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Welcome to MIGSOLV - Your trusted colocation data centre partner

Delivering the best customer service in the industry

We’re dedicated to providing all the expertise you need to safeguard your business-critical data – a must for achieving commercial success. Unlike other providers, we won’t forget you. We’ll always deliver customer service which you can rely on and of which we can be proud.

With two main strands to our business, we deliver:

  • Ultra-secure, flexible, well-connected data centre (colocation) services from a world-class facility in Norwich, Norfolk
  • A range of cloud services tailored for companies large and small


First and foremost, people say they work with us because we provide the highest levels of customer service. They trust our friendly, principled, down-to-earth style. Sadly, there’s so much smoke and mirrors in the data centre industry – designed to confuse and mislead you. But we’re passionate about taking a radically different approach Whether we’re providing data centre ‘colocation’ or cloud services, we have a reputation for being open, honest and telling it like it is! Read our advice & opinions  You can rest assured we’ll always have your best interests at heart. Of course you shouldn’t take our word for this. Find out for yourself what our customers say about us. See what our customers say  Our History 

Colocation  Ultra-secure data centre services


The Gatehouse data centre, Norwich

Your business can benefit from high-quality, flexible, cost effective data centre services – backed by exceptional customer care. These services (also known as ‘colocation’ or ‘server hosting’), enable you to place your IT systems in The Gatehouse, our specialist UK data centre in Norwich, where you can take advantage of high levels of security, efficiency and lower costs. Find out more about the services, security measures, environmental performance and accreditations that will help you to get on with running your business whilst your data is safe in our hands. Some great benefits:

  • Outstanding support: We’re always there to help you, 24 hours a day, whatever your needs
  • Security: Multi-layered security protecting your data and equipment
  • Availability: The Gatehouse is always on – ensuring your data is always available when you need it
  • Connectivity: Super-fast connectivity from over 250 providers

Our Clients 

We’re dedicated to providing all the expertise you need to protect and manage your business-critical data – a must for achieving commercial success. Unlike other providers, we won’t forget you. We’ll always deliver customer service which you can rely on and of which we can be proud. We have particular experience in supporting clients in fields including insurance, retail & ecommerce, energy, IT & telecoms, pharmaceuticals, startups and the public sector. We provide data centre and cloud services to organisations across a wide range of sectors, delivering:

  • Highly secure, flexible, reliable colocation
  • Public, Hybrid & Private Managed Cloud
  • Hybrid solutions combining the agility of cloud with the stability of colocation


Public sector 

The public sector is under on-going pressures to find efficiencies, outsource services and demonstrate best practice. You’re probably on the look-out for ways to cut costs, eliminate non-essential services and share facilities. And this applies to your IT as much as other aspects of your operation.

At the same time, as more and more public services move online, the volume of data being handled is growing exponentially year-on-year. And data security is paramount – in every part of the public sector, but particularly in highly sensitive areas such as policing, intelligence and health. MIGSOLV delivers services to the public sector through its G-Cloud accredited services. We understand your challenges and have extensive experience in helping public bodies manage their data. We’ve supported organisations from local authorities to universities, research parks, schools, NHS trusts, tax authorities and central governments 

Other sectors include:

  • Primary sectors
  • Insurance
  • Retail & ecommerce
  • Energy
  • IT & telecoms
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Startups

Case Studies 

  • Morrisons – building a new data centre  Morrisons needed to develop a 300m2 data centre at its Bradford HQ. Find out what happened when the supermarket chain asked us to review its proposals…
  • Computer room review  Our brief was to review our client’s computer room and provide clear recommendations for improvements and savings. Read about what we found…
  • Data centre design review for EBRC  Luxembourg-based IT company EBRC needed to build a new data centre to accommodate its rapid growth – and asked us to review the proposals. Find out how we addressed this brief…
  • Provident Financial – moving to a new data centre  When Provident Financial decided to move its computer operations from Bradford to a commercial data centre in south-east England, they asked us to carry out the move. Read how we went about it…
  • Utility company – consolidating data centres  A major UK water company needed to consolidate its computer operations into a new Primary data centre. Find out how we helped the company choose the best site – and went to on project manage the fit-out…
  • High security new data centre for a consulting firm  A major consulting company dealing in highly sensitive information needed a 90m2 new data centre and asked us to project manage the process. How do you go about that, when security is of paramount importance?

Contact us 

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