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Telcom Networks Limited

24/26 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1DZ  
Tel: T +44 330 122 2970  Email:

Ultrafast fibre & wireless internet connectivity solutions of up to 10Gbps (symmetrical) with a 99.95% SLA.

Telcom is the UK’s fastest growing and most innovative Internet Service Provider. Founded by a team of software and telecommunication professionals Telcom provides industry leading solutions that are creative, affordable and cutting edge.

Having built out our own hybrid wireless and fibre networks across 6 major UK cities, we have a wealth of experience that enables us to offer fast and reliable solutions that are unreliant upon incumbent providers.

Our products and services include everything number ranges to real‑time call data reporting, and from town centre WiFi to council concessions.

We have also developed the most flexible, simple and transparent mobile solution, offering unique national roaming technology and M2M services to enable a broad range of business needs.

More than an ISP, Telcom is a Network Provider on a mission to make telecoms services transparent, simple, efficient and flexible. We believe in great customer service as a foundation and have built our business and network around this. Ultimately we’re driven by our desire to give Britain the infrastructure it deserves, built upon transparency and affordability, in turn acting as an enabler for innovation.

Trusted by:

  • Google

  • Sky

  • Uber

  • NHS

Ultrafast Business Internet

Telcom’s hybrid internet offering, combining direct fibre optic internet and high capacity wireless connectivity allow for a high speed internet solution with fast installation times. Dedicated, symmetrical connections with speeds of up to 10Gbps. 99.95% SLA. Bespoke solutions available.

Connectivity services we provide:

  • Wireless

  • Fibre


Innovative Network Solutions

Telcom’s MPLS solution is a wide area network (WAN) service that has been designed for organisations with multi-site requirements, enabling remote offices and mobile workers to access company networks without the need for complex IPSec VPNs. For IT staff, the management of non-MPLS networks exponentially increases with each additional site in the network, which ultimately results in escalating administrative costs for inefficient infrastructure.  Combined with utilising a uniquely hybrid network of fibre, wireless and copper to achieve resiliency and reliability for the most demanding requirements.

Network services we provide:

  • Private Wide Area Network


  • Business Hosting

  • SIP

  • Cloud (or “Cloud Connect”) - direct connection/dedicated bandwidth to your private network with multiple cloud providers - AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

  • IP Transit - this is like wholesale internet, other service providers would use this

  • Colocation - range of DC’s directly connected to our network, space from 1u to full 48u

  • Managed Hosting - more on the firewall, load balancing side (See metronet)

  • Backup

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Large Scale Wi-Fi solutions

Public WiFi is about more than just providing internet access, it is an opportunity to engage with and foster the community of people that use it.

All Telcom WiFi deployments not only come with the fastest connectivity as standard, but also enable the deployment of cohesive marketing strategies as well as built in opportunity for sponsorship and advertising through community portals, campaigns targeted at registered users, online display, pre-roll and video on demand.

Each of the advertising opportunities harnessed use targeting methods based on location, age, gender, and time to deliver highly effective campaigns.

The Telcom Realm platform allows for interaction with WiFi networks through a multitude of channels, from frictionless splash pages requiring the tick of a box through to Social Login via Twitter & Facebook. Social login assists companies with building their Social Media presence and engagement.

Unlike most providers, the data that WiFi operators collect through Realm about their visitors is private and belongs to them. The data collected can be used intelligently to benefit both your community and also keep potential users up to date with tailored messaging and information.

Experienced in building large area Wi-Fi solutions, offering a distributed Wi-Fi network areas like city quarters, business parks and other large areas.

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Smart city solutions                                            

Telcom developed Reach in order to offer UK towns and cities remarkable, renowned and internationally respected public wi-fi solutions. We built Reach with a belief that Britain’s towns and cities deserve better. Reach is a 100% free wifi solution that not only delivers on connectivity, coverage and community but also offers significant revenue generating opportunities for partners.        

Reach has been built from the ground up for town and city deployments which means Reach is uniquely placed to partner with town and city councils to deliver efficient, ‘always on’ free WiFi to their stakeholders, in a ‘mobile-first’ world that continues to get smarter.

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Temporary connectivity solutions

Incumbent providers often take a minimum of 30 days to install a private circuit; Telcom delivers secure services to any location within its coverage areas within 5 days. And, unlike traditional service providers that require you to commit to a 12 month minimum contract, Telcom tailors contracts to reflect your specific technical and logistical requirements.

Providing high speed temporary internet connections for events, festivals and temporary sites.

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Voice solutions

In today's workplace, traditional business phone systems are antiquated, inefficient, and costly. Telcom’s VoIP business phone system represents the future of business communications.

With transparent pricing and an intuitive interface, Telcom focuses on the end-user experience. The platform's flexible cloud-based architecture ties voice, messaging, video, and meetings to a single business number.

Telcom also allows you to work on any web-friendly device—smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Popular features include:

Company-wide SMS connectivity

HD audio recordings

Company-wide & end-user analytics

Virtual receptionist

Drive productivity with a business VoIP phone system that gives you the power to connect everyone and work anywhere.

Voice services we provide:

  • Call/Contact Centre Solutions

  • Digital Voice Recording

  • Hosted Phone solutions

  • Inbound Call Recording

  • Incident Management

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Mobile Communications

  • Business Communications

  • Data Communications

  • VoIP/IP Telephony

Modern, flexible, fully featured business phone solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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Managed services

Management of existing infrastructure on behalf of property landlords and the provision of WiFi networks.

Managed services we provide:

  • Managed Network - managed LAN/Wi-Fi

  • Managed Infrastructure - physical infrastructure/fibre

  • Large Scale Wi-Fi - public access

  • Care - desktop support

  • Point to Point Wireless

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