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SmartDesk Systems

1 Olympic Way

Tel: 020 3190 3190

SmartDesk Systems

SmartDesk Systems specialises in innovative, value added intelligent communication systems, which are typically based around voice technology, and introduce new efficiencies for businesses.

Our solutions help reduce operational costs, maximise sales opportunities and drive end customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Our products listed below are based around a messaging technology platform called SmartInform, through which we develop bespoke solutions that are specific to industry sectors or processes. For instance, we have developed tools that offer more efficient ways of communicating within local government, charities, debt collection, the health sector, and so on. SmartDesk solutions are particularly powerful where organisations have a regulatory requirement or commercial imperative for high levels of customer care and experience, such as local authorities, financial services and utilities.

Based in Wembley, we work with local government, The Post Office, Argos, Eurostar, Virgin Media, Sightsavers, and 3663  amongst  others  to  make  a  difference  through  intelligent  communication systems.

Communication and messaging tools:

• SmartInform - Personalised, mass messaging system allowing you to issue communications, as well as conference, in seconds. Supports various modules for charities, debt collection, product recall and more

• SmartConference - Hold instant conferences with any number of people when you want, without the inefficiencies of traditional audio conferencing.

• SmartAttend - An appointment reminder system developed to minimise missed appointments, particularly in the NHS.

Call scheduling tools:

• SmartCallback - Designed to ensure that your business never misses another customer callback whilst maximising the efficiency of your agents.

Team management tools:

• SmartOnCall - An on-call registration system that helps manage all on-duty personnel and supports team conferencing.

Polling and voting tools:

• SmartSurvey - A new, smart way to run surveys and polls via phone technology.

• SmartVote - An innovative voting system for event conferences that works via standard mobile phones.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Communications platform:

• SmartInform (BCM) - Instant mass, targeted messaging

• SmartCallback (BCM) - Call scheduling and triggering technology

• SmartOnCall (BCM) - On-call personnel management system

• SmartContact (BCM) - Staff contact and acknowledgement service

• SmartTrak (BCM) - Location tracking via mobile

As SmartDesk's solutions are all accessed via the web, mobile or fixed line telephone, they are simple to use and install. They are also low cost and primed for rapid ROI.


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