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Welcome to  Cloud Central

At Cloud Central, we keep it simple. We take your IT, telephony and connectivity requirements and bring them together to provide a fully integrated, scalable business technology solution to help you grow your business. Using our years of knowledge and experience we can put together a roadmap that will take the hassle out of your IT and communications support to provide a package that works for you – now, and into the future.

Our bespoke solutions will align your business technology requirements and contracts in a simple, easy-to-use way to ensure that you and your staff have the flexibility to work from any location – all with the peace of mind that our round-the-clock desktop support brings. All this is delivered by a business that has a team, culture and level of service that has more in common with a professional service firm than a traditional sales-led IT and telecoms business.


Total Data Protection

Safeguard your business from IT disasters, human error and malware, such as ransomware, with our Datto solutions. This product provides protection for businesses and organisations, while allowing business continuity on-site and remotely.

IT Services

IT Support: Cloud Central offers an outsourced alternative to having an on-site IT department. We understand that running your own in-house IT department can be a costly exercise. This can be a problem, especially for SMEs who may not have a budget to maintain such a department of their own. We offer an alternative that provides support remotely as well as on-site when needed. Our 24/7 monitoring makes sure that we proactively find and repair issues that could hamper your business’s day-to-day operations.

IT Managed Services: We know just how complex and time-consuming managing your IT infrastructure can be. IT managed services is an extended version of our IT support package. Not only do we provide an alternative to having an on-site IT department, we plan strategically to make sure your business has the right tools and equipment to remain as productive as possible. By letting Cloud Central manage your IT infrastructure, your business will enjoy maintenance and support whenever required. However, we also investigate ways of reducing the cost of running your IT infrastructures on a day-to-day level.

Managed Workstation: Reliance on your workstation devices, such as your laptops, is vital to preserving the success of your business. Our managed workstation solution is an excellent means of auditing and maintaining your workstations if you don’t have the resources to do it yourself. We create a comprehensive review your devices by looking at how well the software, network, and other components could affect their performance. If any issues do appear from the review, we then work with your business to resolve the issue by finding the right solution.

Microsoft Office 365 & Skype for Business: Thanks to Microsoft’s advanced cloud syncing technology, Office 365 for Business allows your users to move between multiple devices such as their laptop, tablet or smartphone, without losing their work. Not only do you get the Office Suite, but you also gain access to Skype for Business, which provides advanced features such as video conferencing and collaboration tools. Microsoft offers a range of different packages that merge other solutions such as your email and telephony to perfectly blend your business infrastructure.

Managed Domain & E-mail: Ensuring your website and emails run smoothly is a vital but overlooked aspect of most organisations. Cloud Central ensures that your domain and emails remain secure while providing fast, responsive hosting with minimal downtime. All this comes in an affordable package, with access to upgrades.

Managed Networks: We make sure that your business’s IT network operates with a minimum of disruption and downtime. We believe that proactively measuring and monitoring your network could alleviate causes of downtime before they become apparent.

Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid solutions are a mixture of on-site private cloud, public, colocation and Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) to create a service that’s just right for your business needs. The benefit of hybrid solutions is in deploying the workload in the right environment by allowing workloads to move between each solution. Hybrid Cloud solutions give businesses the ability to gain more resources while reducing costs.

Virtual Computers: Virtual computing provides access to your business’s desktop environment from anywhere in the world, providing an Internet connection is available. Not only does virtual computing provide a more productive working environment, but it also reduces infrastructure costs.

Cloud Data Centre: Cloud data centres provide a faster, more reliable evolution than their traditional predecessors. Similar to conventional data centres, we allow you to store your data in a secure environment, away from your on-site location, just in case any disasters occur. Our data centres create cloud back-ups regularly, to which your business will have access, if and when needed.

Cloud Migration: Moving your business to the cloud can be a daunting and complicated task. However, this manoeuvre can also provide significant benefits, such as reduced costs and a streamlined IT environment. Cloud Central has successfully migrated various SMEs across to the cloud. We make sure we notify you of the roadmap that will occur during the process, giving you complete peace of mind.

Telephone System Solutions

SIP Trunks: Replacing your ISDN line with SIP trunks gives your business flexibility and reliability. Our SIP trunks service can provide your existing PBX system with a simpler VoIP system while drastically reducing the monthly line rental cost. Our SIP trunks are compatible with a wide range of IP phone systems. But we can also use your existing PBX system by enabling a SIP gateway solution, without making any changes to your hardware.

Conference and Collaboration: Our state-of-the-art, high definition video conferencing solutions allow your SME business to have multi-location meetings, giving far better collaboration. This service gives you the flexibility to use whatever device is appropriate. Whether you’re using a Polycom handset or a mobile smartphone, our solutions enable all colleagues to connect to one conference call wherever they are in the UK or the world, provided that they have an Internet connection.

Call Centre Solutions: Our call centre solutions help to increase productivity and improve quality of service delivered to your customers throughout the UK or internationally. We provide our clients with specified applications which intelligently handle customer contact by queuing, routing, sending emails, SMSs and handling web-chat more efficiently and effectively. Our automated outbound dialling system can help you increase the number of customers successfully contacted daily, with productivity improved by up to four times greater.

Cloud Migration: Transferring to the cloud can be a daunting idea for some businesses. With the sheer amount of data some companies have, it can be a worry that you may lose or corrupt that data during the process. Cloud Central carefully plans and prepares the cloud migration process with you, giving peace of mind throughout the entire migration process.

Managed Portals: A managed portal allows you to have a complete business communications service, comprising a wide range of fixed and mobile phone solutions with an option to use a web-based portal. Our solutions offer a range of cloud-based, business-focused applications with the facility for advanced administrative controls through the portal.

Cyber Security

End Point Protection: Our end point protection gives you total control and visibility of your devices, regardless of network, location or domain. Your business devices will be protected against data breaches, corruption and losses, while also keeping them monitored to give you complete peace of mind.

Firewalls: Firewalls monitor your online presence, allowing only clients and potential genuine customers to interact with your business. With our advanced firewall protection services, you can safely use the Internet, while being monitored for your safety.

Online Server Back up: Losing the smallest amount of data can be critical to any company. Backing up data in the traditional way using an external hard drive or tape could still leave you without data, due to loss through theft, fire or corruption. Our online data back-up service keeps multiple back-ups of your data, making recovery easy if anything unfortunate were to happen.

Disaster Recovery: An IT disaster could prevent your business from providing your clients with their accustomed service. In the event of an IT disaster we make sure you get all your data and systems back, within a fast, responsive timeframe.










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