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Langstone Technology Park
Langstone Road

Tel: +44 (0)23 9251 8250

Welcome to Microsec - Custom Software Development since 1979

Microsec has been a key player in UK bespoke software engineering and custom application and software development for 35 years.

Clients come to us because;

•  there’s an additional requirement alongside mobile apps
•  the business is too new or “different” for an off-the-shelf package
•  there’s a complex software and/or hardware integration challenge


If your need is for a unique control system, tailored business application, or suite of components that work together to become your own software “package”, then get in touch.

We work alongside our clients throughout the development lifecycle, aligning processes, disparate technologies, and software platforms, to produce a precisely tailored solution.

Our design & delivery capability also means that we are called on for "white-label" development of software components on behalf of the authors of end-user solutions.

"Odd-Shaped" Projects

Whatever the environment or context: laboratory, shop-floor, office, mobile working, or a mix of these - Microsec can deliver a solution to your exact requirements, no matter what shape.

We also make sense of existing installations which have built up a mix of systems and platforms over time that have become problematic for the business to manage.

Did you know?

Microsec was one of the very first software houses in the UK to be awarded BS EN ISO 9001, which we continue to apply in development to platforms and components like

  • MicroSoft™ .NET family (VB, C#, C++,ASP), VB6, VFP, Mono
  • Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
  • MS Windows™, UNIX, LINUX
  • Perl, Java
  • SQL Server, SQLite, Access, Informix, Foxpro, Sybase SQL Anywhere


Mobile Apps Showcase

Here are some of our Mobile Business apps which we developed for our clients to extend their business reach, and to improve their own customers' daily experience.

Autoforms Ltd -  is the provider of SiteDatum® a service which manages Health & Safety inspections such as compliance monitoring of building systems for Legionella control and Housing Condition surveys.
Microsec ported a Windows Pocket PC app to Android with a Sybase back-end.

iPhone - This app was developed for a global leader in filtration systems which needed mobile management of specialist water filters in hospitals demanding clinically pure water.
Microsec wrote the core admin application in addition to the iPhone app which synchronises with it. The app also communicates with a separate enterprise-grade 2D barcode scanner over Bluetooth.

Bluebird Technology - Bluebird Technology commissioned Microsec for their Bird Journal Mobile Recorder - an app for birdwatching enthusiasts to record all their sightings in the field.
Microsec ported the original iOS app to Android

Microsec built Arb Pro Mobile, an iPhone/iPad application for Arb Pro Ltd to run all customer appointments and quotation steps on-the-go.
Now being ported to Android, it features map-based and visual specs of proposed work, and communicates with a central web-based application via web services

Get Mobile Faster 

More apps in development - just get in touch


There's a huge choice of pre-built mobile apps for small & medium-sized companies - mileage calculators, expense notepads, tax tables, share fund feeds, meeting calendars, and many more...

Useful on occasion, but do such apps amount to true mobile-enabled business?

Mobilise your business-building processes for real value

Any SME which sells or works at the customer's site – whether it's estimating, demonstrating, presenting, or delivering onsite services - will sooner or later find that they:

  • can't promise delivery
  • can't make an on-the-spot commercial offer
  • can't commit staff to a job
  • can't efficiently schedule multiple client jobs

…because the right information isn’t to hand, and that’s the opportunity for custom-built mobile apps that really do deliver new ways of working

See how it's done

First: look at our Mobile Apps Showcase  to see how small & medium-sized businesses ArbPro,  Autoforms,  and Filtration transformed their on-the-road productivity with unique apps from Microsec.

Next: get in touch to bring real mobile working to your own business. 

Microsec can be the extension of your development department

It’s been our experience during 30+ years in the software business that maintaining the right-sized permanent workforce alongside the need to deliver sizeable periodic upgrades to a public-domain schedule is a constant balancing act for solution software builders.
Sometimes hiring contractors will be enough, but there are going to be occasions when the deliverables are just too strategic or too urgent, and the need is really for a skilled team you can depend on to hit the ground running - and preferably in the same country.
White labelling - more than coding resource

The advantages of working with Microsec as a “white label” development partner are compelling when Release schedules need top-drawer skills quickly:

  1. Experience & track record
  2. Guaranteed rapid assimilation of standards & deliverables   
  3. UK-only development for optimum partnering  
  4. Rigour in methodology
  5. Up-to-date Accreditations  
  6. SC-Cleared permanent staff for government contracts
  7. Mature In-house testing & delivery infrastructure



Need Custom Software to bring your business concept to life?

Microsec has a wealth of experience in helping innovators bring their proposed business concepts to life with custom software.

We've often started with just an outline of a new business model, and with requirements as diverse as:

  • how to implement anti-fraud measures in issuing credit cards when multiple jurisdictions were involved
  • how to operate motorised TV studio cameras to new levels of precision and control
  • how to model FTSE100 executive collaboration and decision-making processes
  • how to manage the (surprisingly complex) set of components involved in running shopping mall grottos

All of these ideas and aims started with a statement something like "We need to be able to…" and Microsec took it from there, because it's what we've become very good after so many years in software engineering.

Proof of concept: See it in action

Whether it's our customer's technical design, or our own, they know they're on the way when we step them through the first Proof of Concept of the engineered custom solution.

The concept takes real physical shape on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other devices and media, and questions like these are answered:

  • what's the look/touch/feel?
  • what information can be represented on devices, and how is it passed back and forward?
  • how will it work with people in the field or in the workshop?
  • what final touches are needed? 






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