overseas companies
•        World-class performance & advanced solutions
•        We represent only the largest quality driven Major UK Tier 1 Carriers;-
•        Virgin Media Business, BT, Gamma Telecom, Vodafone, Global Crossing, Telstra & more.
•        We have an impressive record of using our expertise to create opportunities for our customers to reduce both procurement costs and improve 'the caller’s experience' within today's rapidly changing fixed & mobile communications markets.

What is the main benefit for 08UK promoting through Government Procurement Service?
The Telephony Services Framework (RM1035 - Lot 2: Inbound Services) is used by organisations across the UK public sector including central government, local government, health, education, devolved administrations, emergency services, defence and not for profit organisations. This Procurement will establish a multi-supplier public sector framework agreement for the purchase of telephony services by Contracting Bodies, allowing 08UK to reduce/eliminate monthly line costs and help save money for these public sector organisations and including the taxpayer. 08UK already supply services to a division of the National Ambulance Service amongst others and we hope to win many more public/government sector customers.

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