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Techland Group 

Techland House
Knaves Beech Business Centre
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
HP10 9YJ

tel: 01628 852000
fax: 01628 643800


Techland Group Ltd is an established provider of computer and communications products and services predominantly to the UK Corporate and Public Sector marketplace. Techland operates in the following key markets.

1. EMAIL Archiving Solutions: 

Techland supply an appliance email archiving solution from ArcMail Technology called DEFENDER, which is focused on providing simple, secure, and cost-effective (from £2,795) email archive solutions to the business market. The key benefits of the DEFENDER solution are as follows:

  • Easy to Implement: Defender comes with everything you need to meet your email archiving needs. With on-board storage, comprehensive archiving, data compression, disk management software, and easy to use web-based search and retrieve functions in one network appliance.
  • Straightforward to install: With everything integrated into one network appliance, Defender setup requires just standard network configuration and setting the journaling function on your mail server.
  • Simple to operate: Once Defender is set up, archiving is automatic. Every single email is captured and stored without any on-going IT or end user intervention.
  • Easy to use: The simple web-based interface makes it easy for administrators or end users to find and retrieve the information they need and allows for access to email from anywhere there's a web connection.

2. VoIP and Converged Communications:

Techland represents Quintum, who manufacture a range of intelligent SIP and H323 VoIP switches and gateways that scale from 2 to 960 ports providing the ideal solution for branch offices or larger deployments.

The key challenges facing network managers when deploying VoIP, include support for legacy analog devices, PSTN connectivity, ease of management and SURVIVABILITY of the telephony infrastructure in the event of IP failure.

Quintum addresses these concerns with its Tenor line of VoIP MultiPath products. These proven solutions are the perfect fit for existing PBX and IP PBX infrastructures, providing analog and digital interfaces for any environment, offering anywhere, anytime management of Tenors, even behind NAT firewalls and now, our latest capability: providing survivability of analog and IP phones in remote offices in the event that communication with the IP PBX is lost.

3. Network fax and Messaging systems: 

Techland provides software solutions from FACSys and Faxcore and fax processing boards from Cantata (Brooktrout). Both software products are aimed at the corporate/government marketplace, and have their own relative merits. Cantata is the world market leader in specialist fax hardware boards and commands a 60% market share.

4. Server Room Management systems (KVM): 

Techland provides KVM (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) Server Room Management systems from three major manufacturers – Avocent, Raritan and Adder. KVM Switches allow a small number of operators to quickly switch between multiple servers both locally and remotely to provide low level control for maintenance and trouble shooting purposes. In addition to this we also provide computer room environmental monitoring solutions and KVM Rack Mount Drawers. 

5. Support and Maintenance Services: 

Techland provide a range of support and maintenance services across all the above areas, under the banner of ‘Priority Care’. This includes installation and commissioning as well as onsite technical support.


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